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  • Daxtra Steve and Andrei tell us about their business, called Daxtra.
  • Spat Dailies/Playa Santana Do's and Don'ts/02.15.10 Rough cuts from the surf film Spat Out in Glory. A swell popped up at Playa Santana in Nicaragua a few days ago and the habituals nailed it cold. Some visitors, including Spat Out in Glory...not so much. Shot from shore at full high tide with the HV30 and the 1.7x telephoto.
  • Let's Take Our Country Back! Lisa Aldridge from College Station, TX is at the RPT 2010 Convention to help take our country back and support Railroad Commissioner Elizabeth Ames Jones, candidate for US Senate, and Bill Flores, candidate for Congressional District 17.
  • My kitties My kitties Monty (white) and Jazzy (the other one) being all affectionate-like to some blues
  • Usual Suspects Lineup Scene from "The Usual Suspects". Info from the masses: "The cop's reaction to Benicio Del Toro during the line-up ("In English please") was unscripted and unrehearsed, as was Del Toro's rather strong reaction. The cop, incidentally, is played by screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie." -soulhunter91 "This scene was not supposed to be in the film but because it was so funny they put it in.You can see that ad-lib takes over during the filming." -andytaggart "according to the interviews on the dvd they kept laughing because benicio del toro kept farting.." -yamba Thanks guys MGM doesn't think this video is fair use so everyone go ahead and lift a middle finger in their general direction.
  • botellon.. Paranoies habituals am la taja.. den tomy i la lisa
  • Suzi - Habituals video featuring: Me & Nic
  • God damn habituals con frateluigi - Legalize it colombia rock
  • YouTube Habituals, and the Texas GOP 2010 Platform (is insane) Answering questions, discussing the Texas GOP 2010 platform and their desires to repeal War Powers Act, remove the president's ability to issue executive orders, and repeal all past executive orders, and some other ridiculous things.
  • Habitual Making of "Pay the toll" EP1 Episode one of the making of Habituals music video for "Pay the toll". Premieres October 31st at Union Station.
  • Habituals update.MOV just a vlog bout' my most recent vice! lol
  • Favorite jeans Sorry all of these are expensive but these are just my opinions : ) Sorry it cuts off in the end, the vid was a little over 10 mins
  • Geek2Geek (US)
  • God damn habituals Led Zepplin - Going To California concierto hamburgueseria