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  • Also, futharc, fu·thorc, fu·thork /ˈfuθɔrk/ Show Spelled[foo-thawrk] Show IPA. Origin: 1850–55; so called from first six letters of OE and Scand runic alphabet: f, u, th, a(or o), r, k (modeled on alphabet) futhark, futharc, futhorc or futhork (ˈfuːθɑːk, ˈfuːθɔːk). — “Futhork | Define Futhork at ”,
  • FUTHARC heeft het grootste deel van de ter ziele gegane NephereX-distro overgenomen. Mit angemessenem Stolz und mit Dankbarkeit präsentiert Futharc seine T-shirts, Girlies und Polohemden für A.V.V.-Fest!2 (http:. — “Jo De Clerck's Myspace Blog |”,
  • Definition of futharc in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of futharc. Pronunciation of futharc. Translations of futharc. futharc synonyms, futharc antonyms. Information about futharc in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “futharc - definition of futharc by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • set of 5 4 dice with the elder futharc burned into them and then stained i have various colors of stain to choose from and take request. the 4 dice with the elder futharc burned into them and then stained i have various colors of stain to choose from and take request. — “rune and bind rune dice by truvalkyrie on Etsy”,
  • Myspace profile for Jo De Clerck. Find friends, share photos, keep in touch with classmates, and meet new people on Myspace. Alle kleren op de foto's te koop op . — “FUTHARC (Jo De Clerck) | MySpace”,
  • This provides a short test of the characters in the Runic (futharc) font The Futharc font in Large size. FUˆARKGWHNIJYPXSTBEML ̆DO: The font in. — “Try Futharc (Runic) Fonts”,
  • No results found for "futharc" Encarta® World English Dictionary Developed for Microsoft by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc. Advertisement. MSN Privacy. Legal. — “futharc definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta”,
  • 2441.1 (1 of 1) I was looking at the archaeology web site's page on Futharc, and they mentioned that Futharc has an alternate version of encoding: a vertical bar with horizontal lines coming out. For example, my name would be =|= =|= _|= MikLinuks). — “"Encoded" runic for ship's symbols? - Archaeology”,
  • Full-length works include the primarily genealogical Sand & Coal: Poems (Futharc Press, 1993) and the primarily political, cultural, and religious The Wheel: Poems (Leaping Dog Press, 2005) The Wheel: Poems (Leaping Dog Press, 2005), Sand & Coal (Futharc Press, 1993). — “Jordan Jones | Directory of Writers | Poets & Writers”,
  • Futharc (or Wen): modern "w" If you don't know how to insert Unicode characters directly into your Web document, you can use HTML Numeric Character References (NCRs); refer to THIS TABLE for a (long) list of Unicode characters and the corresponding NCRs. — “Representing Middle English M***cripts on the Web with UTF-8”,
  • You know an Eð or fuþarc, sometimes called a "thorn" letter the fuþarc: "a runic character (þ), borrowed into the Latin alphabet and representing the initial th sounds in thin and they in Old English, or thin in modern Icelandic. — “Historical TheoBlogy " Blog Archive " A Eð or Fuþarc in ye flesh?”,
  • Without a picture, it's hard to say. It's possible the writers' handwriting might have rounded the futharc runes a bit, or it could've been a style of calligraphy that surfaced for a few years and then died. — “What would you call round, ancient Irish alphabet if not Runes?”,
  • Download 17 free fonts in the Viking category for Windows and Mac all caps + ancient + celtic + Celtic + corroded + david kerkhoff + decorative + destroy + destroyed + dingbats + elder futharc. — “Free Viking fonts - FontSpace”,
  • THE GERMANIC FUTHARC. by Einar of Frithmoot. THE FIRST AETT. FEHU. The first rune we will be dealing with is Fehu. This rune is essentially feminine, being connected with Freya , goddess of fertility, who also had a nickname 'syr' which means sow. — “The Germanic Futharc”,
  • Jordan Jones is the author of Sand & Coal, published by Futharc Press in 1993. In 2004, Obscure Publications published Selections from The Wheel. His translations of René Daumal's poetry collection Le Contre-Ciel appeared in two volumes from Obscure Publications in 2003 and 2004. — “Leaping Dog Press / Asylum Arts | Jordan Jones”,
  • The elder Futharc comprises an interesting coordination of the symbolic relations of the runes, Furthermore three very similar sequences of younger Futharc runes on the Glavendrup stone. — “Jørgen Chr”,
  • Definition of futharc from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of futharc. Pronunciation of futharc. Definition of the word futharc. Origin of the word futharc. — “futharc - Definition of futharc at ”,


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