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  • ▼ Île de Gorée le baobab arbre ▼ Île de Gorée gens qui attendent le bateau
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  • KAOLACKCITY html 05 Jun 2003 05 02 1k kaolack1 jpg 06 Jun 2003 06 01 65k kaolack5 jpg 13 Jun 2003 03 37 52k kaolack6 jpg 13 Jun 2003 03 37 28k
  • ような海の中の世界 透き通った海は透明度20 25メートル 水面移動も温泉に浸かっているかのように快適そのものでした
  • Le marché de Kaolack désert pour la Korité Le fameux thé à la menthe ici comme ailleurs
  • kaolack5 jpg 13 Jun 2003 03 37 52k kaolack6 jpg 13 Jun 2003 03 37 28k kaolack7 jpg 13 Jun 2003 03 39 31k kaolack8 jpg 13 Jun 2003 03 39 27k
  • Voici ce que nous avons pu acheter grâce à un don envoyé en ce mois de mai 4 sacs de riz 5 bidons de laits des caisses de sucre et de savon Posté dans Non classé | Auteur Aminata |
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  • Maps of Senegal small large
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  • Satellite view of Donbol
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  • CONGRESSES to show my Invention the Cardiac Simulator named CARDIORYTHMOR I have just on my mind to make my city Promotion like KINGSTON BOB MARLEY AND THE WAILERS and RASTAFARI SUCCESS
  • Un pays où demeure la paix où l on peut bénéficier chaque année d une bonne saison des pluies donne du bonheur durable à ses habitants
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  • Kaolack et Kaffrine
  • et une petite hôtellerie
  • Kaolack
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  • SOS Daaras Les daaras sont un sujet qui nous tient à coeur car ce sont ces écoles coraniques qui assurent la scolarisation de la majeure des enfants sénégalais du fait de leur quasi gratuité
  • 帰りに台湾で1泊 こんな贅沢なお正月で良いのでしょうか今回ご一緒させて頂いたみなさん 楽しいツアーをありがとうございました
  • du coup on m envoit ailleurs à ma demande Bon là j ai pas envie d écrire mais j ai passé le week end dernier à Kaolack et celui ci à Gorée donc voici quelques photos Le marché de Kaolack désert pour la Korité
  • Tauschen sich im Lahrer Rathaus aus Gert Uwe Hüller l Vorsitzender des Fördervereins MBoss Kaolack und der Lahrer OB Dr Wolfgang G Müller bei Müllers Beitritt als 1000 Mitglied
  • JubileMAmans2 jpg 23 May 2007 06 56 17k Kaolack jpg 11 Jan 2007 17 35 13k Kaolack1 jpg 21 Jan 2007 10 20 44k Kaolack2 jpg 22 Jan 2007 20 04 45k
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  • Toubacouta Kaolack Map
  • chicago congress or CINC2000 congress Boston or IEEE SIAM DS03 congress to show my Cardiac Simulator named CARDIORYTHMOR Very kind very lovely Kaolack The new Mayor is BABACAR FAYE VAVA
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  • Lever de soleil sur Kaolack
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  • Envisat ASAR Inondations au Sénégal Source Envisat ASAR WSM MODIS on Terra
  • makes A Program of Basic Infrastural Buildings Connected by Roads like THE TRAIN STATION OF KAOLACK Trains come from Dakar and BAMAKO of MALI In 2003 the New Mayor is BABACAR FAYE VAVA


  • The Entrance of Kaolack This is the entrance of the city of Kaolack, a big city in Senegal.
  • macoumba Diouf meeting kaolack
  • idy empeche d acces a la ville de kaolack
  • Troupe Folkclorique Allahlake Kaolack - 65^ Sagra del Mandorlo in Fiore, Agrigento The Troupe Folkclorique Allahlake Kaolack performs traditional senegalese music and dances. It is composed of artists selected in all senegalese regions, so that it represents diverse ethnic and cultural features of Senegal's folkloristic arts.
  • Kaolack Girls' Camp - Camp de Connaissance et Croissance Girls' leadership camp organized by Peace Corps Senegal Volunteers in the Fatick, Kaolack, and Kaffrine regions of Senegal. Currently fundraising!
  • Driving through Kaolack Driving to the bus garage in Kaolack, Senegal. March 2010. The bus we were sitting in connected Barra (The Gambia) to Kaolack.
  • Kaolack toubacouta
  • queen maria au toro night de kaolack
  • "Back to Senegal" Kally563's photos around Kaolack, Senegal Preview of Kally563's blog entry at TravelPod. Read the full entry here: This preview was made by TravelPod using the TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow creator. Trip to: Kaolack, Senegal Title: "Back to Senegal!" Entry preview: "Keeping with the first part of yesterday's plan, the goal is to make it to Kaolack, Senegal by nightfall. Up at eight, breakfasted, packed, ready to pay the hotel bill with trusty Visa...but there's a catch. A 10% surcharge for credit card payments plus currency conversion from Dalasi to Pounds (it's a British establishment) to Dollars plus Visa's 2% foreign currency surcharge. So maybe not with the Visa. Time to max out our ATM withdrawals for the day. Bills paid, we headed for Albert Market ..." Read and see more at: Photos from this trip: 1. "Fish" 2. "Horse Cart" 3. "Horse Cart Trip" 4. "Market 1" 5. "Market 2" 6. "Men Doing Laundry" 7. "Off of the Ferry" 8. "Old Truck on the Side Streets" 9. "Onto the Ferry" See this TripWow and more at
  • Abdou Diagne et Kaolack kaolack danse
  • We Are Here! Day 1 Update from Kaolack, Senegal (Indiegogo #3) Filmmaker Konda Mason and photographer/cinematographer Angela Sevin, in cooperation with 10000 Girls project, are in Senegal and working with a group of young women for 4 weeks in January/February 2011, producing film and media, and documenting the story of 10000 Girls.
  • United Flavour feat Kaolack live Palác Akropolis,15.3.2011, Křest alba Attitude
  • The Centre of Kaolack, Senegal The centre of Kaolack, Senegal.
  • Xeex Sibbiru (Fight Malaria) Song Contest in Kaolack, Senegal Rapper Fou Malade performs at the Xeex Sibbiru (Fight Malaria) Song Contest in Kaolack, Senegal, in April.
  • The Mosque of Kaolack This is the huge mosque of Kaolack, Senegal. It was shocking to see this mosque, which has wealth (somehow) all over it, in front of a very poor city.
  • United Flavour - Pon De Mix Feat. Kaolack (2011)
  • Flash Flood, South Kaolack Flash floods after 30mins of heavy rain in Latmingue South Kaolack
  • KAOLACK - NIGHT BIRD {Produced and directed by Djei Gogo} Kaolack is a reggae artist and professional dancer from Senegal. We chose this video to introduce him. Hope you like it.
  • Pape Ibrahima Ndiaye Kaolack - promo 2010 Pape Ibrahima Ndiaye - Kaolack /Sen/ - profesional dancer and choreographer
  • Diamniadio - Mbour - Kaolack Route Dakar - Diamniadio - Mbour - Kaolack en 2 x2. voies-232km:70milliardsCFA. - Route
  • Kaolack fete Sabar
  • KAOLACK /new project/ MAAN AK MOOM with Omar Sene Dance and choreography: Omar Sene and Pape Ibrahima Ndiaye - KAOLACK
  • CHEM 20101111 - Hunter - Alexandra et Kaolack de Banoic
  • Wadzifa (Haïlala); Grand Masjid of Medina Baaye, Kawlakh (Kaolack), Sénégal Wadzifa is an integral part of the litanies in the Tijaniyya Sufi Order. This clip was taken during the third part, wherein the phrase "There is no GOD but GOD (La ilaha illa ALLAH)" is chanted; during the festivities surrounding the inauguration of the Grand Masjid and the Mawlid an-Nabiyy in Kawlakh (Kaolack), Sénégal.
  • Bamba's Town - Kaolack, Senegal (touba senegal, touba senegal map, touba mbake, bamba touba) A TripAdvisor™ TripWow video of a travel blog to Touba, Senegal by TravelPod blogger Kally563. See this TripWow and more at Bamba's Town "Leaving Kaolack this morning, we were able to just make out a salt refinery across the river. Lots of big equipment. I would have liked to check it out, but Donna would have called a pass, and we needed to get on the road. My fingernails are getting dirty again, and I keep finding patches of dirt I miss in the shower, like spots you forget to put sunscreen. A chunk of my neck yesterday, above my left ear today. This morning we were up at 7:30 and on our way to Touba by 9. The musical accompaniment to our ride was enough to give you motion sickness. Perhaps it was to put us in the proper reflective mood. Like a bad priest's incantations and chants. The man could not sing. Not even like a cultural thing, he just could not sing, and every so often, to use Donna's delicate words it "sounded like someone grabbed his balls." Oh did he howl and carry-on. We were in the back with the only speaker, too. There was no silence on the road to Touba. Two hours later, thankfully, the ride was over and we weren't quite sure where we were. We were just surrounded by hustlers and touts and beggars. We found a nice policeman who told us we were in fact in Touba, not Mbake (the town that runs into Touba) and told us we had to wear skirts in the city limits. Opps. He rushed us into a store where we wrapped our sarongs around our ...
  • kaolack
  • Scenes from Kaolack, Senegal Captured video from my trip to Senegal
  • Dior Sala Diop de Kaolack -Senegal-Souvenir de Lamb Recorded on avril 10, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder.
  • 201007 - Lamotte - Pas de 2 - Alexandra / Kaolack de Banoic et Emmanuelle / Quarter Back
  • 20110410 - Dressage Jablines - Alexandra et Kaolack de Banoic
  • Senegambia-One-Takes (12): Kaolack Kaolack, Senegal, 2008 - November - 12
  • Senegal dance in Kaolack A sunday street party in Kaolack, Senegal....everibody is involved in a crescendo of drums' ritm and african popular dance....from afternoon until noon....
  • The last part of Kaolack, Senegal This is how you drive out of Kaolack, kilometers of trash.
  • Senegal, Kaolack centre ville
  • accident kaolack fatick
  • queen maria lalliance de kaolack