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  • The Magisterium enables Christians to know the full content of the deposit of faith as an object for the assent of faith only if the doctrines it presents as binding and irreformable can be demonstrated to belong to the apostolic faith. But. — “Sacramentum Vitae: Bad arguments against the Magisterium: Part II”,
  • They are incorrigible, judges: Shameless, irreformable and unregenerate. It has ever been thus in figure skating, a sport of subjective assessment, political chicanery and endless scandal. — “New Judging System smacks of skating union's old world ways”,
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  • Definition of irreformable in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is irreformable? Meaning of irreformable as a legal term. What does irreformable mean in law?. — “irreformable legal definition of irreformable. irreformable”, legal-
  • One cannot see what this special gift could be except the charism of papal infallibility - especially since nothing but that charism could give the validity to a conciliar definition, as an irreformable definition of truth, which it requires. — “Christian Teaching Authority and the Christian's Response”, vatican2
  • In fact, by using words like irreformable the Church of Rome has backed itself into a theological corner from a doctrine of faith or morals to be held by the whole Church," then by definition those "definitions of the Roman Pontiff are irreformable. — “HAS THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH REALLY CHANGED? : Apprising”,
  • Therefore his definitions, of themselves, and not from the consent of the Church, are justly held irreformable, for they are pronounced with the assistance of the Holy Spirit, an assistance promised to him in blessed Peter." --Papal Infallibility - at Catholic Answers. — “Papal Infallibility”,
  • "Did the Congo Nuns receive permission, and did that set an irreformable precedent? mere allocutio, Zalba did not consider this an irreformable conclusion."[8] From this quotation it is evident. — “American Papist: Not Your Average Catholic!: Bioethics essay”,
  • Is Ordinatio Sacerdotalis to be considered infallible and irreformable? Upon the release of Ordinatio Sacerdotalis on Pentecost of 1994 (May 22), my initial reaction was simplistic. 3. Authoritative but not irreformable teaching: Requires respect and obedience, with the opposite being dissent. — “Is Ordinatio Sacerdotalis Infallible?”,
  • America is the national Catholic Weekly magazine published by the Jesuits. In the first place, Rahner points out that Human Life cannot reasonably be considered irreformable doctrine. — “America Magazine - Karl Rahner on 'Humanae Vitae'”,
  • incorrigible impervious to correction by punishment irreformable. Related answers: What is the definition of incorrigible? Read answer How is the word 'incorrigible' used in a sentence? Read answer What does being incorrigible mean?. — “incorrigible: Information from ”,
  • So far, the church has been careful not to term "irreformable" any doctrine which may be subject to change in the future, or This is not to say that the Pope doesn't mean them, just that he has yet to declare ex cathedra that they are irreformable matters of faith. — “papal [email protected],
  • 1. Enforce minimum 5 party system 2. Corporations cannot donate to election campaigns 3. Universal Healthcare 4. Free Education through to University 5. Flat tax system 6. 35hr work week and 4 weeks vacation time 7. High sense of morality. — “If You Could Write A Constitution, What Would You Put?”,
  • irreformable. irrefrangible. irrefutable. irregardless. irregular. irregularity. irrelative irreformable. ir·re·form·a·ble [ ìrri fawrməb'l ] adjective. Definition:. — “irreformable definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta”,
  • To the Editor: Given the amoral, Hobbesian nature of international relations, and the irrationality and irreformable wickedness of the human species, it is clear that armed conflict will forever be a part of the human condition. And. — “WHEN A DEMOCRACY MAKES A MILITARY CHOICE - Letter - ”,
  • was to be an irreformable tenet of Catholic faith. Although technically speaking this Had the patristic period, for example, considered its doctrines irreformable, the. — “Part III. THE CREATIVITY OF CHURCH TEACHING Chapter 3”,
  • BC Article - Vatican II did not change existing Catholic doctrine. The Catholic Church changed only its methods, and Protestants have been lulled to sleep. But if papal decrees, past and present, are "irreformable," what hope is there for reform in the Roman church?. — “What did Vatican II really change? -- Protestants!”,
  • Notice that, despite presenting these norms as if they were irreformable, Pope John Paul II notes that numerous previous Popes have established 1. The norms of UDG are not irreformable; all statements within UDG which claim that these norms are irreformable are themselves null and void. — “Revising the Rules for Electing the Pope”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. not subject to revision or alteration. — “Irreformable - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Definition of Irreformable in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Irreformable. Pronunciation of Irreformable. Translations of Irreformable. Irreformable synonyms, Irreformable antonyms. Information about Irreformable in the free online English. — “Irreformable - definition of Irreformable by the Free Online”,
  • Divertido sketch en el que Chespirito es un irreformable metiche y un compulsivo chismoso.Nótense también las hermosas piernas de Florinda Meza y María Anton. — “YouTube - Chespirito-El Metiche”,


  • Press Center TV: The territory of Glasnost. Polyakova & Galperovich. Part 2 Glasnost Territory with lawyer Mara Polyakova, expert of the Civil Society Institutions Development Council under the President of Russia, and Danila Galperovich, journalist of Radio Liberty. The discussion covers the Yukos Affair as seen by students of the National Oil and Gas University; the Strasbourg hearing of the Yukos case against Russia; what will improve the Interior Ministry reform; and what makes a judge dependent and why some of them fear prosecutors.