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  • Kenz eating cinnamon This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
  • 1950s Household Montage; Cooking and Laundry A montage of 1950's housewives and husbands going about their housemaking chores, cooking and doing laundry--some of them aided by the fabulous kitchen of the future!,
  • Vh1. BLake's BiG Aunts. season 1. Battle of BLake's Big Aunts Big House Wifey aka Section 8 VS BiG Fried Rice aka Soup Kitchen
  • The Foreign Exchange - All That You Are feat. Median & Darien Brockington visno encourages you all to buy music rather than pirate whenever possible. Especially when it comes to independent artists. Title: All That You Are Artist: The Foreign Exchange feat. Median & Darien Brockington Album: Connected Notes: The Foreign Exchange is a collaborative project between emcee Phonte of Little Brother and music producer/DJ Nicolay. All Rights The Foreign Exchange, Median, Darien Brockington The Foreign Exchange Official - Nicolay Official - Phonte Official - Median Official - Darien Brockington Official - Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
  • The Foreign Exchange - All That You Are feat. Median Remix By Shmitz Just Shmitz Rapping in this Track !!! A really calm track! so enjoy and listen !!! Comment Subscribe.
  • Drake - Get Over It - (Instrumental) | Subscribe!!! i finnaly decided just to give it to you, still subscribe, :P D/L Link:
  • Foreign Exchange featuring Median - All That You Are from Connected/Relief In The Making. Produced by Nicolay.
  • Is This Real A Nick Jonas Love Story Chapter 262 "I'm sorry, I..." he started, seeming surprised at his own outburst. "I shouldn't have yelled at you, I'm sorry. It's just that you do this every single time. You're on the verge on telling me the God honest truth, but then you change your mind and stop yourself, and then you tell me some lie you hope I'll buy. Just, for once, please tell me the truth." His eyes were begging me. A tear slipped from the corner of my eye. He was absolutely right, I did do that. But as much as I wanted to now, I couldn't tell him the truth. "But that is the truth," I said, my voice cracking. "You think I'm lying, but you've never seen me really sick, have you? Whenever I'm sick, I'm an emotional wreck with mood swings a pregnant woman doesn't even have. Ask anyone. That's exactly why I loathe being sick." He looked at me for a second, probably trying to judge whether I was telling the truth or not. Then, when I least expected it, he engulfed me in a big bear hug, rocking me from side to side. "I am so sorry, Milky Way," he mumbled, and his voice sounded strained. My heart broke at his use of my old nickname. "I really shouldn't have yelled at you, but I was just really worried about you." I slowly pulled away from him. "You got that right," I said with a brave smile and I stomped his right shoulder. "About the yelling, I mean. There's absolutely no need to be worried about me." Be worried about yourself, I added in thought. "Now, where is that undoubtedly delicious soup your Mom made?" He ...
  • Why you can't find wifey Using the 804 as an example, this is why you're not going to find any "wifey" material. Some common traits exposed so to speak...if this is you, or you take offense then you should fix yourself.
  • housewifey
  • Big Ang & Siobhan - Wifey For Lifey Jorge Shmidt remix of Wifey For Lifey by Big Ang & Siobhan. If you like this type of music check out Friday's Big Tunes every friday night , 7pm - 9pm (GMT) on 1
  • All That You Are (Remix) ~ The Foreign Exchange (Feat. Median) Remix of Phonte and Nicolay's "All That You Are" from Median's "Median's Relief in the Making" mixtape. I do not own the rights to this song. This song is owned by INgrooves, Koch Entertainment, UMPG Publishing, and UMPG Publishing.
  • Vintage Haul bloopers Here are some bloopers, I wanted to wifey-ish lol How did I do? xD
  • How to fold a fitted sheet I'm a southern girl and I know how to do house-wifey stuff
  • Foreign Exchange - All That You Are (Nicky van Halens 1987 Year Remix) Nicolay - The Remixes
  • Bobby Vinton - I Love How You Love Me One Of The Best Ever Evergreen Love Song
  • HAWK CBS News Report - KHOU Houston, TX More info: News report on Big HAWK, a rapper from Houston, TX Screwed Up Click, who was killed May 1st, 2006. Rest In Peace John Edward Hawkins
  • The Foreign Exchange - All That You Are
  • becca and rachael build a card house.. oh god becca and rachael are on a very intense, *** camping trip. it begins to rain. they attempt to build a card house. fail.
  • Vintage Housewifey by Rahkout Vintage Housewifey by Rahkout (c) 2010 A Mighty Kitten Records procreation
  • Foreign Exchange - All That You Are [Intro] Check it out I want you to feel me baby I want you to understand me baby This is it yo, no bull*** No jokes, no games This is it yo, fo real I see it happenin' man It's about to go down For all of us (fo real) I see you swinging, I see you noddin' to it It's about to go down for us, word up man We almost home We almost at the finish line nigga It feel good, don't it? Oh! And it's ova! I can go home and chill (Feel it, yo) [Verse 1] It's a long process from bar 1 to bar 16 and Writin in my notebook from morn' to evenin But my fam still not believin' - in my bed late At night with my eyes closed often dreamin' And zoned out I'm goin' out *** it I'm home now Arrestin' the rhythm I'm a rolling stone now Making my own way from stone cold days and long nights But who could feel my sacrifice Cause they ain't half as nice and couldnt' understand How I feel when I'm on the track board turnin the knob switch Moms keep talking that old "get a real job" *** And that's the kind of thinking Phonte got a prob with Solved it - my blood fam on the bandwagon Can't believe the man put his plan into action They rather that I choose a different plan for my passion Couldn't understand I demand satisfaction [Hook] They say you might be crazy and sometimes I agree You and I know that's not all that you are They say you might be crazy ? baby You and I know that's not all that you are [Verse 2] Yo, it's a new day it's time to see I got a seed, Amaya, the love of my life Best believe ...
  • Drake - Get Over It (Instrumental No Loop) Rate, Comment, Subscribe
  • The Foreign Exchange - All That You Are (Instrumental) song from The Foreign Exchange's album Connected Instrumentals. Support The Foreign Exchange by buying their music at
  • Nicolay - All That You Are (Remixes Blend) feat. The Foreign Exchange song from Nicolay's Dutch Masters Vol. 1. Purchase this at
  • Marc Tries: BLOOD (PC) (E1M1) Cradle to Grave (Pink on the Inside) BlooditeDrakan: The age of games like this has sadly passed away. But that doesn't mean we can't come back to them! Often churlishly overlooked in a period where gory, lavishly violent fps titles were drawing the venom from housewifey activist types, this game went unnoticed by many a Doomer & Quaker. I myself only recently discovered it by watching BlooditeDrakan's excellent playthrough. After getting DOSBox to work I decided I just had to play it for myself to see just why monolith's 1997 title is so good. I present to you, oh gentle viewer, BLOOD. Enjoy!
  • The Foreign Exchange - All That You Are feat. Median song from The Foreign Exchange's debut album, Connected. The group consists of Phonte, of Little Brother and Nicolay. Support The Foreign Exchange by buying their music at
  • All That You Are - The Foreign Exchange (Just Muz Remix) Free download of mp3, lyrics and artwork a remix of the brilliant Nicolay produced, Foreign Exchange track - All That You Are Lyrics I considered saying a prayer, To the Lord yesterday just to say I'm aware That I'm blessed to be happy in the life that I lead See rapping, means more than a rhyme and a beat Any time of the week, I can write till I sleep Then I'm dreaming kinda deep about what I will complete I wake up in the morning so the cycle repeats, Calling out to all the people that I'm fighting to reach Its what I do it for, I remember on my school reports I was good at english, bad at maths So I can write an album but never the count the cash Like Old King Cole when I sing from the soul Don't know where to go on the road that I stroll... Yeah the world aint predictable, Stand for nothing you'll be quick to fall Those I lost on the way, one day I'll be with you all. I'm at university now, Year five, wrote my first verse in the lounge See I cleared away my personal clouds Me and Rashy these days are rehearsing our sound Plus he's always working it out I tell him in this industry, the only thing thats certain is doubt Every word that I spout will flow across a continent Even fans in Brazil send a compliment I'm confident that I could maybe get a career I'll need the money cos I'm gonna be indebted for years, When I finish my degree that I never really do I'm an artist, though I never really drew In the hardest, situations and nights I decided ...