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  • Google This Js a digital copy of a book thai was preserved for generalions on library shelves before il was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project lo make Ihe world's books discoverable online. and if he could hare Inisled his subordinoten u buirf; hkcly to. — “Full text of "The Gentleman's magazine"”,
  • Orlando Furioso, by Ludovico Ariosto, William Stewart Rose English translation, full text etext at sacred- By which they are inisled, is heard to roar. — “Orlando Furioso: Canto 40”, sacred-
  • [More ] Recent Gifford Lectures. An update on lectures given in 2008 "Yes, in the sea of life inisled. With echoing straits between us thrown, Dotting the. — “Gifford Lecture Series - Lectures/Books”,
  • The first task was to solve the clues and fill the Carte Blanche grid. At that point the solver had to deduce where the omitted grid entry would have been. These were AREOLATE, POORISH, ESCRIBE, ARABISM, PIRATING, INISLED, DRIFTED, TIERCELS, EVANISH, MANTRAM, ABREAST and ANNICUTS. — “Gregson Review 4034”,
  • Samuel Taylor Coleridge's poem: The Pang more sharp than all - Read this text online The wondrous "World of Glass," wherein inisled. All long'd for things their beings did repeat;-- And there he left it, like a Sylph beguiled, To live. — “Samuel Taylor Coleridge's poem: The Pang more sharp than all”,
  • MERYLE SECREST, the biographer of the fraudulent art connoisseur Bernard Berenson, records that, when depressed, he referred to himself as feeling enisled in the sea of life. Coleridge refers, slaveringly, to "knots of curds inisled by interjacent whey at irregular intervals". — “Words: enisle, v. - Arts & Entertainment - The Independent”,
  • You may copy it, give it away or re-use it under the terms of the Project Gutenberg POEMS BY JEAN INGELOW VOLUME II. _TO JEAN INGELOW. When youth was high, and life was new. — “Poems by Jean Ingelow, In Two Volumes, Volume II”,
  • 16 The Nubian king is charged by England's peer, With sling and arrow so the Moors to gall, That none upon the works shall dare appear; And that, Where on all quarters that circumfluent sea, By which they are inisled, is heard to roar. — “Orlando Furioso”,
  • 7 letter words beginning with I: iambics, iambist, iceball inisled. inisles. initial. injects. injelly. injeras. injoint. injunct. injured. injurer. injures. inkblot. inkhorn. inkiest. inkless. inklike. inkling. inkpots. inkspot. inkwell. inkwood. inlaced. inlaces. inlands. inlawed. inlawry. inlayer. inliers. — “7 letter I words : 7 letter words beginning with I”,
  • Online Scrabble Word Anagram Maker. French, English Italian Dictionaries, SOWPODS, TWL06, ZINGA, ODS5 INDOLES 8. INISLED 8. KINDLES 12. LINDENS 8. LINDIES 8. LINSEED 8. MILDENS 10. SINGLED 9. SLIDDEN 9. SLINKED 12. SNAILED 8. SNIDELY 11. — “Scrabble Online Word Generator Tool”, 59
  • On the green sheep-track, up the heathy hill, Homeward I wind my way; The wondrous "World of Glass," wherein inisled. All long'd for things their beings did. — “Poems of Coleridge by Coleridge, ed Arthur Symons - Full Text”,
  • Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834). From The Pang More Sharp Than All. Robert Bridges, ed. 1916. The Spirit of Man: An Anthology The wondrous World of Glass', wherein inisled. All long'd for things their beings did repeat;— And there he left it, like a Sylph beguiled, To live. — “Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834). From The Pang More Sharp”,
  • [Spoonerisms, Malapropisms or other choice choices of words, either actually heard or reliably reported] "Matthew Arnold could speak of us as inisled, in our 'islands' of loneliness; I think it is more accurate to speak of our culture. — “Billphorisms and William Rudolf Long and William R. Long and”,
  • Who of his faith gives goodly warrant; they. Defy Orlando, backed by champions twain; Whom bold Gradasso firmly trusts to slay. By which they are inisled, is heard to roar. The paynim messenger unceasingly, Like one in needful haste,. — “Orlando Furioso, by Lodovico Ariosto (canto40)”,
  • The following list is based on TWL2006 and CSW2007. abactor abanded abature abidden ingross ingulph inhaust inherce inhoops inisled inisles injelly injeras injoint injunct. — “SOWPODS-Only Seven-Letter Words”,
  • mauvine matrice manoaos lucigen lossier lobiped lewisia lemoned legitim leesing jowaris jouling janizar ivorist inisled inhaust imitant ignaros idiotcy hidages hennier gurlets guidage guichet greined forlana forhent footras flotant feerins farrens. — “nontwl7-pby-1001-200..>”,
  • The reptiles snippeted parsons that are hased to individualism outside of the pinstripe schamboks ; And still she sat, and still she inisled, and still she castrated for gypsies. — “loan payday”,
  • 7(seven) letter words and starting with in: inanely,inanest,inanity,inaptly,inarmed,inbeing,inboard,inbound,inbreak,inbreds,inbreed,inbring,inbuilt,inburst,incaged,incages,incants,incased,incases,incaved,incaves,inceded,incedes,incense,incepts inisled. — “7(seven) letter words and starting with in”,
  • Sheer as a wall it doth all daring flout; But benchlike at its base, With audible silence; and great hills inisled. Rose out as from a sea. — “Poems of the Old Days and the New (II)”, gerald-
  • Already he seperated urged on the quiescence of Davoust, who shooed to lies soul-abyss from the north, and the standeth of Health Volgersi Westphalians, who inisled bidden to spight on iridescences from the town of Grodno on the Upper Niemen. — “Health: Health”,
  • enisle inisle enisled inisled enisles inisles enisling inisling enkindle inkindle enlace inlace enlaced inlaced enlaces inlaces enlacing inlacing enlock inlock enlocked inlocked enlocking inlocking enlocks inlocks enmesh inmesh enmeshed inmeshed. — “ei”, zen6741
  • But there's one thing that bugs me - I cannot regularly complete the Listener Crossword. Well 2008 is the year of George vs the Listener Crossword. Across modified answers are AREOLATE, POORISH, ESCRIBE, PIRTATING, INISLED, DRIFTED, MANTRAM, ABREAST and ANNICUTS. — “George vs the Listener Crossword: Ni Michael Jackson this”,