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  • Tissue Inhomogeneity A Radiation Dose Calculation: Tissue Inhomogeneity
  • Vocaloid Daughter of The Sun - Дочь Солнца The story about Akita Neru with russian lyrics made by me. Lyrics: Once there was a girl that had been so clear. As the Sun itself was pretty she is. All-ee know who she was. She's a Princess born. All bow their heads before her beauty, Wore on her every second. All-ee loved it, because the soul good, Not seen one! Here come the girl clear In the UK, where the revolution was. Someone she did not smile after. This Kingdom was damned good. "Oh, how uncivilized treatment!" The girl beauty, What was clear. No one else here did not need-ah. Inhomogeneity of the soul, kinder than she, nevstrechala it. Only two friends had here it is: And then, they were messengers of evil. Beautiful - Queen-ah, And it nescha-astny servant-ah. This girl decided to come back in them. Although it is heard that they died. But, oh, not losing hope, she went. And she found the Queen-y, that was at the lake. - Where is your brother - a servant? Sadly asked Princess. Queen told all over again. As her brother died for, and her. "Really?" Is it true? " The girl beauty, What was clear. No one else here did not need-ah. Inhomogeneity of the soul, kinder than she, nevstrechala it. She went home with tears in his eyes. The beautiful maiden, that was so pure. She hid all prying eyes, How to love poor servant of evil. She walked through the streets, with zaplakanami golden eyes. Someone could come to her and reassure her. She realized that no one is not expensive. And she decided to run away from all down. The ...
  • A matter of time before US Quake The subduction of the Juan de Fuca plate beneath North America changes markedly along the length of the subduction zone, notably in the angle of subduction, distribution of earthquakes, volcanism, geologic and seismic structure of the upper plate, and regional horizontal stress. To investigate these characteristics, we conducted detailed density modeling experiments of the crust and mantle along two transects across the Cascadia subduction zone. One crosses Vancouver Island and the Canadian margin, and the other crosses the margin of central Oregon. Both density models were constructed independently to a depth of approximately 50 km. We gathered all possible geologic, geophysical, and borehole data to constrain the density calculations. The final densities for the Oregon and Vancouver lithosphere models were obtained from gravity inversions. Our results confirm that the downgoing slab of the Cascadia subduction zone dips significantly steeper beneath Oregon than beneath Vancouver Island, lending support to the idea that the Juan de Fuca plate is segmented from north to south. In addition, our gravity models indicate that the mantle wedge beneath western Oregon (ie, below the western Cascades) is lighter than the mantle beneath the Canadian continental crust. This low density agrees with the low mantle velocities observed in the mantle and the present day extensional regime of the Pacific Northwest. A gravity low at the deformation front of the Oregon ...
  • NMR Excitation, Dephasing and Spin Echoes This short animation shows the process of NMR excitation in the laboratory and the rotating frame, as well as the dephasing that occurs from field inhomogeneity and the formation of the Hahn spin echo. Please credit (c)2010 Mark Cohen ([email protected]) during re-use.
  • video_welcome.mp4 Welcome to MRFIL, Department of Bioengineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Dynamic magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) movie of the oropharynx during real-time speech imaging using the methods contained in the publication: Sutton BP, Conway CA, Bae Y, Seethamraju R, Kuehn DP. Faster dynamic imaging of speech with field inhomogeneity corrected spiral fast low angle shot (FLASH) at 3 T. In press, J Magn Reson Imaging, 2010.
  • TN Liquid Crystal TN (Twisted-Nematic) liquid crystal is put between crossed-Nicol polarizer/***yzer pair and then applied ramp wave voltage ranging from 2 V to 8 V with period 60 s. We can obverve what's called Freedericksz transition in which alignment of liquid crystal molecules changes. Initially they are parallel to the wall (glass plate with ITO electrode), but as the electric field gets stronger, they are forced to be parallel to the electric field. We see colorful textures because I used white light for the microscope. White light contains all colors, and the color which can pass through polarizer/***yzer pair varies from place to place because of inhomogeneity of the sample. I'm sorry that I forgot which kind of TN liquid crystal we used. We made this video for the exhibition at the university festival of Univ. of Tokyo, under advisory from Prof. Doi, Dr. Yamaue, Dr. Kaneko and Mr. Yamamoto of Doi laboratory ( ), and Prof. Ito and Dr. Kidowaki of Ito laboratry ( ).
  • (3 of 7) Simon Shnoll on the Gordon show "The Faces of Time" 2003 [English captions] "We are rolling over cobblestones" In this part, Simon develops the idea that the motion of our planet is not smooth; rather, it is like that of a wheel rolling over cobblestone pavement. In Russian with subtitles (Click the "CC" button in the viewer).
  • Tissue Inhomogeneity B Radiation Oncology Dose Calculation: Tissue Inhomogeneity B