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  • 2.2 Interpunctuation. 2.3 Symbols. 3 Language examples. 4 See also. 5 Notes and references. 6 TODO [edit] Interpunctuation. EXTEND. ।. ॥. ॰ [edit] Symbols. EXTEND. ॐ. ࿕,. — “User:Kess/Devanagari and Unicode - Wikipedia, the free”,
  • interpunctuation (uncountable) any form of punctuation between words wiki/interpunctuation" Categories: English nouns | Punctuation marks. — “interpunctuation - Wiktionary”,
  • Matt, it's good to see someone focusing on the important aspects of things like this: like visual presentation, colors, background-music, interpunctuation and other important things, but most importantly to totally disregard the message of the content. — “Why isn't Scoble against thought crimes bill?' — Scobleizer”,
  • However, you may want to open the. — “Advanced iframe - Mibbit”,
  • and hedera (ornamental or floral design serving as interpunctuation) marks. They. may have interpunctuation between each word instead of spaces. Neo. — “The Importance of Conserving Originality: the Editing of Neo”,
  • The documentation of the Szekler runic script The Expanded Nicholsburg Sign Case 12. The Direction of Writing 13. Variations of the Szekler Writing 14. Interpunctuation 15. Numbers 16. Runic. — “The Szekler Alphabet”,
  • Sorry, you must write a more correct Spanish or Portuguese, with interpunctuation. Lo sentimos, usted debe escribir un más correcto español o portugués, con interpunctuation. — “router linksys wag160N - Community”,
  • If you don't know what that means, please use the webchat below. All you have to do is enter a nickname and it'll log you into the server automatically! (no spaces, interpunctuation or leading ciphers in your /nick name) type /help to learn about available commands. Page Design By Subsonic. — “Disney Theme Park Audio and Music :: Subsonic Radio”,
  • The evidence suggests that quotation marks and other signs of interpunctuation were widely used in late antiquity, and that it is a mistake of editors of texts written in late antiquity to ignore such marks if and when they appear in the m***cript tradition. — “Wildberg, Christian”,
  • You see, the only thing is the capital letters and the interpunctuation, but believe me, most of the German students don't even know about it! As for the interpunctuation, you can do commas if one part of a sentence makes any sense as one whole. — “Spoken German- help please ? aso..ich habe deutsch fur drei”,
  • And of course, those embarrassing typos that are so easy to spot in someone else's work, but that your brain just skips over in your own drabbles. I guess my major weak point is grammar (especially interpunctuation and such) and the somewhat frequent word finding problem. — “Find Me A Beta”,
  • We specialize in Indian books on all subjects and tastes, ranging from archaeology to zoology, light-reading material to serious and scholarly works. K. Interpunctuation Marks. — “K.K.Agencies -- the Indian Bookstores, Book Vendors”,
  • It would be too much to ask from J*** to understand their interpunctuation and the linebreaks and maybe some other contamination like headlines, abbreviations, etc. in such a format that there is no interpunctuation, such that you have one or more files. — “J*** 3 TUTORIAL”,
  • Also, some applications may not need interpunctuation etc. at all or in full, so keyboard capability can also be suitably restricted. The keyboard shown in Fig. 1 is adapted for use in Sweden, and letters, symbols etc. can obviously be adapted. — “(WO/2003/007141) CHORD KEYBORD”,
  • Live Disneyland Chat IRC Channel no spaces, interpunctuation or leading ciphers in your /nick name) Friendly disney fans are usually hanging around, so say hello!. — “Disneyland Chat - NOT affiliated with anything officially Disney!”,
  • Kaboodle - Danielle - Kit review and product info . Learn more about Danielle - Kit, learn other people's perspectives, compare prices, and find out where to buy. included: 17 papers one set of alphas + number + some interpunctuation + special characters (included are ß à á â ã ä å æ ç è é ê. — “Danielle - Kit review at Kaboodle”,
  • OSNews is Exploring the Future of Computing with news on desktop, server, mobile, and specialty operating systems and new computing technology. Difference: the punctator (the sign), the interpunctuation (the use of the sign(s) in a sentence or something similar). — “OSNews > Thread > "RE[4]: Novell-Microsoft (off topic)" by”,
  • Brahmi Script : Development in North-Western India and Central Asia/Ram Sharma K. Interpunctuation marks. Appendices : A. List of sources. B. Chronological order of the sources. — “Brahmi Script : Development in North-Western India and”,
  • Victor Borge does his famous punctuation language, that is, adds sound to periods, commas, dashes, etc. while reading a romantic story from a book. interpunctuation. — “YouTube - Punctuation language”,
  • Brahmi Script : Development in North-Western India and Central Asia, 2 Vols. : Sharma, Ram, Price US$ 34.09 Benedictory Symbols, Numerals, Interpunctuation Marks); PART III - The Brahmi Alphabet (Charts) ; Appendices - List of Sources, Chronological Order of the Sources). — “Brahmi Script : Development in North-Western India and”,
  • Download ABBYY Lingvo x3 English – German – French - Your reliable language companion · Use English LingvoGrammar for proper word usage, interpunctuation, etc. — “Download ABBYY Lingvo x3 English – German – French 14.0.0404”,
  • Returns everything but interpunctuation tokens. static java.lang.String Returns everything but interpunctuation tokens, assumes a pre-tokenized input that still includes all interpunctuation. — “TextPreprocessor”,
  • Together with the vowel-points and other aids to clear pronunciation, they form the "Tiberian" interpunctuation: the specific "reading tradition" transcribed by the Masoretes of Tiberias. the same as the Tiberian interpunctuation.4 There is no other mention. — “The Song of Songs Revealed -- Chapter 2”,


  • Victor Borge: Phonetic punctuation Victor Borge does his famous phonetic punctuation, that is, adds sound to periods, commas, dashes, etc. while reading a romantic story from a book.