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  • Gadarene's Deviled Ham. A fun little flash video about the story of Jesus casting Legion into the pigs.
  • Gadarene part 1 23/09/ Gadarene transform into a two piece for their OYS return. Sound/video quality isn't perfect unfortunately.
  • Gadarene - The Charles Hornpipe live at Folklahoma, Islington 27/05/09 Si Paul, Nick Wyke, Laurel Swift and Matt Norman. Shot on the ridiculously tiny Creative Vado HD pocket video cam.
  • Greek *** Fight (Rare) Never Seen Before!
  • Transformer Part 1 (Good Friday 2010) Performing Visual Artist Tim Gagnon paints portraits of people who have been Transformed by Jesus Christ as they share their testimonies. All while accompanied by the amazing worship ministry of Grace Baptist Church of Knoxville Tennessee. Dressed as a Gadarene Demoniac from Luke 8, Tim's first painting is a "self portrait". Next, three members of the Grace Baptist Church are painted as they share how theirs is a "Portrait of a Transformed Life". The final set of portraits are of the Apostles Peter, James & John hiding in the Upper Room after the crucifixion. All of the 7 portraits were completed in less than 90 minutes. Part two (Easter Sunday) has a surprise that you don't want to miss!
  • The Gadarene (trailer) Available now:
  • Gadarene Live at The Magpies Nest Folk Club on the 27th May 2009 Go see for further details and clips
  • A demon possessed man set free. A look into the heart and condition of the demoniac as he repents toward Jesus.
  • The Banner I Am Legion I am Legion Gadarene For I am many And many devils have entered me I am legion I am Gadarene But these demons wont be cast from me Abysses, the farthest depths, from where they rose of Baal and Set Seven serpents, seven seas, seven walls imprison me But none shall pass without the key And it was lain down at their feet I welcomed them, they welcomed me Never blind I chose not to see The engine The weapon Beneath the flesh A fragile minds caverns To hide within An engine, a weapon is now my heart The building of towers that crumble and fall apart An angels boiling blood is flowing backwards through my veins Creatures feeding endlessly upon a child's pain I am now the sum of all the demons that infest A cancer of my own construct and built in self defense. I am legion
  • Matthew Chapter 8 - Memorized Here is Matthew Chapter 8, continuing my series of the Gospel of Matthew Memorized... I believe that in the early church the books of the new testament would have been read to the first believers, so it is my goal to memorize the Bible with the intention of preaching the individual books as unique sermons. If you are a pastor and would like me to speak this gospel at your church or event please contact me!
  • Mary King Film Acting Reel Mary King film acting reel. Featured footage from "The Gadarene Swine," "Turnover," "The Jackson High School Election," "Food Chain," & "The Shallow Creek Killer."
  • Gadarene pt 1 of 2 Gadarene at Open Your Skull IV on the 27th May, Black sheep Bar, Croydon.
  • First Time I Came To Grace Pt. 1 My depiction of the Gadarene Mad man during our Good Friday service.
  • The Gadarene Scene from Grunt 1 song from the musical "Grunt"
  • the Immoral Jesus, pt 2: Killer of Pigs - CVA Vlog 43 In an examination of Jesus's moral character, I take a closer look at the time He killed a whole bunch of pigs for no reason.
  • Gadarene part 2 23/09/09 Part 2 of 3 of Gadarene's set from Open Your Skull VI at the Black Sheep Bar. 23/09/09
  • Epiphany 4: Holy Communion Sermon: "The Man of Gadarene" Today's Sermon at St. Timothy's Anglican Church in Poquoson, VA was from Matthew 8: 23-34--from the Propers in 1789, not 1928. An accident, but a happy one. It is a great lesson for us all to remember, and the 1928 Lectionary has this lesson buried in Evening Prayer during the Trinity Season, not likely where your congregation will hear something quite key... In the story of the Gadarene Demoniac, Matthew has been trying to tell us with the leper, with the Centurion, with the hemorrhaging woman, with the Syro-Phoenician woman and now with this demon possessed man, that these are the people who believed...The Apostles did not.
  • The Gerasene Demoniac Shot on the banks of the Sea of Galilee, a short devotion on Jesus' encounter and challenge to a man once possessed by demons.
  • Gadarene Wine - Room 109 Gadarene Wine - Room 109 @ M3 Mat & Bar Oslo 2010
  • Gadarene wine - The road not taken Gadarene wine - The road not taken @ M3 Mat & Bar Oslo 2010
  • Gadarene pt 2 of 2 Second half of Gadarene's set at Open Your Skull IV.
  • Spetses 2010 By Gadarene, ***y Greek Island Girls Spetses 2010 By Gadarene (Island Life) ***y Greek Island Girls Kolasi !!
  • Aaron's TGS Reel Compiled clips from recent project, The Gadarene Swine.
  • Gadarene part 3 23/09/09 The final part of Gadarenes set.
  • #11 Mat.8 Jesus Pilot Me (Guided Tour Thru the NT with Neville) SECTION OUTLINE SEVEN (MATTHEW 8) Jesus heals many, including a leper, a Roman officers slave, Peters mother-in-law, and a number of demon-possessed people. He amazes his disciples by calming a storm and talks about the costs of being his follower. I. The Miracles of Jesus (8:117, 2334) A. Curing the sick (8:117, 2834) 1. A leper (8:14) a. The cry (8:12): He begs the Savior to heal him. b. The compassion (8:3) : Jesus restores the man by the touch of his hand. c. The command (8:4) : The cleansed leper is instructed to tell no one about his miracle. 2. A centurions servant (8:513) a. The favor desired by the centurion (8:57): He wants Jesus to visit his home and heal his servant, which the Lord agrees to do. b. The faith demonstrated by the centurion (8:813) (1) The confidence (8:89): He feels the Lord can heal the servant without even coming to his home! (2) The commendation (8:10) : Jesus commends him for so much faith! (3) The conclusion (8:1112): Jesus says his kind of faith will result in the eventual salvation of a number of Gentiles, while many faithless Jews will suffer eternal loss. (4) The cure (8:13) : The servant is healed at that very hour. 3. Peters mother-in-law (8:1415) a. The suffering hostess (8:14) : Jesus finds her in bed with a high fever. b. The serving hostess (8:15) : After Jesus touches her hand, she gets up and begins to wait on him. 4. A number of demon-possessed people (8:1617, 2834) a. On the western side of the Galilean Sea (8:1617) (1) The ...
  • Satan Cast Out: Demonic Influence in the New Testament, The Gadarene/Gerasene Demoniac This account of the demoniac(s) give shocking witness to both the helplessness of man and the hatred of the demons for man. Most striking of all is God's power over the demons and his power to restore broken lives.
  • Transformer Part 2 (Easter 2010) On Good Friday, Performing Visual Artist Tim Gagnon painted portraits of people who were Transformed by Jesus Christ as they shared their testimonies. All while accompanied by the amazing worship ministry of Grace Baptist Church of Knoxville Tennessee. On Easter, still dressed as a Gadarene Demoniac from Luke 8, Tim uses his chains to pull the stones together to form the tomb of Christ! He then enters the tomb. At the end of the presentation, all those who were Transformed by Christ exit from the tomb, filled with the Resurrection Power of Jesus Christ!
  • Legion Part 1 Legion is a dramatic monologue by Pastor Frank Bailey of Victory Fellowship in New Orleans. It is about the Gadarene Demoniac.
  • Legion Part 2 Part 2 of the monologue.
  • Set Me Free Big River Oct 29, 2009 A Drama set to Set Me Free by Casting Crowns preceded by an original vocal track dramatizing the story of the Gadarene's deliverance found in Matthew 8:28-34, Mark 5:1-20, and Luke 8:26-39. Sign Language is incorporated heavily. (But I do not guarantee that all signs ended up being exactly right. Some may have been exaggerated for our dramatic purposes.)