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  • joltingly (comparative more joltingly, superlative most joltingly) "http:///wiki/joltingly" Categories: English words suffixed with -ly. — “joltingly - Wiktionary”,
  • Joltingly violent, wickedly funny and rivetingly ***, David Lynch's Wild at Heart [based on the novel by Barry Gifford] is a rollercoaster ride to redemption through an American gothic heart of darkness. — “Wild at Heart Review - Read Variety's ***ysis Of The Movie”,
  • Car careened off the guardrail, Bounced off the cliff, went over the edge. Down joltingly so fire driver Escaped with his life Ice, ice everywhere! Iced bridges, roads, toads Paramedic stopped First on the scene Called in Code 3. — “What do you think of The Car Wreck poem? Car careened off the”,
  • , acrylic dish drainer Written and directed by Jin Kwang Gyo, Beautiful Sunday is a joltingly dark and visceral action thriller that subverts all emotions and expectations. — “ > Movie > Beautiful sunday (Korean Movie DVD)”,
  • dramatic shift from languid meditation to a startling image of an aspic nipple, the aspish nipple of mother nature, and joltingly italicized first-person expressions of subjective response. Eleanor Cook notes that the Carolinas are a fertile. — “In the Carolinas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts's exhibit of theatrical artifacts is a museumgoer's dessert cart, joltingly sugared with famous names and moments of notoriety. — “Stars and Treasures, New York Public Library - Theater”,
  • Jolt·ing·ly adv. In a jolting manner. Related Videos: joltingly. Top. Click to Play. Jolt Away Pain. Click to Play. What the Suicide Disease Is. Click to Play. Caffeine For Premature Babies. — “joltingly: Information from ”,
  • The Asphyx - berk messes with camera and something develops. — “The Asphyx | 1973”,
  • Having seen it now on DVD, I sorely wish I'd seen and heard it in theaters because it's a joltingly good film. Having seen it now on DVD, I sorely wish I'd seen and heard it in theaters because it's a joltingly good film. — “: Clare Quilty's review of Ray (Limited 2-Disc”,
  • joltingly. POS. Adverb. HYPHEN. jolt=ing=ly. top. CIDE DICTIONARY. joltingly, adv. In a jolting For further exploring for "joltingly" in Webster Dictionary Online. — “NETBible: joltingly”,
  • The body of actor and monologuist Spalding Gray was found on March 9. Though he had gone missing on Jan. 10, and most colleagues and fans had long since reconciled themselves to the likelihood that the ending wouldn't be a good one, it was still. — “PBOL'S THEATRE WEEK IN REVIEW, March 5-12: Shades of Gray”,
  • Pennies From Heaven DVD movie video at CD Universe, Dennis Potter's offbeat tale comes to life in this inventive film adaptation, PENNIES FROM HEAVEN is a warm and joltingly bizarre musical fantasy about. — “Pennies From Heaven DVD Movie”,
  • NEW RELEASES DEATH RACE * 1/2 The year is 2012, with prisons privately run for profit and the warden of Terminal Island (Joan Allen) holding fatal auto races for 70 million TV viewers. Stone-faced Jason Statham plays an unjustly imprisoned man The action is joltingly exciting in a mindless way,. — “New & recent releases - ”,
  • Conner concludes: A joltingly energetic mashup of footage can be found at SFMOMA through May 23 in Bruce An atomic age experimental bombshell, Cosmic was a joltingly energetic mashup of footage found (cartoons, newsreels, educational. — “Conner Forever Moving Forward | SF360”,
  • Joltingly definition, to jar, shake, or cause to move by or as if by a sudden rough thrust; shake up roughly: See more. — “Joltingly | Define Joltingly at ”,
  • It's called "outsider art"--even though it's inside museums worldwide. Even though it's displayed at tony galleries in New York and London. And even though it commands five and six figures for joltingly original (and sometimes downright odd) work. — “Coloring outside the lines; the insider dope on outsider art”,
  • Tim Robey reviews the rest of the week's releases including a joltingly funny tale of bored soldiers that is a M*A*S*H for our times Tim Robey reviews the rest of the week's releases including a joltingly funny tale of bored soldiers that is a M*A*S*H for our times. — “Also showing - Telegraph”,
  • Definition of joltingly from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of joltingly. Pronunciation of joltingly. Definition of the word joltingly. Origin of the word joltingly. — “joltingly - Definition of joltingly at ”,
  • Definition of Joltingly. Joltingly. In a jolting manner. Related Copyright © 2001 - 2010 | Inquire | Submit | Privacy | Terms. — “Definition of Joltingly”,
  • Director Joe Banno takes a rough and tumble approach to the 1979 Andrew Lloyd Webber-Tim Rice musical "Evita," which is stripped of glitz, but joltingly powerful. The specific talents of the Open Circle Theatre Company, dedicated to artists with. — “'Evita' charms with grittiness - Washington Times”,
  • The action sequences are often joltingly spectacular, but largely overbaked in the CGI department. The action sequences are often joltingly spectacular (sure, you've seen battles staged. — “House of Flying Daggers - - ”,
  • Definition of Joltingly in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Joltingly. Pronunciation of Joltingly. Translations of Joltingly. Joltingly synonyms, Joltingly antonyms. Information about Joltingly in the free online English dictionary and. — “Joltingly - definition of Joltingly by the Free Online”,


  • Emerald City Design - Vodafone Liquid Luscious International approached Emerald City to create an empty urban world of hard surfaces and neon lights where solitary characters find freedom and poetry in their power to move and be connected, thus giving street credibility to urban remoteness. Designing and matte painting the entirety of the environments allowed Emerald City to assemble recognizable yet unnervingly odd places whose intense ambiance suggest a painting while maintaining a hip urban aesthetic. Emerald City then built the warped characters with artificially attached heads and joltingly edited dancing, and composited the final shots to produce a coolly contemporary spot.
  • Promise This (Cheryl Cole Acoustic Cover) - Aimee Holland DONT LISTEN ON FULL VOLUME !! You might be deafened. Head Joltingly good! I dont know whats up with the head/facial action but enjoy! By the way, apologies for the awful sound quality, my laptop has the worst and most sensitive microphone built into it and so I had to be quieter than usual.
  • Tim Lee & Matt Piucci (Gone Fishin') - Charlie Jones Tim Lee (Windbreakers) together with the imaginative Rain Parade guitarist Matt Piucci publised this folk-rock acoustic album. Called "Gone Fishin' - Can't Get Lost When You're Goin' Nowhere", was recorded in Mississippi in February 1986. With the collaborations of Bruce Goldon, Randy Everett, George Cartwright, Bobby and Robin Sutliff and Andy Piucci this is an strange album.While the sound quality is good and some of the songs are decent, the album also has its share of less effective tunes, pedestrian solo break sections, and at times joltingly sloppy ensemble playing. Highlights include "Touch the Gold," twith its rasping bluesy singing and spare arrangement featuring twangy slide guitar and clipped organ; "Lift It Up," with its almost shouted vocal, fuzz rock guitar, and chorus-only vintage-garage-band-sounding keyboards and drums; and two acoustic singer-songwriter style numbers, "Take a Left" and "Too Many Eyes," the latter exhibiting an especially yearning, if squarish, melodiousness. REM's musical influence on this album is never too far from the surface and is especially noticeable on the ringing guitar track "Charlie Jones", writen by Dan Stuart (Green On Red). Upload by: Aleksandar Kojić
  • Lightspeed Champion - Madame Van Damme (2010) Lightspeeds early leaning towards American country dressings is traded here for a palette that draws on classical music and even musical theatre. Producer and mixer Ben Allen (Animal Collective, Gnarls Barkley) assembles the eclectic grab-bag of influences: joltingly 70s guitar and synth sounds, classical piano, Greek choruses shouting reprisals, and at least one ukelele-driven moment.
  • Three Peeps In A Basket... In A Microwave Oven 4/14/09 - I know no one reads these things, but I'm thinking of starting the site back up. Stay tuned... Warning: The following video is not suitable for Peeps lovers. We will have many more Peeps videos coming up soon.
  • Out of the Darkness, Light (the final 'Mining Review') (1983) For more information on 'King Coal', a major exploration of Britain's coal mining industry as seen on film, visit The opening suggests nothing less than a Twilight of the Gods. What follows is the last-ever 'Mining Review' (over 400 were made in total). Narrated by Francis Gysin (long-time head of the National Coal Board Film Unit), it's laced with melancholy, yet utterly free of self-pity. Many virtues of Gysin's unit are aptly present and correct. Points are visually communicated with remarkable economy, sometimes by a single expertly-chosen shot. The enigmatic merry-go-round logic of the coal industry's fluctuations is delineated with a clarity few economists could muster. Attacks on rival industries and capricious governments are joltingly forthright. And the determinedly upbeat diagnosis of the future is loyal indeed, given the NCB's cost-cutting closure of its films department. So 'Mining Review' exited with dignity. And dusk came anyway, anything but gently. The industry's Götterdämmerung descended the following year. (Patrick Russell)You can watch over 1500 other complete films and TV programmes from the BFI National Archive free of charge in the Mediatheque at BFI Southbank, London and at the new QUAD centre for art and film in Derby -
  • "Carted off to Central America" Ddgfraser's photos around Cartagena, Colombia A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to Cartagena, Colombia by TravelPod blogger Ddgfraser titled "Carted off to Central America". TravelPod is a company of TripAdvisor™. Ddgfraser's travel blog entry: "An e-mail from our friends Jacques and Elizabeth rescued us from the thorns of the rose bushes. Their message says that they are about to enter into Colombia from Venezuela and will be in Cartagena in a couple of days to arrange shipping to Panama and are we interested in sharing a container again. It is great to smell the roses but don't miss the boat. A day earlier we had no idea as to the where -a -bouts of our friends other than suspecting that they may be lost somewhere in Venezuela. Their plan was to ship from Caracas to Canada, then to France where they live. We entertained a short lived idea to ship from Caracas but changed our minds because firstly,we are familiar with Cartagena and its ports and that alone eases the difficult shipping experience, or does it? Caracas turned out to be a nightmare for our friends and luckily Cartagena is a handy alternative. We leave this quaint setting for a three day jaunt to Cartagena. The last ten days are reminders of our second reason for wanting to ship from Cartagena; another opportunity to see Colombia. It is a nice place and its friendly people make you feel welcome. The next three days pass easily and the caribbean coast is steamy,true to itself no matter the season. We arrive in Cartagena and like old pros ...