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  • Actinopoda Short clip of a Actinopoda. You can see the vacuole deflating.
  • Cytoplasmic streaming of Raphidiophrys elegans along cytoplasmic tubes This demonstrates a four-celled colony of the Centrohelid genus - Raphidiophrys elegans. The cells of the colony can be seen using cytoplasmic tubes to exchange granules from one cell to another. This possibly serves as a ballast system to keep the colony level in the water column. This video is at real time and, as you can see, this granule translocation from one cell to another occurs very slowly.
  • Heliozoan Moving
  • Uroleptus Preying on Heliozoan A species of Uroleptus preying and devouring a heliozoan. From a water sample taken from the River Stour at Stratford St Mary, Es***-Suffolk boarder, UK. x40 water immersion objective, NA = 0.75.
  • Heliozoan Amoeba Eats a Stentor A large Echinosphaerium amoeba catches and eats a Stentor (a ciliate protozoan)in this footage edited by Mike Pulte. Note that the stentor's cilia are waving all the way in. You can see the amoeba's cytoplasm flowing over its axopoda (spines) and over the victim. These freshwater organisms come from a pond in McHenry, Illinois, USA.
  • Heliozoan
  • Protozoan vs. animal A predatory heliozoan has engulfed a monogonont rotifer.
  • How to Pronounce Heliozoan Learn how to say Heliozoan correctly with EmmaSaying's "how do you pronounce" free tutorials. Definition of Heliozoa (oxford dictionary): plural noun Zoology a phylum of single-celled aquatic animals that are related to the radiolarians. They have a spherical shell with fine radiating needle-like projections. Class Heliozoa, phylum Actinopoda, kingdom Protista Origin: modern Latin (plural), from Greek hēlios 'sun' + zōion 'animal' Take a look at my comparison tutorials here Subscribe to my channel here :
  • Bdelloid Rotifer Part 4-Habrotrocha side view This is another short video of a bdelloid rotifer in the combo water sample. This is the fourth part of "Bdelloid Rotifer", a short collection of these animals. This video shows detail of the trophi (jaws) and crown of cilia, vsible from the traditional side angle, and background Navicula diatoms and assorted motile algae are visible also.
  • Heliozoan? Thing in pond water under microscope, 400x
  • Lab puppies The one with the white ribbon is our new puppy.
  • Heliozoan 'rolling' in BF.avi Heliozoan on the move.
  • Another baby amoeba This is less of an amoeba than "scrap of amoeba from a botched cell division". It appears to have mutliple pseudopods, but not enough cytoplasm to actually let them wander. This was found in a drop of ditch water along with other small species such as Mayorella. This video shows detail of the creeping pseudopods and some of the internal organelles.
  • Belleza Protista.wmv
  • Actinophrys This is a video of a heliozoan that I found in a sample of still water that was collected near a creek. It looks like it has caught a couple small feeder ciliates in its spines.
  • Very small sun animalcule (heliozoan) at 400x This is a video taken from a sample of old Daphnia culture water. It shows a very small heliozoan, less than 30 µm long, at 400x. The sun animalcules are not very common in this water sample, but perhaps I am not looking hard enough.
  • Junk Mail Revenge Make the Junk Mailers Pay... Oh... they will pay...
  • Heliozoan 1 Protozoans commonly called sun animalcules
  • Heliozoan captures paramecium Heliozoans are related to Amoebas, using their stiff exopseudopods to capture and draw in their prey for consumption. This one just got a curious paramecium... (within two minutes of this video being shot, the paramecium had lost all form and was steadily being engulfed.) (640X magnification)
  • Heliozoan in BF.avi A Heliozoan on the move.
  • Centropyxis This is a video of Centropyxis, one of several different types of testate amoeba in this water sample of old Daphnia culture water. However, this is the only one I have found alive; the rest were all shells.
  • Pond Scum - Heliozoa (Sun Animalcule) Awesome little guy. See www.microscopy- for similar.
  • Chydoridae and Heliozoan.wmv Is the heliozoan trying to eat the chydoridae? or is the chydoridae just perching on the heliozoan?
  • Heliozoan - Actinophrys sol This is a Heliozoa, a type of amoeba. He captures prey when they blunder into his spines, becoming stuck. The spines ooze digestive fluids, then dissolve the prey and the slime, flowing down the spines to the main body, carry the nutrients from the prey to the main body where they are absorbed.Microscope: Nikon Fluophot Flourescence Research Microscope Camera: Canon T1i w/ EOS Extension Tube adaptor w/Nikon 2.5X Projector lens Scope Settings: 15.1 MP Canon 1.6x Camera over 10x or 40x Objective
  • Actinosphaerium Protista
  • Heliozoan in motion Recent molecular phylogenetical studies have demonstrated that the Heliozoa described by Haeckel in 1866 are actually a polyphyletic group, ie, an artificial assemblage of microorganisms. In conclusion, the taxonomy of these amoeboid protists is very complex, see: The following publication describes the motility of Heliozoa:
  • Heliozoan (sun animalcule) This is a video of a heliozoan. This is from a water sample about 2 months old, started in December or so because the ponds were freezing and there was no life. It consisted of moss, grass clippings, and soil, with some water. Now, it contains Habotrocha rotifers, these heliozoa, several types of small flagellates, protozoa, and more! I will get in more videos of the most interesting water sample of my life!
  • Heliozoan with prey.wmv
  • international battle of the mimes Just someone on our tour group who decided to be a smart ass to an Italian mime.