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  • 第五夜「The little Gould book」 2011.5.1 - 2011.5.21 「夢十夜」 @ MIDORINEKOSHA (Kumamoto,Japan)
  • Kaoline de Kergroix Barrage
  • Steam on the Par Docks Branch, Cornwall Par Docks Branch runs from St.Blazey to the China Clay Sidings on the dock side. On the 23rd Mar. 2007 The Lancashire Fusilier & 37 410 on a special used the branch, which included operating the gates at the dock.
  • Mount & Musket Battalion: Thursday Line Battles with the HM Regiment Ripper goes back into the Mount & Musket Mod for some Line battle fun with the elite HM Regiment. HM is based in the UK and host Line Battles every Thursday on their server HM. To play Mount & Musket follow the steps below: 1. Buy / Download Mount & Blade Warband 2. Download the Mount & Musket Mod Here: 3. Start Mount & Blade and switch the beginning option from "Native" to Mount & Musket. 4. Play Mount & Musket and get killed by KANG KAO! Music by - Moreh & Zuhr DIRECTOR'S NETWORK: GOOGLE+ TWITTER: FACEBOOK:
  • PLAKDA - Partons Vite - Kaolin (lyrics) Partons Vite by Kaolin. With lyrics.
  • HYE LOTO End Credits Watch every saturday on the ARTN/SHANT network or live. It takes a really good team of hard working & dedicated people to put shows together, and of course to keep the hosts looking at their best !!! Thank you from HYE LOTO Team to the following people: Hair stylist Karine Mantashyan, Fame's Beauty Salon:Kaoline & Seda. Thank you to Boutique Foushia at Americana at Brand in Glendale, CA for the beautiful clothes provided.
  • Cloe & Kaoline
  • Kaoline de Kergroix Finale 2
  • Cloe & kaoline
  • Kaoline
  • Ubuntu Supplementary film to the school project - "Ubuntu- An African Approach to Humanness". Shot in South Africa in 2007 and edited in Denmark 2008. Thanks to Bafokeng Mpeta, Richard Moeketsi and Mamiky for sharing their views on South Africa and humanity. Hope you will enjoy this little piece I did when I was still in school. It's supposed to give you an idea of 'Ubuntu' as an everyday philosophy as well the challenges South Africa faces as a multicultural nation. Check my blog for more art - and follow me on twitter @KaolineK
  • thanks.wmv thank you by kaoline