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  • MW2 FREE Challenge Lobby [XBOX360/PS3] [DownloadLink] 10th FREE Prestige Challenge Lobby XBOX/PS3 (DAILY) To Get Invited Follow these steps: 1. Subscribe my channel and rate video. 2. Download file: Simple and easy ! 10th FREE Prestige Challenge Lobby XBOX/PS3 (DAILY) To Get Invited Follow these steps: 1. Rate this video thumbs up. 2. Download file: 3. Copy my address from notebook and send me a message titled: INVITE MW2 In the body type: I want invite, and I have a PS3 or XBOX360, my gamer tag: "your tag" 4. Do not send me 10 messages, do not spam, make sure that the contents of an e-mail typed the correct data. Mods Include 1.Tenth prestige 2.All challenges, titles, Emblems(including the spinning tenth fully unlocked), all weapons and attachments. 3.Leaberboards-Set your own stats with the in game menu 4.Colored Class names 5.Chrome guns Infections Include(All of these work while your in the lobby or in private match) 1.Real Time UAV(not working until further notice) 2.AIM Bot(not working until further notice) 3.Nukes in care package(not working until further notice) 4.Increased Melee Distance(must have host) 5.Cartoon mode 6.God mode(not working until further notice) 7.Wall hack(not working until further notice) 8.All weapons automatic 9.Force host(not working until further notice) 10.Steady Aim 11.Gravity 12.Predator martyrdom 13.Knock back 14.Stopping Power 15.Floating objects and more (infections are subject to change every lobby because we're always adding new cool stuff) Extra features while ...
  • Worm chopped in half This is a worm that has been cut in half and both half's lived. Two hours later the small brown bit died but the other half of the worm still lives :-) So the theory that you cut a worm in half and it lives is true ;D Thanks for watching ;)
  • Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula This is my Gramastola rosea Common Group: TARANTULAS & SPIDERS Common Name: Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula Scientific Name: Gramastola rosea Distribution: Chile South America Size: 5" - 6" Natural History Rose hair tarantulas are found in deserts and scrub lands of Bolivia, Argentina, and Chile. They are a beautiful species, some specimens being more brightly colored than others. As with most desert dwelling tarantulas, these animals are nomads, living solitary lives and fending for themselves. They are also nocturnal, spending their days in the shelter of moist, cool burrows, and venturing out at night in search of prey or a potential mate. This species is currently in a state of taxonomical flux. There are arguments insisting that the rose hair tarantulas we are familiar with are actually three separate subspecies. Others state that they are a single species, but with multiple naturally occurring color phases.
  • helminthology.mp4 helminthology BY : Hossam Kandeel
  • Ton Operating Thousands Helminth Parasitic worms, often referred to as helminths ( /ˈhɛlmɪnθs/) are a division of eukaryotic parasites.[1] They are worm-like organisms that live and feed off living hosts, receiving nourishment and protection while disrupting their hosts' nutrient absorption, causing weakness and disease. Those that live inside the digestive tract are called intestinal parasites. They can live inside humans as well as other animals. Helminthology is the study of parasitic worms and their effect on their hosts. The word helminth comes from Greek hélmins, a kind of worm. helminths helminthic therapy helminthosporium helminthic helminthiasis helminthic therapy providers helminthology helminthophobia helminth treatment helminthosporium sativum