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  • Part 5: Bright Skies - Harry Mason at Revelations Harry Mason B.Sc., M.Sc., MAIMM, MIMM, FGS (Geologist-Geophysicist) Geologist and geophysicist, Harry Mason presents his 'Bright Skies' research to the 'Revelations' audience near Perth, in Western Australia in early 2001. The video is in several parts and will be posted as time permits. From Harry: "My research into this subject began about two years ago in early 1995. A geologist colleague and friend, John Watts of geo-science consultants Mackay & Schnellman and Associates, asked for my opinion of earthquake risk in an isolated area of the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia. John knew of my long experience in the region, conducting geological and geophysical field exploration surveys there for gold mineralisation - hence the approach to myself for scientific advice." Please visit: /BRIGHTSKIES.html for Harry Mason's article, BRIGHT SKIES
  • HumanNature 1 filmed & scripted by me, voice over by fairfax - we spent a week on the Indian Pacific travelling from Sydney to Perth, with the Human Nature boys performing at remote rural communities, including one performance at a remote rail platform which attrated an audience of 3 jackeroos who had driven two hours across the desert to meet us! Human Nature have somehow combined the trick of being complete party animals with alos being superbly professional, they never missed the start of one gig, always gave 110%, no matter how late the previous night we had been partying!
  • Gingeroos Fun day at Ginger Factory.
  • Glamorous~fergie Jackeroos sending me msn messages =L