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  • Nine Sunday Cover story 2006 cronulla riot The Cronulla riots of 2005 were a series of racially motivated mob confrontations which originated in and around Cronulla, a beachfront suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Soon after the riot, ethnically motivated violent incidents occurred in several other Sydney suburbs. On Sunday, 11 December 2005, approximately 5000 people gathered to protest against recently reported incidents of assaults and intimidatory behaviour by groups of non-locals, most of whom were identified in earlier media reports as Middle Eastern youths from the suburbs of Western Sydney. The crowd assembled following a series of earlier confrontations, specifically an assault on three off-duty lifesavers which took place the previous weekend.[1] The crowd initially assembled without incident, but violence broke out after a large segment of the mostly white [2] Australian crowd chased a man of Middle Eastern appearance into a hotel and 2 other youths of Middle Eastern appearance were assaulted on a train.
  • Amritsar - literally a Pool of Nectar Amritsar, literally a Pool of Nectar, derives its name from Amrit Sarovar, the holy tank that surrounds the fabulous Golden Temple. First time visitors to Amritsar could be forgiven for the impression that Amritsar is like any other small town in northern India. But Amritsar stands head and shoulders above any other city, its status elevated and sanctified by the presence of the venerable Golden Temple. Located in the heart of Amritsar, the temple complex is surrounded by a maze of narrow lanes, or katras, that house one of the busiest markets in India. But the Golden Temple is a serene presence, radiating a calm that makes people bow their heads in reverence. The gurudwara, as Sikh temples are called, is the holiest of Sikh shrines. It is not just Sikhs who travel to the Golden Temple to pay homage, the sacred shrine is equally revered by Hindus and people of other faiths who, too, make the pilgrimage to offer prayers at Harmandir Sahib. There more to Amritsar than that - Amongst other sights is Jallianwala Bagh, site of the gruesome massacre of unarmed Indians by British troops. A major tourist attraction these days is the Indo-Pakistan border crossing at Wagah, just a short distance from Amritsar, with its elaborate change-of-guards drill with a lot of strutting and intimidatory showing off by both sides. If you are 'doing' north India, Amritsar is a city you should not miss. It's easy to travel there from Delhi by road and by rail. It is easy to navigate through the ...
  • BBC Puppets (muppets?) The BBC stooped to an all time low this evening. The BBC mission states their purpose is "To enrich people's lives with programmes and services that inform, educate and entertain. I couldn't believe my eyes; I caught the last 2 1/2 minutes of tonight serving of the weakest link (sat 21st June 2008). After watching the televisual experience that they call entertainment, it is no wonder that the youth of Britain according to the World Health Organisation (WHO) they are the most unhappiest and depressed in the western world. Our children are a captive audience. Many parents lock their children into their homes every evening for fear of them being abducted, stabbed or worse still, blown to bits by a maniac terrorist suicide bomber. For some families, unfortunately, the only entertainment that they have is the box in the corner of the room, but to have the privilege of igniting this box into action, here in the UK it requires a Licence, the current fee for the BBC TV licence today stands at £139.50 for a colour licence and £47.00 for a black-and-white licence. Whether or not you watch the BBC, the fee is still payable to the BBC. Tonight's weakest link, quizzed hand held puppets, I only witnessed the characters Soo and Roland Rat, thankfully, all other puppets had been eliminated before I tuned in. The questions that I heard involved, War and Religion, Hanging and stitching up were also mentioned by the rat. Soo the hand held glove puppet was the victor in this atrocious BBC ...
  • dj hughley preparing for his pro debut boxing,AUGUSTA BOXING CLUB
  • HEYC at DCSF The Home Educated Youth Council travelled to the Department for Children, Schools and Families in London in July of 2009 to challenge the Graham Badman report of Home Education containing recommendations to change the way home education is governed. For more information about HEYC, visit: This film is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 UK England & Wales Licence.
  • Middlesbrough - 'Big Brother' - in the Sky Police Surveillance Helicopter Police Surveillance Helicopter over Linthorpe. Middlesbrough. Instrusive, expensive, intimidatory and noisy - 'Big Brother' State surveillance and macho intimidation tactics ZIG-HEIL!!!!
  • Anti Ann Coulter Protesters at U Ottawa 3/23/20 we are very happy to have this video footage given to us by a Local student politican who was at this event; Thank you S. A Conrad. Une special note from this video given to us from the taker A. Conrad; "I am practically certain the reaction and intimidatory tactics used by this protestor you see giving me the middle finger and pointing at me are based on the fact that this person knows who I am and Knows my political affiliations on carleton. I am particularily disgusted at him but he is the head of OPIRG Carleton(Ontario Public Interest Research Group), a far left group in Ontario, so his actions don;t surprise me."
  • Morales replies to Obama US threats | Bolivia defends friendly ties with Iran Once more the US bipartisan dictatorship hijacking the American nation has resumed its mafia thug-like threats, trying to impose its own foreign policy onto every other nation of the world. Morales, himself a victim of US imperialism, is not fooled by those intimidatory tactics and continues turning the humble Bolivia into a world power in dignity, independence and sovereignity.
  • Hebron Protest 1-05-2010.wmv Palestinian, Israeli and international activists held a full- throated protest at the checkpoint gate separating Shuhada Street in H2 from the Casbah in H1. The protestors successfully blocked the gate where the "settlers" usually emerge every Saturday for their "cultural" triumphalist, intimidatory tour, after the blockade and during the march through the narrow Old City souk the demonstrators were attacked by settlers spraying water on them from rooftops. Last Saturday's protest was one of a series of ongoing demonstrations against the colonising "settlers" and the continued closure of Shuhada Street.
  • Dayanidhi Maran denies 2G charges, CBI to quiz him Union Textiles Minister Dayanidhi Maran on Wednesday called all allegations against him in the 2G scam as malicious and untrue, amid clamour for his resignation and reports that the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) will question him on the charges. He said he never favoured one company over another as the telecoms minister. The former telecoms minister and Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) leader said: "I was not even a minister when Astro invested in Sun Direct TV [family owned TV company]. Malaysia-based Astro had invested in family-owned Sun Direct in 2007, reports said. "It is a malicious propaganda against me. Charges are not true," he said in a statement, as the clamour for his resignation grow loud from the Opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the AIADMK and other parties. He said "no telecom company has ever invested in companies owned by my brother Kalanidhi Maran when I was Telecom Minister." Maran also met the present telecom minister Kapil Sibal on Wednesday. Media reports said the CBI is likely to file chargesheet against former telecom minister Dayanidhi Maran in connection with the 2G spectrum scam, media reports said on Wednesday. According to CBI sources, Maran's statement will be recorded under 161 Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (CrPc) next week. The CBI will reportedly grill him on the kind of force and monetary influences he allegedly faced as telecom minister. Lokpal Bill Drafting Committee member Prashant Bhushan on Wednesday filed an ...
  • West Indies vs Australia 1975-76 In 1975-76, the West Indies, fresh from their world-cup triumph, took on Australia. Australia trounced them 5-1. The Aussie attack, led by Jeff Thomson and Dennis Lillee, battered the West Indies into submission. This experience made a lasting impression on Clive Lloyd, and the West Indies made the 4-prong pace attack the cornerstone of their strategy. Highlights and commentary.
  • The Plunder part 1 This video represents the many people not given a voice in the mainstream media. They have been denied a voice mainly because of their dissenting views about the Corrib gas project in its current form. There are interviews with many people who have suffered both personally and financially for daring to oppose the oil and gas industry. This industry has been supported by the various intimidatory and violent methods used by the Garda. The mainstream media has consistently misrepresented the facts, and has failed to report human rights abuses taking place in Mayo. It has instead tried to demonise anybody who goes against their neo-liberal view-point on how Ireland should be organized and structured. Most of the interviews were filmed over the last month. Thanks to all of the people who generously gave up their time and energy to make this no budget documentary. This is the first part of an ongoing documentary about the Corrib Gas ProjectThe Corporate Takeover of Ireland - camera : Madam K, John, Terrence C, Paul edit :John, Barra Music: Kila estel /estel Kieran Allen Spinwatch - monitoring PR and Spin Art not Oil For creativity, climate justice, and an end to the oil industry sponsorship of the arts Shell to Sea Shell Ireland - Working with our neighbours This is the first part in an on going documentary about the Corrib Gas Project.
  • Norman Finkelstein International Law and War Crimes Israel / Palestine Under the 1949 Geneva Conventions collective punishments are a war crime. By collective punishment, the drafters of the Geneva Conventions had in mind the reprisal killings of World Wars I and World War II. In the First World War, Germans executed Belgian villagers in mass retribution for resistance activity. In World War II, ***s carried out a form of collective punishment to suppress resistance. Entire villages or towns or districts were held responsible for any resistance activity that took place there. The conventions, to counter this, reiterated the principle of individual responsibility. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Commentary to the conventions states that parties to a conflict often would resort to "intimidatory measures to terrorize the population" in hopes of preventing hostile acts, but such practices "strike at guilty and innocent alike. They are opposed to all principles based on humanity and justice." (Tags)Israel Palestine Gaza "West Bank" Peace War "International Law" Equality IDF Military "Human Rights" Galloway GoldStone Finkelstein Chomsky Occupation Apartheid Genocide Hypocrisy "Foreign Policy" WALL Holocaust LIVNI Netanyahu anti-semitism Dershowitz Goodman Afghanistan Tourism holyland "Geneva Conventions" Obama US Terror UN News Politics Iran "Middle East" settlement settler "Final Status Issues" Lebanon AIPAC
  • State of Siege (État de Siège) by Costa Gavras State of Siege (French title: État de Siège) is a 1972 French film directed by Costa Gavras starring Yves Montand and Renato Salvatori. Yves Montand plays Philip Michael Santore, an official of the US Agency for International Development (an organisation sometimes used as a front for training foreign police in counterinsurgency methods). Posted to a fictional South American country in the early 1970s, Santorean is kidnapped by a group of urban guerrillas. The story is based by Costa Gavras on an actual incident in Uruguay in 1970 when US Embassy official Dan Mitrione was kidnapped and killed. Using Santore's interrogation by his captors as a backdrop, the film explores the often brutal consequences of the struggle between the repressive government of Montevideo and the leftist Tupamaro guerrillas. Using death squads, the government decimates the revolutionary group, whose surviving members vote to execute the smugly calculating Santore, who is accused of arranging training in torture and political manipulation. In the finale a replacement US official arrives, watched from the crowd by a defiant and angry survivor of the radical group. Costa Gavras: Mikis Theodorakis: www.mikis- en.mikis- Mikis Theodorakis: Films - Theodorakisfriends's Blog: TheodorakisFriends: Los Calchakis: www ...
  • Lady Chann - Money Ah Dem God (Screw Dem Riddim 2010) Know how lame CUSA is - Commodore x64 launch tribute HD Screw dem wicked pon da riddim! by TheDaddy on 26-Jun-2011 9:05:59 @resle WOW! Congratulations! Nice sneaky way to create yet another CUSA thread to which I need to reply as some people here seem to be a little forgetful or want to forget things, events, hoping that time will blow them away. I'll quickly summarise things for you but I am sure that Darrin will have a few things to add. They are all based on hard evidence. It is TRUE that CUSA have always said this is the new C64x and the new Amiga will come soon - FACT It is TRUE that in order to jeopardise Hyperion's efforts and have a go at AmigaOS4 they wanted to call their "OS" Workbench 5 (which even a child can presume that since 5 is bigger than 4 then it must be better and newer - FACT It is TRUE that they have very POOR manners and have managed to alienate a big chunk of the community - FACT It is TRUE that they have set up a "business" quickly and roughly using other people's work without permission - FACT It is TRUE that they have made a C64 replica It is TRUE that their associates (fans and staff) have spammed 90% of the Internet -FACT It is TRUE that their fans keep on bashing Trevor's A-Eon company, the A1X1000, Hyperion and so on - FACT It is TRUE that CUSA treat people as if they were stupid or ignorant -FACT It is TRUE that you can't compare Hyperion's/ACube's/etc developments to that of a system builder - FACT It is TRUE that all ...
  • BIG BROTHER 9 - ALEX EVICTED FROM THE BIG BROTHER HOUSE Alexandra Is Booted "Alex is removed from Big Brother for repeated unacceptable behaviour... Contestant Alexandra De-Gale has been removed from the Big Brother House for repeatedly breaking the programme's rules on conduct by behaving in an unacceptable and sometimes intimidating manner towards fellow housemates. Alex was in discussion with Darnell in the living room shortly after 10.15pm yesterday evening (17th June), with a number of other housemates in proximity. Discussing her nomination for this week's eviction, Alex was heard to make apparently intimidatory comments about her intentions on leaving the House. Shortly afterwards, Dennis, Rebecca and Rex discussed her comments in the garden and were clear that they found her behaviour to be threatening, a view that Rex repeated subsequently during a Diary Room discussion with Big Brother. This incident follows a series of arguments involving Alex since the ninth series of Big Brother started on 5th June. She has twice been called to the diary room and reminded of the rules governing behaviour towards other housemates. There has been a strong negative reaction from viewers to Alex's behaviour with Channel 4 having received a significant number of comments since launch. Her latest remarks were not screened via the 'as live' streaming on E4 but were reported up to senior production staff. In consultation with executives at Channel 4 the decision was taken to remove Alex from the house on the grounds that she had ...
  • Police kettle and trap protesters at student protest, 9/12/10 Police have complained of "violent" protesters and argue their response was even-handed. Decide for yourself.
  • EDO manager Paul Hills intimidatory driving NOTE: i'M SORRY TO HAVE TO DISABLE THE COMMENTS, BUT THE NUMBER OF REPETITIVE LIES AND NONSENSE HAVE CONVINCED ME THERES NO REASON TO GIVE CERTAIN FOOLS A PLATFORM. IF THEY WANT THEIR VIEWS HEARD, THEY CAN MAKE THEIR OWN VIDEO RESPONSE. BUT NO MORE OF THIS STUPID BULL*** ABOUT WHY ITS SO IMPORTANT WE DON'T CHALLENGE INJUSTICE, AND COMPLICITY IN MURDER. i'M DOING THIS TO SAVE MYSELF HAVING TO REPEAT MYSELF TO IMBECILES. during a blockade of EDO corporations factory in Brighton (the firm produces components for the hellfire missile and bomb delivery systems that are sold to Israel) Paul Hills drove his climate crusher land rover very close to my friend, Owen, who was locked on to the front gate,he did this recklessly, at speed and purely to intimidate. this is to name and shame him.
  • Joke Against Man @ Brighton Smash Edo Protest Joke against man Was caught up in the 19/1/08 Brighton Smash Edo protest.