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  • NAUTIS : PRESENTAZIONE PRODOTTO - simulatori avanzati per la formazione marittima Nautis è una nuova generazione di simulatori avanzati per la formazione marittima Offrendo un'alternativa economica ed efficace per la formazione degli ufficiali di marina e degli equipaggi..... (per ulteriori informazioni contattateci - - [email protected] ) __________________________________________ Nautis is a new generation of advanced maritime training simulators offering an affordable and effective alternative for training maritime officers and crews. Nautis features advanced ship dynamics and top of the line visuals. It comes with highly detailed user and target vessels containing realistic manoeuvring properties. A large number of vessels areincluded in the standard library. Nautis includes realistic and accurate sailing environments, based on the latest hydrographical navigation charts as used for navigation on real vessels. The Nautis Trainee Station software is a state-of-the-art training tool that can be configured for a wide range of training needs.  Navigation and passage planning  Ship handling and manoeuvring  Bridge team management  Mission rehearsal  Flag and Morse light communications  Search and Rescue operations  Man Over Board  Tug assistance  Replenishment at sea
  • Alpe Devero - Geisspfadpass The morphology of this territory allows to many excursions: the spots in Veglia and Devero Parks are incredible and beautiful. This is one of the last paradises in the Alps. The dam of Lago Di Devero (17 million cube meters) was constructed between 1909 - 1912 yrs for hydroelectric energy purpose.The little village Crampiolo is on the left hydrographical side of torrente Devero.Geisspfadpass (Passo della Rossa), is in the exact point of the border between Switzerland and Italy.
  • Aitcho Island, Antarctica,November 2009 At night we came to an anchor off Aitcho Island. Its name stems from HO or Hydrographical Office. In the morning (24th Nov.) landed on shore. This little speck of land abounds in animals. There are many gentoo and chinstrap penguins' colonies. Sea lions, weddel seals, petrels and skuas are in abundance. I have stayed some four hours on this island. Temp. around freezing point and good deal of unpleasant wind and sleet. Yet the sea was quite calm with only a little swell.
  • The Constitution of the Ethnic European People's Union & Rights Organization: 30 Points (with CC) A NEW flag and a NEW Constitution that offers a solution to the Zionist engineered problems of the West which are destroying our European Nations. The Constitution of the Ethnic European People's Union & Rights Organization: 30 Points (Created and modified on January 18th, 2013. Rough draft.) 1. We desire the affiliation of all White nations into a greater Union on the basis of "cooperative protection" from the hostile communist Jewish Zionists and their collaborators, who seek to destroy our ethnic European countries with non-white "multiculturalism", which is deliberately causing our White population to decline in numbers, leading to eventual Genocide of our people. 2. We seek equality of rights for ethnic European people worldwide in our interactions with other nations, and the dissolution of the United Nations, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the World Bank, the North American Free Trade Agreement, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, the World Trade Organization, and the International Monetary Fund. 3. The ethnic European or White race of people (also known as Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, Celtic, Nordic, Basque, Lombard, Slavic and kindred people) desire to retain all of our land, territories, and overseas colonies, to feed our kinsmen and to settle our surplus population. We insist that dating and having ***ual relationships outside our White race of people is absolutely forbidden. Due to our recessive genes, if we as a people are to survive ...
  • Fugro Discovery Fugro Discovery inbound to the Port of Tyne, North east England on 31st March 2010. Videoed from Western Quay, North Shields. She is a Multi-role Geophysical and Hydrographical Survey Vessel, owned by Fugro Survey Ltd. Fugro has recently acquired KV Tromso fromTroms Offshore AS. This vessel, which was purpose built for the Norwegian Navy, was renamed M/V Fugro Discovery, and converted during the first half of 2007 to provide multi-role survey capabilities, under the operatorship of Fugro Survey Limited of Aberdeen, UK. An ex-coastguard vessel, M/V Fugro Discovery has permanently mobilised geophysical and hydrographical survey spreads, ready for rapid deployment to survey locations worldwide. Built: Naval Shipyard, Gdynia, 1997
  • The impressive new Javelin 22.22 Javelin International recently unveiled the Javelin 22.22, a seagoing multifunctional commercial vessel. Built by KD Workboats from Urk (NL), she is specifically designed for crew tendering, hydrographical & seismological research and surveying activities. Piet Brouwer Elektrotechniek was responsible for the entire electrical system. We were selected by KD Workboats because of our extensive experience and the proven reliability of our electrical systems in a wide range of commercial vessels and fishing cutters. The Javelin 22.22 is the first commercial vessel to be equipped with a gyro-stabilising system, originally developed by American company Seakeeper for use on superyachts. Javelin International developed the Javelin 22.22 in close cooperation with KD Workboats and design bureau Vripack.
  • The first complete hydrographical survey of Loch Ness Project Urquhart began in 1992 and was the first complete hydrographical survey of Loch Ness for almost a century. From the article at