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  • Paul Merrill : Karate Konsultant A rare commercial from 1980's cartoon sensation Paul Merrill. In a universe that is constantly 1988, Paul Merrill (the World's Greatest Karate-ist) lends his help to the cause of justice, freedom and Reaganomics. His fists can slice through butter and his kicks can ruin perfectly good meals. Paul is constantly on the lookout for people to lend a hand to, even if they don't want it. For updates on future episodes, be sure to sign up for the official Facebook fan page: For more info, go to
  • Nerodni karateist Damir Leventic razbija desko karate style a malce nerodno
  • The King of Karate king of karate!!samiy silney karateist mira!!Rafael aghayev
  • Boxing cracker.wmv The Giant slayer