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  • This is a comprehensive list of alkaline localities in the Ukraine and one in Belarus, mostly, but not only (don't underestimate me ! Gabbroitic rocks in the peripehry, syenites in the centre. — “Ukraine/Belarus”,
  • Davidki, Zhytomyr Oblast' (Zhitomir Oblast'), Ukraine : Gabbroitic rocks in the peripehry, syenites in the centre. Gabbroitic rocks in the peripehry, syenites in the centre. — “Davidki, Zhytomyr Oblast' (Zhitomir Oblast'), Ukraine”,
  • Definition of gabbros in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of gabbros. Pronunciation of gabbros. Translations of gabbros. gabbros gabbroic , gabbroitic adj. gabbro (gbr) A usually dark, coarse-grained igneous rock composed mostly of plagioclase feldspar and clinopyroxene, and sometimes olivine. — “gabbros - definition of gabbros by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Find Building Material, Granite Countertops, Granite & Other Natural Stones. View catalogs of stone tombstones & fountains and stone related machines & diamond tools. The deposit is a gabbroitic anorthosite more towards gabbro with dark gray, black feldspar giving uniform dark black background. — “Midwest Granite Private Limited - Building Material, Granite”,
  • Words starting with g: gab,gabardine,gabardines,gabbard,gabbards,gabbart,gabbarts,gabbed,gabber,gabbers,gabbier,gabbiest,gabbiness,gabbinesses,gabbing,gabble,gabbled,gabblement,gabblements,gabbler,gabblers,gabbles,gabbling, gabbroitic. — “Words starting with g”,
  • Hospitaler has unomniscient do [email protected] unflustered vinaceous either philydraceous quartzic either unpurchasable exteriorize is megacerine virusemic. credensiveness strifeproof neither gabbroitic before Alids -- chloranil gainturn. — “Ustilago Billethead”,
  • * gab * gabardine * gabardines * gabbard * gabbards * gabbart * gabbarts * gabbed * gabber * gabbers * gabbier * gabbiest * gabbiness * gabbinesses * gabbing * gabble * gabbled. — “Words that begin with letter 'G'?”,
  • a fine-grained volcanic rock of intermediate composition, consisting largely of PLAGIOCLASE and one or more mafic minerals. a gabbroitic rock composed of lime-feldspar, pyroxenes and olivine. — “Association of British Scrabble Players - Words”,
  • Words starting with G (page 1): gab, gabardine, gabbard, gabbart, gabbed, gabber, gabbier, gabbiest, gabbiness, gabbing, gabble, gabbled, gabblement, gabbler, gabbles, gabbling, gabbro, gabbroic, gabbroid, gabbroitic. — “Words starting with G (page 1)”,
  • Normal conditions avoid bad weather. • First flush monitoring is conducted during. a rain event and can occur during the night. or decomposing granite, clay/gabbroitic. soils, muddy. • Not uncommon is the need to go. over, under or through. — “Citizen Monitoring: Working Conditions for Field Persons”,
  • xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> gabarage gabblement gabbler gabbroic gabbroid gabbroitic gabeler gabelle gabelled gabelleman gabeller gaberlunzie gabionade gabionage gabioned gabionnade gablatores gableboard gablelike. — “g”,
  • Gabbroitic definition, a dark granular igneous rock composed essentially of labradorite and augite. See more. — “Gabbroitic | Define Gabbroitic at ”,
  • What is a gabbroitic, definition of gabbroitic, meaning of gabbroitic, gabbroitic anagrams, gabbroitic synonyms. — “Word gabbroitic meaning. Word gabbroitic definition. Free”,
  • Words beginning with the letter gabbroitic. gabbros. gabby. gabelle. gabeller. gabellers. gabelles. gaberdine. gaberdines. gaberlunzie. gaberlunzies. gabfest. gabfests. gabies. gabion. gabionade. gabionades. gabionage. gabioned. gabions. gable. gabled. gables. gablet. gablets. gabon. — “Words beginning with G”,
  • M. A. Ivanova, A. V. Korochantsev, N. N. Kononkova, and M. A. Nazarov, Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry a gabbroitic structure consisting of subhedral grains (0.2–0.8 mm) of pyroxene and. — “5073.pdf”,
  • Adjectival forms: gabbroic, gabbroitic. Dennis Gabor Biography - (1900–79) [next] [back] GABA receptor. Citing this material. Please include a link to this page if you have found this material useful for research or writing a related article. — “gabbro (pl. gabbros) - pl., gabbroic, gabbroitic”,
  • Page G01 of the Engish/Inglish spelings gabbroitic. gabroeitic. gabbier. gabeeer. gabbiest. gabeeest. gabfest. gabfest* gabion. gabeeen. gable. gaebul. gabled. gabuld. gablelike. gaebul-liec. gaby. gaebee. gad. gad* gadabout. — “Page G01 of the Engish/Inglish spelings”,
  • gabbroitic. gabbros. gabbs. gabbss. gabby. gabbys. gabe. gabel. gabeler. gabelle. gabelled. gabelleman. gabeller. gabellers. gabelles. gabels < Previous | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | Next >. — “Words that start with the letter 'G'”,
  • 10 letter words beginning with G: gabardines, gabblement, gabbroitic. — “10 letter G words : 10 letter words beginning with G”,


  • How to say: "GABBROITIC" in English This video teaches you how to say "GABBROITIC" in English.