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  • Cracking a Mexican chicote whip (red ixtle rope) This is a traditional Mexican whip (chicote) made out of red rope (mecate de ixtle), braided like a hair braid. The cracker is made of cotton rope used for blinds and curtains. It has very little taper. Did six basic cracks. It is very heavy and tiring to the shoulder and back.
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  • Black Beans and Enchiladas Huejutla, Hidalgo, Mexico
  • Cracking a chirrion whip (broomstick handle) Again, doing six basic cracks with a whip I made myself by whipping and splicing ropes of different diameters to get the taper. The handle is a piece of broom stick. The thong is attached to the handle with a piece of rope running through it and a hole drilled in the handle.
  • Surropa Presents Pikin Bags! This multicolored reusable shopping bag is made of Ixtle Fiber. The Ixtle comes from a unique plant that grows in the semi-desertic areas of Northern Mexico, called Agave. Pikin bags are comfortable to carry and convenient. Its durable material can hold your groceries, and it's fully washable.
  • Cracking a Mexican chirrion whip (branch and ixtle fibers) Me doing six basic cracks with a traditional Mexican whip (chirrion), made out of natural fibers and a tree branch.
  • North Shore Gym Olympic Trials Coming Soon! 30 Days of Ultra Marathon Competition......
  • Ixtle Goods, Mercado, Huejutla, Hidalgo, JD Deal Business Consulting Ixtle Goods, Mercado, Huejutla, Hidalgo, JDDeal Business Consulting. For more on Mexico, Maya, business and marketing see Jack D. Deal Business Consulting and JD Deal Consultoria Empresarial /blog/marketing and www.freeandinquiringmind., 831-457-8806.