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  • Get the definition for:hydrogen from yawiktionary, includes Audio. Related terms: hydrogen, Afrikaans, Breton, Catalan, Frisian, Interlingua, Maltese, Maori, Wasserstoff, Wikipedia, antihydrogen, ogenhydray, hydrogenise, hydrogenize. — “hydrogen - definition of hydrogen - ”,
  • Object Technologies CEM, Inc. specializing in DeltaV, Intellution, Measurex, Siemens and Wonderware., Steam Reforming of Natural Gas or Propane Hydrogen production from natural gas or propane commonly employs a process known as steam possesses an enzyme called hydrogenise that is capable of splitting. — “Object Technologies CEM, Inc. Specializing in DeltaV, Siemens”,
  • Free Articles by james larkin, submit your own articles just like this author. Hydrogenise Your Car and Halve Fuel Costs. 08th February 2010. One of our biggest regular expenditure items is the car. When you consider the family. — “james larkin Article author - 3”,
  • Definition of hydrogenise with German, Dutch, French, Italian, and Spanish translations and search. Pronunciation sound files. — “Definition of hydrogenise”,
  • Definition of hydrogenate in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of hydrogenate. Pronunciation of hydrogenate. Translations of hydrogenate. hydrogenate synonyms, hydrogenate antonyms. hydrogenate [ˈhaɪdrədʒɪˌneɪt haɪˈdrɒdʒɪˌneɪt], hydrogenize, hydrogenise [ˈhaɪdrədʒɪˌnaɪz haɪˈdrɒdʒɪˌnaɪz]. — “hydrogenate - definition of hydrogenate by the Free Online”,
  • To know everything about renewable energies : solar, hydraulic, wind, Patents Tech Watch, scientific info, sell your inventions, employment platform, investors and agents directories, finance your research Intermolecular diffusion in the hydrogenise: experimental new approaches. — “USA”, lastresearch-
  • Hydrogenise definition, hydrogenate. See more. Link To hydrogenise. World English Dictionary. hydrogenate, hydrogenize or hydrogenise (ˈhaɪdrədʒɪˌneɪt, haɪˈdrɒdʒɪˌneɪt) —vb. to undergo or cause to undergo a reaction with hydrogen: to hydrogenate ethylene. — “Hydrogenise | Define Hydrogenise at ”,
  • Hydrogenising the Civilization: Fuel Cell Thus opening a chance to hydrogenise the already carbonised civilization. What is Fuel Cell? Fuel cells are energy conversion devices that transform the energy stored in a fuel into electricity and heat. — “Hydrogenising the Civilization: Fuel Cell”,
  • Lotion majority make from oil that constitute vegetable oil were processed hot and hydrogenise until there was no antioxidant as the safeguard experience give much benefit on the skin. Kind of oil applied to skin or drink and eaten will affect body network. — “DesaKu”, bio-
  • "Crystal structures of [NiFe] hydrogenise maturation proteins HypC and HypD, and HypE: Insights into cyanation reaction by thiol "Crystallization and preliminary X-ray crystallographic studies of the [NiFe] hydrogenise maturation proteins HypC and HypD", S. Watanabe, R. Matsumi,. — “立命館大学 生命科学部 生物工学科 環境バイオテクノロジー研究室 研究業績”,
  • to hydrogenise (third-person singular simple present hydrogenises, present participle hydrogenising, simple past and past participle hydrogenised) Retrieved from "http:///wiki/hydrogenise" Categories: English words suffixed with -ise | English verbs. — “hydrogenise - Wiktionary”,
  • Words contain the term `h^` in English - Vietnamese dictionary, page 17 hydrogenise. hydrogenize. hydrogenous. hydrographer. hydrographic. hydrographical. hydrography. hydroid. hydrokinetic. hydrokinetics. hydrologic. hydrological. hydrology. hydrolysis. — “Words contain the term `h^` in English - Vietnamese”,
  • Palm oil is used in more things than you can imagine. Palm oil has special characteristics that allow it to be used for a number of things without having to hydrogenise it. — “Palm Oil | ”,
  • Combine or treat with or expose to hydrogen; add hydrogen to the molecule of (an unsaturated organic compound) "It is found also that this reaction will in some cases hydrogenise the compound"; - hydrogenate, hydrogenize. Derived forms: hydrogenising, hydrogenises, hydrogenised. — “hydrogenise, hydrogenising, hydrogenises, hydrogenised”,
  • In India, faith in alternative medicines is growing, and people, including Punjabis, are craving for any kind of medicinal system that offers them a complete cure to their ailments. - Page 2 "All over the world a lot of people die today have hydrogenise disorder, which is drug inducing disorder. — “Opting for Alternative Medicines is Growing Among Punjabis”,
  • Free online dictionary with video examples from comedians, celebrities, sports-stars - and you! Your life, your words, your dictionary. hydrogenize or hydrogenise verb, variants of hydrogenate. hydrogenate or hydrogenise, hydrogenize verb, to undergo or cause to undergo a reaction with. — “hydrogenize - wordia”,
  • A free online Talking English Pronunciation Dictionary - simply mouse over your entry to hear it pronounced. American and British spellings, with alternative pronunciations. Sounds are fast, clear and completely natural, pre-recorded by native. — “Pronunciation of hydrogenolysis - how to pronounce”,
  • It also includes anatomic abnormalities, first and foremost the hiatus hernia. Thirdly, altered intra-esophageal defenses may be involved, and finally, there may be increased mucosal permeability to hydrogenise. — “Learning/Reflux therapy evolution/2”, gastro-
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