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  • iidabashi kabuki The Great Kabiki
  • Target Haul! Hey! This is my first haul and I'm really excited to show you all! Revlon Color Stay Foundation Concealer stick Maybelline Gel Liner Loreal Due eyeshadows Kabuki brush Revlon Color Stay Cheek Highlighter Kabiki Blush Floral Wallet Pantene Curly hair product Lettin ya know I am NOT trying to brag about what I have. I'm very thankful for what I have and I'm truely blessed. No haters FYI: Any rude, mean or hater comment, the person will be blocked from my channel and all videos because bullying is frowned upon on my page. This is a friendly page and I'm just a girl giving some tutorials and doing what I love and have a passion for! Quick BIO: You're beautiful without makeup but if it makes you feel better about yourself like it does to me, then why not? My videos will give you ideas and hopefully make you feel beautiful and confident. Everyone has a passion for something, and my passion is makeup and doing tutorials for you all! disclaimer- I am not getting paid for making these videos, all my own ideas. I'm original :D
  • TMNF: The 24 Hours of DCC Here is a small teaser for the new Trackmania Nations Forever Event called: The 24 Hours of DCC. The event will start in the summer of 2008 on the 3th of August. This video was made by -DCC|Kabiki` , and is for promotional uses only.
  • 雅-Miyavi- unfinished [speedpaint] unfinished... =[ follow my blog --
  • 雅-Miyavi- "passion" [speedpaint] view full image -- 7.5 hrs. / photoshop cs3 extended / wacom graphire 3 follow my blog --
  • My Make-up Routine Mei 2010 Kijk voor meer informatie en foto's op mijn website, =) ! Sorry dat het filmpje zo lang duurt, maar in het echt doe ik er 15 minuten over ;) en ik wou het filmpje niet versnellen! Gebruikte producten - Dagcreme Garnier Fresh - Healthy Mix Concealer Bourjois ~ 81 - Miss Sporty Foundation So matte ~ 01 - Flat Top Brush van - Mousse Foundation Bourjois ~ 81 - Long handled Kabiki Brush van http - Mini Kabiki Brush van - Mousse Blush Maybelline New York ~ 04 Mauve - elf Healthy Bronzing Powder ~ Luminance - Eye Primer van H&M - Kajal pencil van Essence ~ 08 Teddy - Oogschaduw palletje van LA Colors ~ EP45 Tea Time - Hema Blending Brush - Wimperkruller van elf - Natural Eyebrowkit van de Etos ~ 002 - Essence Lash & Brow gel mascara - L'Oréal HIP Creamliner ~ 905 Black - Oogpotlood Kohl pencil van de Etos ~ 001 - 123 Looks Adjustable Volume mascara van Rimmel London - Burt's Bees Beeswax lip balm - Wild & More Smoothy Lip Stick ~ 35 - Stay Glossy lipgloss van Rimmel London ~ 160 Stay My Rose
  • Dag 31: Kushion Hotel i Phnom Penh
  • Kabiki Hotel Phnom Penh Family Room
  • Dine in @ Kabiki 2 Fried rice catching
  • ~Pelicans~|»Preston777 @ TMN Nadeos Reloaded (including C-0 WR and D-8 WR) ~Pelicans~|»Preston777 driving on some Trackmania Nations ESWC Tracks (old Nadeos) and on the custom track Golden Angel (Author: -DCC|Kabiki`) Times: D-8: 8.65 (WR) E-1: 20.26 Golden Angel: 35.39 E-4: 22.14 to 22.19 B-3: 13.21 D-2: 18.25 B-5: 17.81 D-3: 21.16 C-0: 18.95 (WR) Song: The Kill Artist: 30 Seconds to Mars Check our homepage: Email [email protected]
  • P1000115
  • Summer Ripped Peach Look (Day) Collab With LatinaInglesa (Jo).wmv To the Disclaimer all products shown are purchase by my self with the exeption of a few Sigma Brushes that where sent to me 1 yr ago I purchased the Sigma Kabiki brush Myself Also This is just a collab look we are NOT gething paid or any recompinsations in any way go check out Jo channel here is the link' go check her amazing channel oxox Melinda Products Used Primer Palladio Herbal Primer Mac Rubenesque Paint Pot Mac NW 200 Hyper Real Foundation Beauty from the Earth Foundation in Beige Mac Cream Blush in Lilicent Benefit Dallas for Contoure Mascara Belvada Black Eye Shadows Mac Vanilla Mac Expensive Pink Mac Omega Mac Satin Taupe Mac Pigment in Melon Lips Mac Lip Stick in Blow Dry Revlon lip Gloss in Coral Reef
  • David Grimm - Dear My Friend 雅 Miyavi - Dear my friend -Tegami wo Kakuyo David Grimm J-Rock Visual Kei /grimm1987 素晴らしきかな、この世界 -WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD-
  • The 24 Hours of DCC: Sebring Circuit Here is a preview of the track that will be used in the second edition of the 24 Hours of DCC. A new TMNF event hosted by Dutch Combat Clan. Track name: Sebring Circuit Lap Time: 1:14.44 Music: Darude - Sandstorm For more info check .
  • DCC|Gaming: The Movie Finally its here. The official clan video for the Dutch Combat Clan. (DCC|Gaming) The video was made by -DCC|Kabiki`. And a big thanks to all the people who helped. Enjoy the movie
  • Trackmania Nations: Golden Angel This is a preview of -DCC|Kabiki's latest track called Golden Angel.
  • Miyavi "elegance" [speedpaint] 誕生日おめでとう!!! 2 hrs. photoshop cs3. wacom. view full image -- follow my blog --
  • "To Siem Reap" Kiki1975's photos around Siem Reap, Cambodia A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to Siem Reap, Cambodia by TravelPod blogger Kiki1975 titled "To Siem Reap". TravelPod is a company of TripAdvisor™. Kiki1975's travel blog entry: "We left on time at 07:15. However, we only went to a bus station not too far away. We got off the bus and got on another one. This one was full. They even put a few plastic chairs down the aisle and people sat on them. The one thing that stuck me the most about Cambodia is how dirty it is. I was here three years ago but didn't have the same impression at the time, granted I've only been in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. There is dust and dirt everywhere and garbage. Garbage is just thrown all over the place. A garbage can here is an unnecessary expense. Another thing is the beggars. They are everywhere. As soon as we got off the bus when it stopped for a pee break, there were kids begging for money, food, whatever. Next stop, same thing. They are all over Siem Reap too. Every temple I went to at Angkor had kids outside asking for donations for charity. The touts are horrible too. I've never seen them this aggressive or obnoxious anywhere else. As soon as I get off my tuk-tuk at the temples I am surrounded by touts trying to sell me books, scarves, T-shirts, beer, water, etc. When I tell them no, they tell me to get some on the way back. When they ask me what am I looking for, I say "Someone to leave me alone." When I do buy something, I always get it from the ones that don't bother ...
  • Ms.雅draws 雅-Miyavi- 二 4 hr. charcoal drawing
  • Kabuki live in Bkk really wonderful and amazing
  • Ms.雅draws 雅-Miyavi- 一 2 hr. charcoal drawing
  • Gotak & Kabiki
  • Everyday mineral review Hi everyone ths is a french speaking review! with sometimes english subtitles! Sorry if you don^t understand everything it stays the swatches! Thanks
  • Trackmania Nations: Black Devil Here is another TMN tech track from -DCC|Kabiki`. Hope you enjoy it.