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  • how to throw cards my nose iched so dont laugh and we tauch you 2 basic ways to throw cards!
  • Something itched... My family and I were waiting for the Disneyland park train to come by, so we could go to the New Orleans side. While waiting, something iched. YOU DON'T HAVE TO GET IT. IT IS A FAMILY THING.
  • One shot part 2 Hiii Sorry for the long wait...i have been thinking of what to do next..and yepp So ru going to see New Moon?! I just ordered my tickets right now!:D Okay,anyway,here it is.. Vanessa Pov __________________________________________________________ Vanessa:Really?Im sorry..I guess were in the same page here..[I looked in the room,and walked in] My feet clicked agasint the hard wood floor,then i sat down on the fluffly bed.It was so neat and nice,just how i liked it. Zac:Yeah,[He laughed] So why aren't you at a foster home? I looked down,my smile was now gone, Vanessa:Well,i really dont want to be in a foster home..none of my family is i was just living with My friend,,,than we got in a fight,so they kicked me out.. I hated to talk about this,but i did anyway. Zac:Ohh,,I guess you can live with me for now until..[His voice wanderred off] Vanessa:Until what? Zac:Oh,noting.[He walked out the room] I got up,and put my stuff in the closet.I put my shirts,then pants and so on. I looked at the picture with me and my mom,,dad.Old...I wish i still had them,both. I almost let a tear out,but fought it.I am strong.I can go through this. I put the last pair of sock in the dresser and saw a notebook.. Weird. So i went over to the door and closed it. I sat down on the nice fluffly bed,and opened the notebook.The whole notebook had like every page filled in with nice,ellegant writing. It must be Zac's.He is smart. But then ,i got to the end,and saw my name. Why would he have my ...
  • Chinchilla chin rub My chinchilla chilly always loves to be iched lol
  • dancing moshiach at moishe's wedding iched 67 dancing yiden at moshe's wedding
  • Garasi.3gp garasi
  • dancing the song yiden at moishy's wedding iched 67 dancing yiden at moishy rozentzveig's wedding
  • best barret shot in the world?wrong upload i was so surprise caus i never got that before because knew i was gonna lose but i Owned throat iched so i made that sound.
  • I have thoughts...and boogers. Some stuff popped into my head and I needed to share them...and my nose iched.
  • Happy hollyday.mp4 bojong 25
  • Me singing The Climb by Miley Cyrus I know I messed up a couple of times. Don't point that out. And my nose iched during the video. And my video camera was being weird.
  • Against The Rules : Jemi : Chapter 33 Against The Rules : Jemi : Chapter 33 DEMI'S POV Demi: I unlocked the door and entered the house. "Hello?" I called. I heard no reply. I dropped my bag and the foot of the staircase with the piece of paper in my hand and hopped up the stairs. As I reached my bedroom, I sat on the bedroom, staring at the piece of paper that felt so heavy in my hands. Why did I always feel this way? I reached for my phone in my pocket. But I still couldnt dial the number. I felt my hand shaking but I took a risk that I never regretted taking. I dialed the numbers slowly and placed the phont to my ear. A leap twisted in my stomach when I heard him after a ring. Joe: "Hello?" Demi: I breathed uncontrolably hard but couldnt find the right words to say. Joe: "Demi?" He asked. Demi: "uh...uhh" I stuttered, I didnt know what to say to him...I was truely speechless. Joe: "Demi?" He reapeated again "Are you there?" He hesistated. Demi: I calmed myself down "Im here..." My vision started to blur, the tears where filling my eyes once again. Why was I crying, I was talking to him, shouldnt I be happy? Joe: "Are you okay?" I heard his soft breath against the phone. Demi: "No" I said coldly. With that, for whatever reason, I hung up on him. My body started to fill with some sort of anger, I didnt know why but...I was angry at him for making me feel like this. Like I was being used, unloved by the person that I loved too dearly. My phone rung beside me, it was Joe. I wanted to answer it so badly but I ...
  • Laugh Laugh Laugh Latenight Bored With Ezy . Decided To Make A Video (: No I Was Not Picking My Nose it Iched
  • jades ass ichin vid me and jade was havin a sleepover and she iched her ass