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  • Caroline Lucas: Dhimmi, Useful Idiot or Conscious Liar? First, Ms Lucas goes through the rhetorical throat-clearing exercise of paying lip-service to our troops, before going on to blatantly lie about their mission & strategy. This tactic is always used by the "Support Our Troops - Bring Them Home" brigade on the pro-jihad far-Left (Yaqoob, Benn, Galloway etc all do it too). It's insincere and transparent. The Left hate the military - as does Lucas. Second, she claims she wants a "change of strategy". That translates quite simply as withdrawal and surrender. She opposes any military intervention in Afghanistan, and will only be happy when the Taliban have won (sorry, I meant 'our boys' are home). President Obama had a review last year, and changed strategy - from counter-terrorism, to counterinsurgency - and the surge hasn't even been fully implemented, as of this posting. The same "change strategy" (ie surrender & withdraw) policy was championed by the Left in the UK over the Iraq war, and by the shameful Democrats in the US in 2006. It was their favourite talking-point - after Iraq being Vietnam, another quagmire, unwinnable war etc. Third, she uses the other anti-war canard, "There is no military solution!", which was used by the lying Dems in Congress and the anti-war liberal-Left in Britain, over the Iraq war (pre-surge). Unfortunately, this is nonsense, as politics can *only* thrive and grow in a society in which there is basic security (as in post-surge Iraq). This is why the Afghan surge ...
  • Irreconcilables A commercial advertising the irreconcilables point of view on the League of Nations for history class. We include talks from William Borah and Hiram Johnson and even have our own themesong!
  • Menace Ruine - There will be blood From the album "Union of Irreconciliables" Lyrics (added now): Your sword drawn Glorious and humble There will be blood There will be love From rotten bodies New life will grow Our knowledge dissolved And fixed into one and holy goal A new cornerstone The white light is born now There will be blood We sorely bare The weight of our soul The one we avoided Was endlessly close The mirror broke At our selves exposed Our Wholeness resoldered The higher and lower halves Torn asunder no more There is no love That shed any blood The union of irreconcilables Life and death arose In the purest form A light clothed by a watery body This fire does not burn And salt is no longer bitter All is only as one There will be blood
  • Menace Ruine - Not only a break in the clouds but a permanent clearing in the sky From the album "Union of Irreconciliables" The full track clocks around 11 minutes but I didnt include the rest because it is pretty much the same as the last seconds of this video
  • Menace Ruine - The Upper Hand Lyrics: Unequalled and unvowed We'll be safe on our own We are nor passing from The latent to the obvious state Someone must fall So that others may rise Someone must be reborn So that others may die Distance is growing more and more As if we are floating in formal And dying at a slower pace It's a long and winding path But trying to escape the animal bites Would make us prey Unequalled and never We'll return to our departed selves We must bow before the storm To the inevitable Or make our Prayers All was threatening to fall down Disappearing into folds Invisible to the *** eye Better never come to blows But sow the seed and let it grow Until you get the upper hand Blacker than the blackest black The burning source of life Is in the depths, not in the sky Better answer the call That comes out of the mud And hope to get The upper hand
  • Vladimir Lenin Communication On The Wireless Negotiations With Béla Kun Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (22 April 1870 -- 21 January 1924) Vladimir Lenin Communication On The Wireless Negotiations With Béla Kun "I knew Comrade Béla Kun very well when he was still a prisoner of war in Russia; and he visited me many times to discuss communism and the communist revolution. Therefore, when news of the Hungarian communist revolution was received, and in a communication signed by Comrade Béla Kun at that, we wanted to speak to him and ascertain exactly how the revolution stood. The first communication we received about it gave us some grounds for fearing that, perhaps, the so-called socialists, traitor-socialists, had resorted to some deception, had got round the Communists, the more so that the latter were in prison. And so, the day after the first communication about the Hungarian revolution was received, I sent a wireless message to Budapest, asking Béla Kun to come to the apparatus, and I put a number of questions to him of such a nature as to enable me to make sure that it was really he who was speaking. I asked him what real guarantees there were for the character of the government and for its actual policy. Comrade Béla Kun's reply was quite satisfactory and dispelled all our doubts. It appears that the Left Socialists had visited Béla Kun in prison to consult him about forming a government. And it was only these Left Socialists, who sympathised with the Communists, and also people from the Centre who formed the new government, while the Right ...
  • The Irreconcilables - "See Ya Santa" "Frosty My Ex-Wife", by The Irreconcilables, from the new album "Merry EX-mas" Available now on iTunes and : iTunes: : Facebook: Twitter:
  • Charles Lindbergh's September 1941 Anti-War Speech This is a classic and timely speech by the legendary Charles Lindbergh on the subject of non-interventionism in European affairs. He gave this presentation at an America First rally a couple months prior to the December 7, 1941 "surprise attack" by Japan on the US naval base at Pearl Harbor. The majority of the American people wanted no part of the conflicts raging in Europe and Asia, but behind the scenes President Franklin D. Roosevelt, while promising to keep the US out of any these wars, was secretly steering the country into them. The historical record conclusively proves that the Roosevelt administration had advance knowledge of the Japanese plan to strike Pearl Harbor but did nothing to warn military commanders in Hawaii to have it prevented. The attack was allowed to go forward so America would be forced into another world war just as Roosevelt had been planning all along to legitimize communism and further the drive to build world government under the United Nations that would be created at the close of the war. Links to informative news articles and essays by The New American magazine: Dauntless High Flyer Charles Lindbergh campaigned to keep the United States out of war as leader of the America First Committee, then placed himself in harm's way when we did go to war. Pearl Harbor: The Facts Behind the Fiction The raid on Pearl Harbor took the US Pacific Fleet by surprise, but back in Washington, the Roosevelt administration was fully aware of ...
  • The Irreconcilables - "Frosty My Ex-Wife" "Frosty My Ex-Wife", by The Irreconcilables, from the new album "Merry EX-mas" Available now on iTunes and : iTunes: : Facebook: Twitter: