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  • Keratose - G4 Thought I'd upload some tracks from bands i've played drums in.
  • Skin cancer method of advanced biotechnology INNOVASE of the Netherlands has the exclusive rights to this proven method of advanced biotechnology The emulsion® has been developed over a long period of time by Doctor/Scientist Dr. Nicolay Serbull who helped many patients. Now we all want this cure to be available for many. Applying this emulsion, greates mummification of the afflicted wounds, and interreacts with the cancer growths It works extremely well on cosmetic treatment of skin disorders such as actinische keratose. Aside from all varieties of cancer growths the method has remarkable effects on cosmetic treatments . Patients are fully healed, and the cure is painless, non-invasive and works quick and permanent. It will become available soon in EU countries. Please contact e-mail [email protected] ++ 31 6 22 52 02 71
  • 3D MEDICAL ANIMATION Actinic Keratosis - Pixmed This is the short version and contains only the animation. The long version of Actinic Keratosis contains a theoretical part about the skin and how actinic/solar keratosis arises, as well as a practical part about how to treat this with Aldara. Aldara - effective self-treatment of actinic keratosis.
  • Ethiopian orthodox movie: Simon Chama sefew PART 1 The must see Ethiopian orthodox church song.
  • Keratose - Ten Minute Wipe Thought I'd upload some tracks from bands i've played drums in.