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  • mé ta kagoule fason tos juska los soiré o 117
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  • kagoule fou ta cagoule
  • Richard Madeley vs Jeremy Hardy
  • fous ta cagoul 100X
  • Walking in Waterproofs 4 Nice February walk in a navy Blue Regatta rainsuit (cagoule and raintrousers) - Swishy...!
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  • Kid Kagoule Kid Kagoule - The Reptiles
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  • Kagoule - Monarchy (Original) 21/11/10 @ The Old Volunteer Support gig @ The Old Volunteer in Carton, Nottingham.
  • Smooth people - fou ta kagoule suede reprise improvise en suede de "fou ta cagoule"
  • Bloc Party - Helicopter Guitar Cover song used - bloc party - helicopter guitar - American Strat didnt intend to upload this but i havnt done a video for a while :)
  • fou ta kagoule.wmv
  • Walking in Waterproofs 3 Walking in Waterproofs 3 - Cagoule and Raintrousers...!
  • fou ta kagoule
  • matthias en kagoule matt
  • Walking in Waterproofs 2 Walking in Waterproofs 2 - Cagoule and raintrousers.
  • 8bit Recreation Of Man Sippin' Bev' I know they arn't proper 8bit sounds but they sounded close to me :) I was just messing around with my Microkorg and looper (akai headrush) and i ended up with this song. I know its not very good but its the first song i have ever made on my korg and i only recently got it :) I made all these sounds but one is very similar to a sound i downloaded. I doubt I will ever make a video like this again.