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  • If I were to whisper, would you be more inclined to listen to me? We are a society of incredibly impatient, hurried individuals I believe we have become a generation of skim readers and text messaging jargonists and it really takes something special to grab our attention and make us listen. In. — “A Look at Art & Design: Listen”,
  • Definition of Jargonist with photos and pictures, translations, sample usage, and additional links for more information. jargonists. jargonize. jargonized. jargonizes. jargonizing. jargons. jargony. jargon aphasia. jargoon. jargoons. jarhead. jarheads. jarina. — “Jargonist: Definition with Jargonist Pictures and Photos”,
  • The jargonists call this kind of thing cross-fertilization, and the chances are Given the purpose of the mass media, a press corps of jargonists would be a disaster. — “jargonist - definition of jargonist in the Medical dictionary”, medical-
  • Successful Business: Why customer service and employee attitudes are more important than the bottom line - Thinking Managers by Edward de Bono and Robert Heller But can anything so complex as a company, even what the jargonists call an 'SME' (small or medium-sized enterprise) have a single. — “successful business | customer service | employee attitude”,
  • We are at a stage that jargonists would call an 'inflexion point' -- a point at which a curve on a graph makes a significant move upwards or downwards. The vulnerability exposed by India's business capital can change the way the world leads life. — “Laws may have to intrude on hospitality”,
  • Opinion: Editorial: U.S. military must adapt to threats | iraq, military, gates, army, time, world, war, mission, states, called He predicted that future wars are likely to be what military jargonists call "asymmetric" — fought against highly mobile and adaptable guerrilla, irregular and terrorist. — “Editorial: U.S. military must adapt to threats | iraq”,
  • Despite George W's recent cheer leading effort to convince us that sis-boom-bah, the economy is surging and The Boom Is Back! Food insecurity," as the jargonists label it, is up by 15 percent in the last four years. — “Jim Hightower | A THUD OF A "BOOM"”,
  • RTT Finalists: Real reformers or just jumbled jargonists? (Rick Hess Straight Up) Can Mississippi schools ban LGBT couples from prom? (Campus Progress) Common education standards a boon to students, teachers, and testing companies? (Wall. — “QUICK Hits”,
  • Editorials: Future wars will require new kind of military | iraq, army, secretary, wars, gates, military, require, recent, leave, speech that future wars are likely to be what military jargonists call "asymmetric" — fought against highly mobile and adaptable guerrilla, irregular. — “Future wars will require new kind of military | iraq, army”,
  • They are forever hiring gurus and jargonists, going on retreats, doing tacky feely sessions and generally sucking their psychological thumbs in search of new faith in themselves and a defence against the sheer boredom of saying their Brand X is better than somebody else's Brand Y. — “FOOD / Eat up, prune face: People on silly diets succumb to”,
  • The scene is the office of the dean of admissions at Instant College. A pale adolescent approaches the dean, who is appropriately clad in flowing white memos. STUDENT: Y-you sent for me, sir? DEAN: There's where we Jargonists truly have our day. — “Essay: RIGHT YOU ARE IF YOU SAY YOU ARE - OBSCURELY - TIME”,
  • When you first bought your computer, you might have just heard the name of a chip and thought that is what you had to buy, because that was what you were Some may call these jargonists too much of a "gobbledygook". — “Using Jargon Is So Passe in the World of Computers | Trends”,
  • So I combined my interests in Ballard and the Futurists and invented a group of art terrorists called the Jargonists IN 2001 WE JARGONISTS RENOUNCE ART TO DO WITH AESTHETIC SENSATIONS DERIVING FROM THE PHYSICAL BODY.WE JARGONISTS IMBUE SIGHTS, SOUNDS, SMELLS IN RIVETS,PULLEYS AND IRON. — “The Bridge: Motion Sculpture for the Masses - Simon Sellars”,
  • Opinion: Military needs to match new threats | iraq, secretary, military, army, time, gates, mission, war, world, number He predicted that future wars are likely to be what military jargonists call "asymmetric" — fought against highly mobile and adaptable guerrilla, irregular and terrorist. — “Military needs to match new threats | iraq, secretary”,
  • At Fairleigh Dickinson University, we publish scholarly books for the academic market Shakespeare is shown as just another example of the superior looking at the follish or eccentric and not questioning what modern jargonists call the "meganarrative" of his society. — “Fairleigh Dickinson University Press”,
  • I admit the strangeness of the following question, but just at what point did "talking the talk" sour the HR Community? It boggles my mind when I so often hear many HR Pros say they have a stark disdain for who were positioned as 'Business Jargonists' now look at the HR Pro. — “Fistful of Talent: Business Jargon Reality for HR: A "Seat at”,
  • Kgns-tv - Define Kgns-tv at a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms, and translation of Kgns-tv. Look it up now! JARGONISTS' GO AGAINST. Find definitions, audio pronunciations, example sentences, spelling, synonyms, antonyms, translations, word games and more. — “Kgns-tv | Define Kgns-tv at ”,
  • jargonclub: Jargonists We are jargonists and we opinionate. I think that is what we do and it is what we stand for. So fellow jarks, I have on numerous opinions stared at. — “jargonclub : Messages : 1-20 of 20”,
  • Definition of jargonist in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of jargonist. Pronunciation of jargonist. The jargonists call this kind of thing cross-fertilization, and the chances are. — “jargonist - definition of jargonist by the Free Online”,
  • Did you know that at Huffington Post you are now allowed to use your position as a "blogger" to simply run ads for your own craptastic imaginary version of a ripoff consulting business? It's true! Exhibit A-Z is the new column by "Jack Myers," a. — “Media Futurist Jack Myers Has A Cohesive Strategic Vision To”,
  • Chris Floyd - Empire Burlesque - High Crimes and Low Comedy in the American Imperium Warrior" is now the term of choice for our military jargonists; obviously, the old-fashioned term "soldier" is not fearsome enough for the mighty. — “Coming Attractions: War Without End, Amen”, chris-