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  • After a couple of years jackerooing at Springsure - Central Queensland, they set up as The modest North Queensland beginnings were followed by establishment of branches and steady expansion into a wider range of merchant activities and ship-owning, and establishment of Pacific Island plantations. — “The Australian Merchant Navy | Burns Philp Shipping Company”, merchant-navy-
  • While Australia's agriculture industry struggles to attract young people to the work force, some students are traveling across the country to study jackerooing - the Australian equivilent of being a cowboy, or in the case of jillarooing, a cowgirl. — “Radio Australia:Connect Asia:Story:Work in Australia's”, .au
  • Young people from far and wide are travelling to Dubbo in western NSW to learn the art of jackerooing. Young people from far and wide are travelling to Dubbo in western NSW to learn the art of jackerooing. — “ABC Western Plains NSW - Explore by Topic - Australian”, .au
  • Wal Murray was one of the old-school National Party politicians. Large in frame, boisterous of voice - mixing a big man's gentleness with a bucolic jackerooing, followed by four years at the Collarenebri branch of the Bank of NSW (now Westpac), where he later said he did everything from lick. — “Farewell to country sort of bloke who took on the city”, .au
  • Definition of jackerooing in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of jackerooing. Pronunciation of jackerooing. Translations of jackerooing. jackerooing synonyms, jackerooing antonyms. Information about jackerooing in the free online English. — “jackerooing - definition of jackerooing by the Free Online”,
  • fine and intricate pencil drawings of African and Australian wildlife His jackerooing days inspired a series of action drawings of buckjumping horses. Later, as a Station Manager he occasionally drew horses for friends as well as Polocrosse ponies enjoying the game, which he enjoyed playing. — “Wildprints | Wild Prints | Chris McClelland | Margie”, .au
  • 5 Day Jackaroo Jillaroo Course in Bingara, NSW, Australia. Novice riders welcome. One on one riding instructions. Heading up the East Coast of Australia after Jackerooing and Jillerooing?. — “JJOZ - 1 Week Deal - Sydney - Byron Bay”, .au
  • Jackerooing definition, an inexperienced person working as an apprentice on a sheep ranch. See more. — “Jackerooing | Define Jackerooing at ”,
  • Words starting with J (page 1): jab, jabbed, jabber, jabbered, jabberer, jabbering, jabberingly, jabberings, jabbers, jabberwock, jabberwockies, jabberwocks, jabberwocky, jabbing, jabble, jabbled, jabbles, jabbling, jabers, jabiru 60 jackerooing. — “Words starting with J (page 1)”,
  • So he was an ape, a jackass, a dumb waiter of some denomination (a jerrycan of an Anglican ? A year or two more Jackerooing would only mean the consumption of so many more figs, so avaunt !. — “Wistfully: Jack of Naples and of Suffolk”,
  • Jaban - Jabberer - Jabberwockies - Jabe - Jabon - Jaborandis - Jabrud - Jaburan - Jacalyn - Jacenta - Jacey - Jacie - Jacinda - Jacintha - Jacinthe - Jack crosstree - Jack ladder - Jack oak - Jack post - Jack rafter - Jack rod Jackerooing - Jackeroos - Jackey - Jackies - Jacking engine - Jacki. — “User:The Anome/Moby nouns/J - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The Mark of Heath - We're all familiar with the mark of Zorro, but Australian Heath Harris is used to leaving his own unique mark on movie and television productions | Horsetalk - equestrian feature articles At 16, Heath went bush - jackerooing, horse breaking, and contesting rodeos. — “The Mark of Heath - We're all familiar with the mark of Zorro”,
  • Afterwards he stayed on to try his hand at jackerooing and farming in Western Australia. In 1952 he moved to Hobart and became a trade and craft teacher at the Friends School. He was also Group Leader of the 8th Hobart Scout Group. He retired to Bellerive in 1977. — “History of the Wood Badge Training Program - Scouts Australia”, .au
  • Border collie breeder QLD, NSW. We have Border collie dogs, cattle dogs, working dogs, sheepdogs for sale. Started and trained dogs for sale QLD, NSW. Call 02 6383 3848 After leaving school, I headed off Jackerooing working full time with livestock. — “Border collie dogs, cattle dogs, working dogs, sheepdogs for sale”, .au
  • ,Find out more about Sam Bailey, the quadriplegic who defied the odds to become a farmer, pilot, best selling author and inspirational public speaker. Sam Bailey suffered a spinal injury in a car accident when jackerooing in the Northern Territory at 19-years-of-age, leaving him a C6/C7 quadriplegic. — “Sam Bailey |- about us”,
  • I have met a lot of people in their 60s and 70s who have spent their whole lives living in a capital city, except for a few years spent jackerooing', which they invariably describe as the best years of their life. of the same age who say with regret, I always wanted to go jackerooing' but I never did'. — “Australian Outback Jobs | Fiona Lake Australian Photographs”, .au
  • Definition of Jackaroo son of another landowner sent to work on other properties to learn different methods, soils, breeds, etc..; 2. work as a trainee on such a station: "He's jackerooing in Queensland this year". — “Jackaroo definition by Babylon's free dictionary”,
  • Bush Village provide the Highest Quality Cheap Airlie Beach Backpacker Accommodation with honest local day and overnight tour booking advice in the Whitsundays Heading up the East Coast of Australia after Jackerooing and Jillerooing?. — “Sydney to Byron Bay”, .au
  • FORMER Kyogle resident Geoff Schrader showed experience counts when he made the Open division final of the Kyogle Campdraft. He became a station hand at Morney, jackerooing and riding in campdraft competitions. — “Geoff still sits tall in saddle | Northern Rivers News”, .au
  • "Salt River" is home to WA's finest performance horse and Australian Stock Horse Stud. Upon finishing school Heath went jackerooing in the Kimberley of WA which gave him a solid base in stockmanship. — “Saltriver Performance Horses - industry leaders in Advanced”,
  • In 1996 the State Government declared Tasmania provisionally free of hydatid disease Tim read one email from Meg: Four years ago, our son who had been jackerooing for two years bought his two sheepdogs to the state before he left NSW,. — “Tasmanian Times”,
  • Bruce Malloch: Artist information, biography and artwork available for sale. (Also known as: Malloch, Bruce, After leaving school Bruce Malloch went jackerooing in the North West Australia, which led to him sketching his fellow stockmen, their horses and the surrounding unique landscape. — “Bruce Malloch”,


  • James Blundell - Cloncurry Cattle Song (1987) James Blundell on The Ray Martin Show singing Cloncurry Cattle Song, March 1987.
  • Tanami trip part 2 This is the footage of the triple road train I referred to in the previouse video passing me. I had moved across to the right side of the road to make it eas...