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  • Andy Moor: Matt Darey - See The Sun [Tenishia Remix] & SongID @ EDC TX 6/19/2010 Andy Mooooor!!!! S2 @
  • JT - kosova hiphop Vushtrri JT is the realiest Vushtrrnali
  • suke jpg
  • Malham Cove (Topside) To be or not to be, that is the question: Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer The clints and grykes of outrageous fortune, Or to take arms against a sea of troubles And by opposing, end them
  • deshmoret raushiq
  • laberi sofer bujare/ buron kenga labe
  • Zagart e shahinit tu lujt kotorr Zagart
  • Skyclad - The Disenchanted Forest Artist: Skyclad Title: The Disenchanted Forest Album: Folkémon Lyrics: [The Farm Hand's Ghost:] "My kin and I had laboured hard to reap the yearly harvest. Lain weary on our gathered sheaves we cracked a vat of ale. Poured a toast; Began to boast of who could sup the hardest. Slumped in drunken slumber at the height of wild wassail I woke to find my brothers gone that Autumn eve so balmy. Yet gazed in wide-eyed terror to the barley fields nearby. Struck dumb I swore; Stood before a mighty woad-duabed army. Believed my wits deceived me 'til I heard their battle-cry." [The Lord Of The Trees:] "Smash the axe and sow the seed; Don't cause the Oaken Heart to bleed!" [The Farm Hands Ghost:] "When he that led this heathen horde cast-off his ivy mantle; Cohorts raised honed halberds flying pennants of leaf-green. From below approached the foe; A fierce scythe-bearing hantle. Captains sat triumphant upon coughing, steel machines." [The Forces Of Progress:] "Break the bough and strip all of it. Fell this forest, make a profit!" (Refrain) [The Farm Hands Ghost:] "Opposing forces clashed beneath a red sky cracked by thunder. Entrenched beneath the hedge-row I'd observed it quite unseen. One side stood to save the wood: T'other planned it's plunder, I chose to fight for Nature's right; Grabbed a fallen skean. All who would one flower destroy, must first cut down this Didycoy! (Refrain) We fought until the last that day to gain a hard-won victory, Sucked in by the thirsty earth I ...
  • Bellca Preshev Llov na svinje (064-128-37-83)
  • mjeksia ferizaj kl3nt n'ujwar majr majr
  • bjeshket e nemuna Ne Gryke te Rugoves
  • The Boozing Ninja: Krysmas a christmas special spin off for the series involivng plenty of random guest characters and a epic plot
  • Te burimi n'ato lugje The Wonderful Albanian Folk, Comes From Ancientness And Echos To Eterinty
  • Deputeti zones Votoje amon !
  • Peace park Podujevo, Kosovo April 2008 Short report on ITV southwest of work we did planting trees and shrubs at the peace park in Podujevo, Kosovo
  • BURON KENGA LABE / Thëllëzë pëndë pallua
  • Osman Shehu - Zgjatma doren Osman Shehu
  • pini birat e pejes pini
  • Agim Gashi-Alternativa ne Amerike 1 I kendojme Kosoves
  • Bishop Mark Sopi and Dom Lush Gjergji Bishop Mark Sopi and Dom Lush Gjergji address the historic May 18, 2005 hearing on Kosova status. That hearing put decisive pressure on the Bush administration to start pursuing independence for Kosova. The Congressional hearing was sponsored by the Albanian-American Civic League
  • BURON KENGA LABE / Moj M***he Gryke Zene...
  • vaske curi ike me gjerdhan ne gryke
  • zllakuqan te klines europark ne zllakuqan et klines BANI,,LEO,,DONI,,REDONI
  • Altin Myftari.. Vajze e bukur qeraxhine...
  • Kenge labe-Epo jam e vogel