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  • English Words: snoot, paperboy, headwaiters, cinemas, mujik, blindfolds, skegs, gelded, busybody, Music By Aalborg Soundtracks, from Audioswap -- see from the album Aalborg Soundtracks Vol. 5, on iTunes definitions of the words: snoot, paperboy, headwaiters, cinemas, mujik, blindfolds, skegs, gelded, busybody, postcard, saunters, dicer, cisterns, trollops, tableaus, corvette, sourdine, expansiveness, interrogator, column, ferrule, iambus, lustrum, solicitor
  • IUPAT and IAM Bus Tour Stops in Columbus, OH Painters, Machinist Bus Tour Rallies Workers in Columbus: It was all about a four-letter word, jobs, in Columbus outside the Statehouse on Tuesday when the "It's About Jobs" Bus Tour rolled into town to rally workers in support of Ohio labor-endorsed canidates. Union members from IUPAT, IAM, AFSCME, TWU, CWA, AFT/OFT, UFCW and SEIU along with members of Working America chanted "What do we want? Jobs. When do we want them? Now!" and cheered on candidates who promised to fight for working family issues. Chris Sloan, IUPAT Director of Government Affaris, told the story of Maria, an IUPAT member who lost her job to outsourcing. She went on unemployment benefits to support her and her two sons but because of Republican inaction on extending unemployment benefits, lost her home and was forced to send her sons to live with her mother in South America. "Maria's back working because of politicians like Ted Strickland," who have fought for working families, said Sloan. "We cannot let Maria's story continue." Labor-endorsed candidates Mary Jo Kilroy, Paula Brooks and Yvette McGhee Brown and Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfren also spoke at the rally. "We have a Governor who has put the priorities of the middle-class first" and his opponent, John Kasich, who spent years "peddling papers for Lehman Brothers," said Redfren. Congressmember Mary Jo Kilroy told workers she is angry at the current economic situation, created by Wall Street and bad trade deals, and the pain it has ...
  • I am bus Hyd2 funny scene.