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  • Takeoff from Zelienople Take off on our 7/10/2011 flight to Nemacolin after getting fuel at Zelienople Airport. The video shows me starting the engine, taxiing to the runway and taking off out of Zelienople.
  • Landing in Brantly This is my first solo landing in the Brantly.
  • Landing at Connellsville Airport This is our stop at Connellsville airport for fuel just a few miles short of our destination at Nemacolin which does not have fuel. We take on only a little so we are still light as we leave Nemacolin which is at a higher altitude than here.
  • Helicopter Landing at Nemacolin Helicopter landing at Nemacolin Airport from trip on 7/10/2011. After landing we went to the Caddy Shack for some BBQ ribs. Nemacolin is a great fly-in destination with great food.
  • Hover Practice in Brantly This is me practicing hovering, hover taxi and pickups/setdowns.
  • Hover Taxi to Fuel Pumps Start-up and hover taxi to fuel pumps for 7/10/2011 trip to Nemacolin. We have just pre-flighted and taken helicopter out of the hanger. Since we only had 15 gallons of fuel, we decide to hover over to the fuel pumps to pick up more fuel for the trip. It is a hot day, so we must carefully balance the amount of fuel we add against the density altitude.
  • Landing in Brantly 2 My second solo landing in the Brantly.
  • Takeoff in Brantly This is me departing runway 17 for takeoff/landing practice.