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  • The GRUNTLES --" In the Oasis": Songwriter Oliver Mitchell plays SAZ, (a Turkish guitar with 7 strings) with delay and slide, and sings "Friend of the Gypsies". Sean Winter on Tenor sax, Sean Drabbit on Bass, Jeff Tobin on drums, Hon Chow on percussion.
  • Silly Bunneh I think this critter likes to eat paper more than rabbit foods. =\
  • Funky Ma "The GRUNTLES" at Hermann's on 2/6/10-- this song has lyrics that are not in this clip. DVD available of the entire concert at:~ Please be our fan at:~
  • Dante and Lulu 1/28/2010 Scenes *FULL* Thanks Life Saver Steph,lol!! Carly says being with a mobster puts you in an interesting situation,cause knowledge makes you an accessory.Lulu says that's why Dominic in pushing her away.Carly says it makes sense from his point of view.Lulu says Carly doesn't care for Sonny & Jason hurt?She says of course she cares,but no matter what happens,you stand by your man.Jason says he is looking for contracts for Bernie.Dante says he has no idea where they are.Sonny walks in and says did someone call a meeting and forget to tell him?Lulu says Carly is right.She needs to stand by Dominic,no matter what.Carly says is there something more going on?Lulu tells her about Sonny wanting Dominic to take over some day,and says she has to stop worry about it.Car;y says if Dominic becomes someone everyone fears,that'll be a game changer for her,and anything he does will reflect on him too.Jason gives Sonny a story about needing papers for Bernie.Jason gets the papers and asks Dominic to take it to Bernie.Sonny says he's not a messenger.Dante says he doesn't mind and takes it.Sonny asks if there is anything to prove he is a cop.Dante says if this were a few months ago,he'd be happy to see her in his room,waiting for him.She says he's not happy to see her now?He says they are setting themselves up for heartache here.She says she disagrees.So does Carly.He says what did she say?She says she told her everything,he's an undercover cop & is bringing down Sonny.He says this probably means Jason is ...
  • Third Stone from the Sun The Gruntles cover of a Jimi Hendrix tune off his first album. Oliver Mitchell & son Arif Mitchell on guitars Eugene Nep -drums, Hon Chow-percussion & James Cole- bass
  • Red Hot Blues ``The GRUNTLES``-- Oliver Mitchell and son Arif`band live.
  • Gruntle's new boots Test driving Gruntle's new boots. Check out the nice 'sideways' action.
  • Wisdom Tree " The GRUNTLES" at Hermann's 2/6/10-- this song has lyrics that are not in this clip. DVD available of the entire concert at:~ Please be our fan at:~
  • Ducks take on the Bridge-to-Bridge Water Ski Race 2009 CAUTION:- Not suitable for children...contains a naughty word. A wild Mallard duck, with her four ducklings in tow (is there a shorter word I could use for "four ducklings"...fourklings??) gets a bit disgruntled during the Hamilton Bridge-to-Bridge Ski Race, as one of the nippers decides that we looked like friendly giants and paid a visit. I found her gruntles later. In the meantime there are speedboats with skiers heading upstream at over 100kph...
  • Let's play Fallen Earth 195 - Gruntles Rubber We kill Gruntle to steal his rubber, for the tires of our ATV.
  • Hang music Gary Johnson Live on stage in Victoria. Nov. 2010. Backed up by The El Wehda Ensemble and Oliver Mitchell (saz) from The Gruntles.
  • Gypsy Saz Oliver Mitchell from `The GRUNTLES` playing the " Ba-lama SAZ" ,( 7 stringed Turkish guitar) and singing an original called " Friend of the Gypsies"
  • Oliver Mitchell : Warm Heart (instrumental) Combining an Eastern scale with Wild west Funk, My guitar is a Washburn with a rosewood bridge. The amp is a Fender Texas Red. Hear my band -- `The GRUNTLES`
  • Warm Heart "The GRUNTLES" ~ Live at Lang Vegas ! Father and son-- Oliver & Arif Mitchell with Eugene Nep-drums and James Cole- bass