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  • The fish symbol is an ancient one, representing both Jesus and his followers. The ICHTHUS symbol helped Christians identify one another as believers. — “Fish (Ichthus) as an Ancient Christian Symbol -- Early”,
  • The webpage for Ichthus Christian Fellowship, a church based in the uk which also has links overseas. — “Ichthus : Ichthus”,
  • Mark your calendars now for Ichthus 2011. We heard from so many of you about the dates and now we want you to begin making plans to attend. We'll roll out our new look, artist and speakers and best of all will have tickets on sale sooner than ever (be thinking Christmas presents!. — “Ichthus Music Festival”,
  • Welcome to Ichthus Resources - Resources for Home Education. Suppliers of Singapore Maths and Science products, Saxon Mathematics, Story of the World, Explode The Code, Classical Kids CD's, Italic Handwriting Series - Getty & Dubay, Making The Right Impression and much, much more. — “Ichthus Resources - Resources for Home Education”,
  • Ditinggal Vokalis, Cokelat Tiru Kesuksesan Dewa 19. Titi DJ. Indeks > DPR Mulai Seleksi Calon Anggota BPK. kutipan berita sudi silalahi. Standard Podcast: Play. — “Radio Ichthus FM Semarang”,
  • Kingdom Building Ministries is a Christian cross-denominational organization that partners with denominations, churches, campuses, and other ministries to provide resources and services to challenge and equip every Christian to be a kingdom. — “Ichthus 2008”,
  • Ichthus Design offers Web site design to meet the online communications needs of churches, ministries and christian businesses. — “Christian Web Site Design " ICHTHUS Design”,
  • Until then stayed up to date via oour Facebook page or sign up for our text blasts to get the latest updates as soon as they become available. Text ichthus to 66937 to become part of the Ichthus mob.We look forward to seeing you at "Recreate." //2010-2011 Ichthus Ministries. — “Ichthus Ministries, Inc”,
  • Plymouth Church of Christ is a New Testament based church located in central Florida just north of Orlando. The "ichthus", when displayed properly should look like either of the four figures displayed below:. — “The History of the Ichthus”, plymouth-
  • christian symbols - fish, ichthus, cross and crucifix Some Christians believe that a second link between their religion and the fish symbol is seen in the Greek word for fish (ichthus, spelled: Iota Chi Theta Upsilon Sigma). That is an acrostic which has many translations in English. — “CHRISTIAN SYMBOLS: THE FISH (ICHTHUS, ICTUS), CROSS AND CRUCIFIX”,
  • Ichthic. A Place for Fish Information. Wednesday, 24 September 2008. Sebastolobus altivelis: Longspine T***head. Recorded as being discovered in 1896, the Longspine T***head, known in the fishery trade as the idiotfish because of its bug-eyed appearance, is now considered to be in danger. — “Ichthic”,
  • Ichthus Music Festival in Fort Wayne Indiana. The Legacy comes to the Fort Wayne area for a one day of incredible music and ministry. — “Ichthus Fort Wayne”,
  • Click on photo to continue to the Camp Ichthus Website. GROUP RENTAL PAGE. — “index”,
  • Historical and scientific evidence for the fact that Jesus is the Son of God. Selfless martyrdoms by Paul, Peter, James and others provide convincing evidence that they truly believed what they preached. The second half of the website discusses. — “Reasonable Faith”,
  • Directory covers several topics including bible studies, entertainment, sports, families, and more. — “”,
  • Ichthys (more commonly spelt Ichthus, or sometimes Ikhthus, from Greek: ἰχθύς, capitalized ΙΧΘΥΣ or ΙΧΘΥC) is the ancient and classical Greek word for "fish" Ichthus Music Festival is an annual large outdoor Christian music festival is held every year in mid-June in the town of Wilmore, Kentucky. — “Ichthys - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of Ichthus in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Ichthus. Pronunciation of Ichthus. Translations of Ichthus. Ichthus synonyms, Ichthus antonyms. Information about Ichthus in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “Ichthus - definition of Ichthus by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • ichthus. Top. Home > Library > Literature & Language > Obscure Words (also ichthys) a representation of a fish used in ancient times as a pagan fertility talisman or amulet, or as a Christian symbol for the Greek word ichthys interpreted as an. — “ichthus: Information from ”,
  • Ichthus. Welcome. Thanks for joining me on my journey as I ponder questions about ecology, theology, life in general and how they And while this was a survey on world religions, I can attest to the Judeo-Christian slant to the questions. — “Ichthus”,
  • ACD provides a brief history of Ichthus, the Christian Fish. The Ichthus can also be represented by a six spoke wagon wheel created when the letters IXOYΣ are displayed all on top of each other. — “ACD - Automated Circuit Design: Ichthus”,


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