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  • Bread Basket Gourmandize Platter My entree Mike s entree Dessert Sampler Me Mike
  • confit coupled with meaty portabella mushroom flavours enveloped in a delicate ravioli without a doubt one of the most unique and complex unifications of tastes outrageously sublime Chocolate Gourmandize Certain things are just meant to be together and while each on their own can be quite incredible create the perfect merger and you have a marriage of foods that is
  • all the bib gourmand eateries listed by the Michelin all 4 of them in Rome And with the food I had in Da Cesare I thought I had the happiest ending possible for my gourmandize crusade Just two blocks away from the Castello di San Angels Da Cesare is a discreet and laid back place to enjoy a good meal Despite they only have their wore out leather covered dog eared menu
  • because it was the only Michelin three starred establishment opens on Sundays It turned out Le Cinq was the ultimate serendipity in my gourmandize quest I d the best lunch in my life Dining in Le Cinq made me realize what opulence and patrician were all about One simply has too many things to love in this dining room The décor was miraculously beautiful They say god is


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