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  • Boulez, Sur Incises (1/4) One of my favourites by Boulez, love it 1996/1998 For 3 pianos, 3 harps, and 3 mallet percussion instruments I recommend this for a good read:
  • 89234.wmv
  • Fury Squirrel Boston squirrels
  • Pierre Boulez: ...explosant-fixe... (4/4) Part 4
  • JS Bach: Keyboard Partita in D major, BWV 828 (K. Haugsand) I Ouverture II Allemande III Courante IV Aria V Sarabande VI Menuet VII Gigue Ketil Haugsand (German style harpsichord after Christian Zell 1725)
  • Boulez - Incises (1994) [w/ score]
  • You've Broken me, Robin Song ; Broken by Lifehouse Story; Robin and Starfire finally have their first date since Robin saved Starfires life, but things go wrong. Robin has been thrown in jail for killing someone. As he sits down, thinking what to do, he thinks Starfire might be waiting for him so he escapes, but soon gets chase by the police. As he races down the street, he thinks about where Starfire is. Thinking too much about it, he loses concentration, and gets stuck. Being in luck, Starfire comes to his rescue and they hide away. Finally, they almost get their kiss to end the date, but Beast Boy ruins it. The next night, both argue about how they shouldnt actually be a couple due to Robin having cops still chasing after him, but Starfire incises she will fight for him. Robin says no that caused Starfire to accidentally say, I hate you! and leave, crying about what she said. Slade hears and records the whole thing, and convinces Robin to work for him. Robin disagrees at first, knowing everyone fights once in a while, but Slade shares that if Robin doesnt work for him, with a push of a button, Starfire will be killed in seconds. Sadly, Robin then has to agree to work for him. I do not own *** Titans or Broken
  • A Day on the San Juan River with Wild Rivers Expeditions (Bluff, Utah) WILD RIVERS EXPEDITION The San Juan River, as it incises through the heart of the Colorado Plateau, evokes wonder, beauty and solitude like few places on earth. Its aesthetic has inspired the West's finest authors and artists. Its natural, geologic and human histories have endlessly indulged people from all walks of life. And the river's serenity has made return visitors of the most traveled wilderness enthusiasts. Located near Monument Valley in Bluff, Utah, Wild Rivers Expeditions has specialized in sharing this wonderful place with others for fifty years. Among commercial outfitters, we run the most and the highest quality San Juan River expeditions. We're one of the West's oldest river outfitters, and our focus on quality, learning, kindness and fun is known by clients the world over. Location:
  • Rehearsal: Boulez: memoriale (...exploisante-fixe..) Kevin Class rehearsing Boulez with the Illinois New Music Ensemble
  • Eyjafjallaj Kull Glacial Flood This movie shows how the generated mel***er and debris spills out of side-gullies and along the valley wall. When the flow reaches the local valley bottom, the sandur surface it fans out. The helicopter flies low over the flow in the sandur plain and one can see standing waves being generated by the shallow fast-moving water. This is an indication that large bedforms are actively formed and migrating over the bottom. It can also been seen that even over the floodplain the flow has erosive effect and incises an estimated ~1,5 m banks.
  • Sur Incises. Pierre Boulez with Ensemble InterContemporain.
  • Eternal Tears of Sorrow - Tar of Chaos(with lyrics) Artist: Eternal Tears of Sorrow Song: Tar of Chaos Album: Chaotic Beauty Lyrics to Tar of Chaos: I'm crucified into my dreams By the hurting nails of my memories The sword of hate incises...I bleed And their eyes... Their look burnt into my mind... Full of conceit...and despise The tears of my bitterness Form the river of my pain That wildly streams towards the sea of hate And their voices... They make my soul bleed... And the anger inside me will breed All my life I've grown those roses of rage I'm the *** son of hate... Blood of mine as black as those flowers of death In my veins flows the tar of Chaos Once you hurt me Now it's my turn to join the game Isn't that lovely feeling to feel the blade of hate? On the street of the black lanterns I rape your soul with joy Just like you did it to me before... All my life I've grown those roses of the rage I'm the *** son of hate... Blood of mine as black as those flowers of death In my veins flows the tar of Chaos
  • Boulez - Sur Incises (extract) - Ensemble InterContemporain Pierre Boulez conducts one of his pieces, entitled Sur Incises. With the Ensemble InterContemporain. For 3 pianos, 3 harps, and 3 mallet percussion instruments. Taken from the DVD "Éclat". In my opinion, these aren't the greatest camera angles.
  • Boulez: "Notations I-IV" 3/3 Pierre Boulez: "Notations I-IV" (part three) Boulez conducting a rehearsal of his composition with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.
  • Boulez- Incises The original version of Pierre Boulez' Incises for solo piano.
  • Boulez: "Sur Incises" 3/3 Pierre Boulez explains his composition, "Sur Incises", part three.
  • Harvey: "Timepieces" 1/3 Jonathan Harvey: "Timepieces" (1987)
  • Stand Pipe and Sprinklered Stand Pipe and Sprinklered is an improvisational dance film shot in SOHO by Sarah Foster and Aubrey A. Strickland. Not a single shot or movement was planned in advance.
  • Roberto Rossi part 2
  • Boulez: "Sur Incises" 1/3 Pierre Boulez explains his composition, "Sur Incises". Part One
  • Pierre Boulez ~ Premiere Sonate pour piano Premiere Sonate pour piano Pierre Boulez ....This version wasn't uploaded surprisingly, so here is Aki at the keys.... Other recordings worth checking out can be found at channels John11inch and Fyrexia
  • Boulez, Sur Incises (4/4)
  • Boulez: "Sur Incises" 2/3 Pierre Boulez explains his composition, "Sur Incises". Part Two
  • Pierre Boulez (*1925) : Incises (version 2001) Pierre Boulez (*1925) : Incises (version 2001) Yin Chiang (江瀅) , piano live concert recording 9. April 2010 National Recital Hall Taipei, Taiwan
  • Live Electronics: a conversation with Michele Tadini 18th Festival Milano Musica Percorsi di Musica d'oggi @ Teatro Franco Parenti Milan, 22nd October 2009 The 'live electronics' is the real-time electronic processing of acoustic instruments and voices. This practice has infinitely expanded the horizon of compositions. Michele Tadini reflects with USO Project about the historical aspects of electroacoustic music of the last 50 years.