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  • iPad Pillow Gadget Freeway's demo of our iPad Pillow. The iPad pillow is a stand and also has a zippered compartment you can store your iPad in. A strap can be added to it's built in clasps if you wish and it can be carried like a bag. Great for home & travel. Go to for more information.
  • crestwood comp. tryout 2 COUNTS FOR JUMPS. START HANDS ON HIPS IN FISTS. 1 - clasp hit - shoot arms up above head in clasps. (arms should be at about your temples) 2 -begin to swing arms down and bend for jump. & - your actual jump. (herkie, toetouch, etc.) 3 - land jump; legs bent; hands clap. 4- stand up straight; hand smack down on legs. (HARD. your legs should be red after atleast 2 jumps.) 5 - hands return to hips in fists.