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  • Coffret Gourmand Noir Tartuffo Saumon mariné en Gravadlax Herbes Sauce moutarde à la crème Rumsteack en Cannelloni au foie gras Fèves à l orange Pépinettes de
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  • Recept för 10 personer Lax
  • Choice of canape
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  • gooey and mild the salad s apple is gelid and too sweet the celery soft Nancy chooses tasty gravadlax £6 25 which is quaintly presented with a necklace of coriander and lime dressing Click image to enlarge For mains I chose roast rump of lamb with tabouleh and mint oil £16 95 which I m told will be served pink but which arrives well done It is nonetheless the best
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  • Recept för 10 personer Lax 800 g laxfilé utan skinn
  • Finest gravadlax
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  • L échalote est un des ingrédients primordial de la sauce au beurre blanc qui va si bien aux poissons Mais je me lance rarement dans cette sauce qui comporte trop de beurre à mon goût Je
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  • Allez on passe au choses sérieuses
  • This is what Shortlist Magazine has to say about our ward winning Smoked Duck and with George Cluny on the cover see below hopefully lots of people will read it
  • Filets de sole limande sauce au cresson Je commence à en avoir marre de la soupe mais pas du cresson Du coup je cherche de nouvelles recettes pour l utiliser Je le fais souvent en salade comme sur cette recette cliquer ici et
  • was nicely dry thinly cut and with a lightly smoked oaky taste suggesting a London cure The gravadlax was sliced slightly more thickly with a good kick of dill Simple and perfect For main course I had the grilled lemon sole and Silverbrowess had grilled sea bass with slow roasted tomatoes and a side of chips and a mixed salad That s it there s not a lot more to
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  • J ai reçu un colis de produits équitables à tester cliquer ici Il y avait du riz pervenche que j ai choisi pour son nom Vous connaissez maintenant mes lubies et mon attachement pour
  • Saumon gravlax Voici une recette traditionnelle suédoise A l instar des sushis ou des makis il vous faut du saumon extra frais pour réaliser cette recette
  • Roti de lotte aux chanterelles Les chanterelles suédoises
  • Ingrédients pour 4 personnes


  • hide and homour, mark gilchrist and rivers west mark gilchrist, tries out the rivers west custom hide and give it a modern british twist
  • RTÉ Nationwide - Connemara Smokehouse Smokehouses continue culinary tradition Maria Mullarkey visited the Connemara Smokehouse to find out about it's traditional smoking process and why smoked fish is still popular...
  • Salmon
  • International Friends of Stockholm Afterwork drinks at Vasa restaurant in Stockholm Crappy video phone and bits and pieces of conversations and people from all over the world living in Sweden.
  • The CRAIG BLUNDELL REPORT.m4v We fire up the new boy and fly him around for a bit.
  • Future of Mis Aida, Suitbuda and Angie yapping abt nothing
  • IKEA DEL 1
  • malaysia carnival 2008 The joget dance captured at the Malaysia Carnival in Herfordshire, UK
  • Eric's Last day in IDEA Eric our crazy American Intern left us today. We celebrated at Tabac
  • IKEA DEL 2
  • Mark Gilchrist cooks Sea Bass Mark Gilchrist, head chef of Game for Everything, shows you a very simple sea bass dish: pan-fried seabass with warm bean salad.
  • Connemara Smokehouse Tours Tours June, July & August - Wednesday's @ 3pm. Booking advisable to avoid disappointment.
  • Connemara Smokehouse - Women's Weekly Interview Aussie Lyndey Milan a multi-award winning broadcaster, author & presenter of all things gastronomic to search out the best of the Irish West Coast, Irish Smoked Salmon from the Connemara Smokehouse.
  • afternoon tea edwins birthday
  • Yorkshire Provender - fishy flavours to suit beetroot... and a secret about capers Chilled Yorkshire Provender fresh beetroot soup with lime, ginger & wasabi. Served with gravadlax, creme fraiche and dill, smoked trout pate with fresh lime and a colourful leaf salad with beansprouts. Garnish with beetroot slivers, deep-fried capers & chive lengths. One of my favourite secrets is shallow-fried capers. Theyre so easy and unusual they really go down a storm. From a jar of capers in brine or vinegar, squeeze a handful of capers dry then pat dry on kitchen towel. Drop a small handful into very hot oil and fry for just a few seconds until they open (theyre little nasturtium flowers) and go a little white (thats the salt). Theyre nice & crunchy on fish, salads, carpaccio etc.
  • Bistro Six***82 October 2010: The launch of the new Summer menu at Bistro Six*** 82. Brad Ball did a fantastic job in creating a mouth-watering menu made with the freshest ingredients sourced from small local suppliers. Also available: Unique food and wine pairings, Tapas and the "Raw bar". View availbale menu's on BottlePlatePillow: Bistro Six***82 at S***berg - +2721 713 2211 www.s*** Intrepid chef and bistro dining specialist Brad Ball, has been appointed to orchestrate the 70-seater Bistro and a unique Raw Bar. Featuring counter seating and interesting, healthy and delicious raw cuisine such as sashimi, gravadlax, ceviche, carpaccios, oysters and tartars, dishes will be freshly prepared on order by designated Chefs. Set amidst the vineyards at the foothills of the S***berg Mountain with spectacular views across the vineyards, Constantia Valley, and with False Bay in the distance, the inviting and visually interactive modern space with eclectic design will feature an open flow plan. A modern and sophisticated daytime restaurant, Bistro1682 will set out to bring food and wine together in a feast of the senses, incorporating the much-anticipated state-of-the-art S***berg Winery, Wine Tasting Bar and Tasting Lounge.
  • Jamie Does.. Stockholm Download: Jamie Oliver is in Stockholm, where he samples reindeer heart, a fermented herring that smells like a stink bomb, and also picks wild mushrooms and blueberries on the islands nearby. He also makes pike perch, gravadlax and roasted beetroot salad. Do you want to watch cooking shows without paying? You got them here, for free! Visit..
  • Snow in Maidenhead Short video to show how fast and much snow we had on Feb 1, 2009 in Maidenhead
  • Ummera Ifoods Interview.flv Ummera Smoked Products have an enviable reputation for producing some of the finest smoked foods, smoked organic salmon, smoked chicken, smoked duck and an Organc gravadlax.
  • Gravad Lax Swedish Culinary Classics: How to make Gravad Lax.
  • Mark Gilchrist makes gravad lax with trout Mark Gilchrist the head chef at the game caering comapny makes gravad Lax if you have any comment or susgestions then email him at theheadchef@ or check out his website at
  • NIGELLA LAWSON/NIGELLA'S CHRISTMAS KITCHEN NIGELLA LAWSON/NIGELLA'S CHRISTMAS KITCHEN Food, Family, Friends, Festivities Food to Celebrate Life The Pleasures and Principles of Good Food At this time of the year, baking comes into its own, when the heady aroma of spices, citrus fruits and alcohol fills the house. Baking, mulling and larder-filling are at the heart of this episode. Nigella cooks her last-minute Christmas cake, proving that you don't have to have planned your Christmas at least six months in advance. Retro Gravlax is given a Nigella revamp and cider gets the mulled treatment.
  • Chinese New Year Eve Dinner Maidenhead Social Dinner
  • journey back from allingsas Just fooling around about the future of MiS on the train from Allingsas to Stockholm
  • Midsummer dinner in Sweden =) This is me and my dad showing some goodies we had for midsummer dinner 2010!