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  • China, Frank G. Carpenter China, By Franck G. Carpenter Contents Just a word before we start Hong-Kong, Great Britain's gateway to China The Monte Carlo of the far east The wonder that is China The City of Rams in the Twentieth Century Through Old Canton In Shanghai The far eastern land of cotton Secret societies and labour unions The Hangchow Bore The City of Heaven Along the Grand C*** Soochow, the Athens of China The world's oldest poultry farmers In the city of fine silks Nanking, new and old The New China goes to school Up the Yang-Tse to Hankow To Tsinanfu on the BlueExpress Shan-Tung and its capital In the holy land of China Tientsin The story of China's capital Shops and shrines of Peking The women of China The Great Chinese Wall The Manchus' ancient capital Farms and farming in Manchuria In the Hung-Hutze country Where Japan meets China Port Arthur, a fallen Gibraltar Here is a "partial" listing of the incredible and rare 105 photographs you will find in this volume... Feminine globe-trotters of China Sikh policemen on Queen's Road Manikins dressed in vines Soldiers in Canton Temple of the Five Hundred Genii On a Cantonese c*** Steamers on the Whangpoo River Coolie women pulling dandelions A temple of the City of Heaven In a Chinese egg factory The sacred mountain of Weisan Spinning silk in a Chinese home The Drum Tower of Nanking Approach to the Ming tomb Chinese junks The Blue Express Plains along the Yellow River Tsingtao Confucian temple Stone turtle A Buddhist ...
  • TB vs KKL highlight Taiwan Beer vs. Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor game highlight, Taipei, Taiwan.
  • Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor The beautiful historic monuments have gone through the fires of history to turn into Kinmens special treasures. The excellence of Kinmen Kaoliang has given this island a warm and hopeful future, and launched it onto the world stage as the pride of Taiwan, spreading its fragrance to each place inhabited by ethnic Chinese.
  • Street Pig Gets Too Fat CHAN: Here's a story about a beloved neighborhood pig that waddled it's way into people's hearts after becoming too fat to climb stairs. Living on the streets can be tough, and for this pig, Blackie, she relies on passers by to bring home the bacon. She spends her days wandering around the streets finding food and water. Her weight ballooned to more than 100 kilograms, she was no longer able toclimb the stairs to her fifth floor flat, and her owner was forced to find new lodgings for her. (SOUNDBITE) (Mandarin) THE BREEDER WAN-JI, HU SAYING:"She was living upstairs when she was young. Now she is too big to be there, so I let her in the cave where i was selling ice before. I bred her for almost three years." Blackie now lives in a small hut, and even though she may smell, she has become a local celebrity. (SOUNDBITE) (Mandarin) NEIGHBOUR KAO-LIANG, LU SAYING: "She is a human kind of pig! If you tell her "GO BACK BLACKIE". she will go back to the cave right away." And after a long day of eating, she doesn't the let the noise of the busytraffic put her off from relaxing.
  • Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor(Taiwan, OCAC, macroview) 影片名稱:「Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor is the sweet dew of the war zone」 .tw The old thermal power plant underneath the granite rocks of Kinmen is now the wine cellar for Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor. This cellar full of ageing Kaoliang liquor is hidden away in the old army camp's fort, in a complex of underground tunnels where the liquor jugs are placed. Kinmen Kaoliang is a famous Chinese wine liquor. It's transparent, aromatic, easy to drink and sweet, with a great aftertaste. The key to these qualities lies in using many kinds of yeast made only from wheat, plus a solid grain fermentation process.
  • [Eng sub] Lee Jun Ki eating Taiwan snacks - Be Friends (11-20-2009) Article: Lee Jun Ki trying a few Taiwanese snacks. Check out this and more Cpop entertainment news on !
  • Victoria in Supermarket "Victoria in Supermarket\" seems like a traditional furniture of victoria style. Actually, the form of it makes by common bottles that can be bought in supermarket. \"Through silicon molding and concrete molding craft(with 25togo deisgn), all the details of the bottles could be kept clearly.\" Every item from \"Victoria in Supermarket\" is popular in blue-collar, such as medicine wine, Kaoliang Liquor, energy drink, and coffee. These low-price and barbarous drink contrast sharply with the high class victoria style. At the same time, it shows how Europe culture influent taiwanese culture deeply.
  • A Journey to Kinmen Part 1 金門寻根之旅 A home made video of my cousin's 蔡顯揚first trip to Kinmen Qiong Lin 金門縣琼林in 2010 to find the roots of our Chua family. 2011, 蔡顯揚brought his parents and sister to Kinmen. The home made video can be view here:
  • Lee Jun Ki Pomegranate CF parody I love this CF and I can't stop watching it. I just wanted to mess with youtube subtitles function. So I thought to make a parody of this one to test it out. And yes, Jun Ki is pretty *__*
  • [Eng sub] Lee Jun Ki drinking Kaoliang - Be Friends (11-20-2009) Article: Lee Jun Ki gets a taste of Taiwan Kaoliang! Check out this and more Cpop entertainment news on !
  • TAIWAN'S BEAUTIFUL SNOW MOUNTAIN CUI POND 雪山翠池台灣 About Cui Pond Area: Well! What can I say? I have been to many places in Taiwan but this area is part of my dreams! But for those who are always in a hurry or only want to climb mountains, then this place might not be for them. If I could live by this pond and come and go as I pleased! Then I surely would, for this area is one of the most beautiful in Taiwan. And, one day it will be recognized as one of Taiwan's Natural Living Treasures in a wider sense than just being part of a National park, if it is not all ready! Cui pond is nestled above 3500m and has views of Mt. Snows Summit, Beilingjiao and Dabajian Mountain. Throughout Shei-Pa National Park there are a lot of giant Juniper trees but the Cui pond area probably has the largest piece of the pie. However, it is not just the Juniper around Cui pond that makes this area so special, for there are other forests nearby which lack the heavy under-growth found throughout much of Taiwan's native forest; this creates a feeling where one can comfortably move in any direction and absorb the feeling of a grand wilderness which it is! Furthermore, there is a lot of wildlife in this region such as wild boar, Formosan Thar which are descendants of the Himalayan Thar (a type of mountain goat) which crossed the land bridge along with many other species during the Ice Age. Sambar deer, Formosan Black bear and Mink, just to name a few! I once shared the Cui Pond cabin with a Formosan Mink and this was my experience. Late one afternoon ...
  • Lee Jun Ki Soliloquize eng sub This is an english sub of Lee Jun Ki song "Soliloquize" translator: nana @ ss501-international.forum2
  • A Journey To Kinmen Part 2 金門- 回家走走 This is my cousin 蔡顯揚Raymond Chua's second trip to Kinmen. This time he brought his parents and sister to visit our hometown Kinmen 金門in Taiwan. His parents and sister have never visited Kinmen 金門and it was the first time for his father to visit the old traditional house where his father and great grandfather used to stay. I have created this home video with a sense of humour to make it more entertainment and at the same time to learn more about the culture. Enjoy! Click here to watch Part 1 where Raymond visit Kinmen on his own for the first time.