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  • Halo 3 Location of Snipers on Sierra 117 -Sorry, only the first two jacals are snipers, ithe others are carbines Note: this was on single player The jacal snipers will kill you in one shot. There annoying o here are the three sniper locations with the two jacals with carbines at the end
  • A jacal's Epic Trick Jumping Montage Facebook page: I've got some mad skillz. Yes, this is meant to be stupid. --- Mostly just testing out the video with audio and such. Hope you like.
  • CoD4 Commentary :: Team DM - Strike - A jacal A jacal's first commentary. aRc forum:
  • jacals no coqueiros
  • Wayne Spencer's Grand Sendoff Soiree to Texas This is a compilation of pictures taken December 5th, 2009 at Tony Jacal's restaurant in Solana Beach, CA., an event held that evening in celebration of Wayne Spencer's move from California to Texas to start a new life. My thanks go to those involved in this project and their advice and assistance; Lisa Lessman for her patience with my impatience in the overall production, Wendy Frieze Fuller for her photos, Teri Toms for her photos, and my sister WenDee LaPlant in providing her Picasa expertise. I hope you enjoy this clip of a memorable evening for everyone!