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  • Hot Tamales (They're Red Hot) - Islander (plastic ukulele) + Chordmaster cover Quite self explanatory. Sorry for my jabberings : English is not my mothertongue if it may be an excuse. And I am too lazy to make another take :) Check for infos about plastic ukes, Islander, Chord Master. Some dedicated Chord Master tabs and a Chord Master Simulator!
  • MVI 0279 Riley singing 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed and the wheels on the bus while in the bath
  • Loch Ness Jabberings So beautiful..and mark talking about some weird things at the bottom..checking out a boat and hanging out with Simon (who is also uber cool)
  • Amelie Ramblings* Jabberings of a 15 month old.
  • I'm Gay, and Ron Paul has earned my vote He treats us all with dignity and respect, and engages us with quality intelligence. Gosh! He must believe we can think for ourselves, and that we're intelligent enough to take care of ourselves, and that we're a bit tired of government being used as an excuse allowing morally repulsive decisions to be made that are sabotaging to all of our lives and that allow intrusions into into our business. I can forgive him for being in same political party as some other republicrats, um, I mean republicans I know of, but I'm not mentioning any names here. Honestly, all the other candidate (both major parties) are being so very careful about saying absolutely nothing, and all their jabberings are sounding so much alike! What a way to spend all those campaign contributions! Put Ron to the test. Listen to all of his interviews. Check out his integrity. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.
  • Jabberings of Knox.m4v
  • bedtime jabberings
  • Don't Help Girls Pee! A few jabberings on about what I've been up to. Leave me a comment to let me know your favourite place to go at the weekends! Much love and smile always, Beau~Jensen ***~oOo Come say hi on Twitter: Here is the link to the 'It Gets Better Project'. Link to my friend Stephens new Youtube Channel -- show him some love! Tags: beau Jensen beau1618 vlog syon park hen do the baseballs Brighton the it gets better project gay lgbt interest
  • SageVid1 Random jabberings of my quaker parrot
  • Video 2 - Dog Talk and the Complexities of Simple Math Yo yo yo, it is relatively late and I am very bored - hence, video creation. Various jibber jabberings about GTA, 5 hr energy, and my complete inability to do simple math.
  • ckat13 movie review special: Toy Story 3 spoilers Beware! Spoilers ahoy! And also lame crazy fangirl jabberings! I do not own the images nor the music! They are copyright the mouse and the lamp!
  • Yoshi being Silly Silly jabberings from Yoshi yet again! He's almost a year old now, and though this video doesn't show off his vocabulary well, he's being a silly nut :D
  • Loch Ness random jabberings at loch ness with joe and soph
  • In Case of Zombie Attack... (Jabberings) Will you be prepared?
  • bathtime jabberings Evan jabbering in the bath tub. (15 months old)
  • Kirby Dominant & Factor "More Than Love" Live at Elbo Room, SF Fake Four Summer Tour, 2010. Check out more videos, legally free downloads, random rap news and jabberings at
  • natural selection law? more random jabberings about a recent news item that i found so outlandish and obserd, i just had to say something about it.
  • Tilly's first words? Whilst feeding Tilly, she said her first words, well sort of . . perhaps they were just coincidental jabberings.