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  • Avoid the flu shot: How to prevent the flu and colds for under 3 bucks! - Have you ever experienced any flu shot side effects? I've had the flu twice in my life and I can't say they were pleasant experiences. The first time I had the flu was during basketball season in college during a conference tournament. I was not fully recovered from it but seeing as though I was a starter, I was determined to play in the game. I ended up having one of the best games of my life scoring 20+ points and grabbing about 14 rebounds! I like to call that my good flu experience. The second time I got the flu was absolutely terrible and it happened when I went to the pet store with my significant other to get some supplies for the dog. I could have sworn I got some kind of animal virus. I started to feel nauseated immediately after leaving the store. When I arrived home, it felt like someone hooked me up to an IV and ran ice water through it because I had the most intense chills I have ever felt in my life. Those intense chills were followed by lack of sleep. I've never been so sick that I couldn't sleep, have you? I finally got over those symptoms and then muscle soreness set in on me. My legs felt as if I had gone to the gym and squatted 500 pounds. It took me a good month to finally get back to normal. So...have you ever experienced the flu, like I've experienced the flu? The flu is no joke and even though I've had it two times in my life, I can honestly say I don't want a flu shot. I'd rather get the flu than to deal with all the side ...