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  • BraillePlace Embosser The BraillePlace is our highest volume, double-sided, commercial braille embosser. BraillePlace offers serious productivity for serious braille publishing. With an embossing speed of over 300 characters per second you can produce an entire interpoint page in just seven seconds.
  • The Crystal Collection Crystal Life - The Details Make the Difference - Service, Space, Quality, Choices
  • Lecture - 6 Transformations Computer Graphics by Dr. Sukhendu das, Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Madras
  • Pegasus InterPrint DSF A quick introduction of Pegasus Interprint's online store technology.
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  • HTML tutorial: The First Step In this video I will show you how to set up your first website using HTML coding. The editor used in this video is called textmate (mac based program) Facebook: Twitter: Google+: Sorry for the audio, it will be fixed for the next video.
  • Smoothing Algorithm 3 Solution - CS373 Unit 5 - Udacity Help us caption and translate this video on : Other units in this course below: Unit 1: Unit 2: Unit 3: Unit 4: Unit 5: Unit 6: QA: To gain access to interactive quizzes, homework, programming assignments and a helpful community, join the class at
  • Interpoint 55 Braille Embosser.mpg The Interpoint 55 Braille Embosser is the fastest Braille Embosser in the world with a speed of 2000 pags per hour. The Interpoint 55 electronic Braille embosser has been designed for reliable, economical practical and high-quality Braille production. The embosser is computer controlled and easy to operate. In the design, special attention was given to productivity, quality and safety of operation.
  • Bergen & McCarthy: Naval Academy, Quantico Marine Base, WC Fields, Martha Raye, Bill Thompson Martha Raye (August 27, 1916 -- October 19, 1994) was an American comic actress and standards singer who performed in movies, and later on television. She was honored in 1969 with an Academy Award as the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award recipient for her volunteer efforts and services to the troops. In the early 1930s, Raye was a band vocalist with the Paul Ash and Boris Morros orchestras. She made her first film appearance in 1934 in a band short titled A Nite in the Nite Club. In 1936, she was signed for comic roles by Paramount Pictures, and made her first picture for Paramount. Her first feature film was Rhythm on the Range with crooner Bing Crosby. From 1936-39, covering 39 shows, she was a featured cast member on Al Jolson's weekly CBS radio show, "The Lifebuoy Program" aka "Cafe Trocadero." In addition to comedy, Martha sang both solos and duets with Jolson. Over the next 26 years, she would eventually appear with many of the leading comics of her day, including Joe E. Brown, Bob Hope, WC Fields, Abbott and Costello, Charlie Chaplin, and Jimmy Durante. She joined the USO soon after the US entered World War II.[6] Martha Raye was known for the size of her mouth, which appeared large in proportion to the rest of her face, thus earning her the nickname The Big Mouth. She later referred to this in a series of commercials for Polident denture cleaner in the 1980s: "So take it from The Big Mouth: new Polident Green gets tough stains clean!" Her large mouth would come to ...