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  • Champions Online - We Still Run This Town! (Solo Play) Champions Online - on Test Server after all the recent Nerfs. Against +3 Gadroon opponents. We still run this town babyyy!!! :-) At the end I show the list of powers, and the stats. Also what each stat is contributing.
  • Champions Online: Three Canada missions. Three missions for the price of one video :) Sabotaging the Snake: Artemis has to put a stop to Viper's cruel experimentation by taking out Gadroon Eggs, and setting free captured human and sasquatch test subjects. Into the Serpent's Clutches: Artemis needs to take on Viper forces to collect key cards that will allow access to each of the Viper field research facilities. Laboratory Lowdown: A nice, stress relieving mission. Simply start killing Viper soldiers until you collect enough incriminating evidence against them. Artemis Profile: www.champions-
  • Champions Online Solo vs +4 Gadroon on Test Server This is another run SOLO PVE, this time on the Test Server. This is in response to all those people who said that I was using Overpowered Pyre, Overpowred Force Shield WHAAA WHAAA . You'll notice that Force Shield isn't even in the build anymore. I won't respec my entire character to prove anything, but it should be obvious as well that this character is under the Reduced Damage from Pyre, with the drastically increased Endurance Cost of Pyre as well. So this is WITH the nerfs that the developers are going to introduce to Live. Solo play is still viable, but that doesn't mean that every build is going to be able to face off against +4 mobs and survive. As you can see, it's a very difficult fight.
  • Champions Online: Breaking Out in Hives Ariel is in this one. UNITY sends her on a mission to shut down a Qularr surprise attack against the Gadroon. While a blow to the Gadroon would be beneficial to UNITY and the Steelhead Division of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, a victory by the Qularr would mean they could get their hands on Gadroon technology. Ariel is sent in to thwart the Qularr's plans and keep this from happening. Ariel's profile: www.champions-
  • Antiquing with Your Best Friend - Cambridge Glass Different Plates with Chantilly Etch Let's reduce confusion by seeing different styles and shapes with Cambridge Glass Chantilly etched crystal. Video shows Chantilly etch on the Martha 450 plate, the 3900 plate, Martha candle holder and then Rose Point on the Gadroon 3500 shape saucer.
  • laughing 20 year old girl #2 Rare Footage #2 of 20-year-old laughing with her family playing the game Dictionary. She picked the word "gadroon" and had to read out loud the definitions her mother, mother's boyfriend, grandmother and step-grandfather wrote, not knowing the meaning of the word. In with their definitions was the real definition. You can skip watching the last half of this video. It isn't very interesting but I didn't know how to cut it. The definition that made her laugh so much was "the unfortunate circumstance when a new baby's head is larger than the birth c***."
  • Earth Dragons Earth Dragons is about an alien race, that has lost it's home. Earth is a blue dot in the sky, but that is the color they need. So they create 7 dragons to clear out the In-habitants of Earth. The goal is to take the planet and create it to fit their needs. When their home world was destroy they landed on a plane...t in-habiated by dragons. They used they're techology to create special dragons combined with a element,energy, or force seen on living worlds. Earth Dragons All Rights Reserved (c) 2006 To see more from these talented artists here are the links to their personal pages: Jesus Lopez www.raro666 Raven www.badhead-/ Ramon /phirewerk Music by: DEVENDRA BANHART - INSECT EYES
  • Champions Online: A Cat's Tale After Lynx surrenders, she gives Artemis information about the Hunter-Patriots using a stolen Gadroon alien weapon to use against the Steelhead base. Artemis needs to stop the Hunter-Patriots before they can use it. Artemis character profile: www.champions-