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  • In order to prevent the cancer, people should form good life habits and conduct physical examination regularly. The rumors of carcinogens should not be spreaded blindly. The overproof fluorescer contained in paper cups can endanger the human health. Fluorescer can enter the human body and reduce. — “Three Kinds of So-called "Carcinogens" in Everyday Life”,
  • The fabrics were compared with the addition of unprocessed powdered fluorescer to the unmodified wash liquor. included equilibration of the fluorescer in both cases and multiple. — “IOTA NanoSolutions - Technology - Case Study - Case Study 2”,
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  • Led Fluorescer Light Manufacturers & Led Fluorescer Light Suppliers Directory - Find a Led Fluorescer Light Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Led Fluorescer Light Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Led Fluorescer Light-Led Fluorescer Light Manufacturers”,
  • Definition of fluorescer in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of fluorescer. Pronunciation of fluorescer. Translations of fluorescer. fluorescer synonyms, fluorescer antonyms. Information about fluorescer in the free online English dictionary and. — “fluorescer - definition of fluorescer by the Free Online”,
  • In chemical light devices comprising a chemi-luminescent mixture with a first fluorescer contained in a transparent or translucent container, a second fluorescer is incorporated in the walls of the container to shift at least part of the emissions from the device from the shorter wavelength. — “Chemical lighting device - Google Patent Search”,
  • Since displacement of antiligand from ligand ***og by antifluorescer will be slow, andthe method of determination is based on the distribution of bound and unbound fluorescer, normally, antiligand and ligand ***og-fluorescer will be combined prior to the addition of antifluorescer. — “Double receptor fluorescent immunoassay - US Patent 4255329”,
  • PIDEC holds the promise of 40% energy conversion efficiency in a single cycle. PIDEC can be applied both to large power from the interaction of particulate radiation with fluorescer media. — “Direct Conversion of Nuclear Power to Electricity and”,
  • [0047] The fluorescer used may be any of those routinely employed in scintillation The fluorescer is associated with or supported by, in or on a substrate, for example, lectin-coated beads,. — “4ew assay - US 20050032137”,
  • Encyclopedia article about fluorescer. Information about fluorescer in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “fluorescer definition of fluorescer in the Free Online”, encyclopedia2
  • Each sub element comprises an electroluminescent material and at least one of the red fluorescer, blue pass filter or green pass filter. For the purposes of illustration the filters and the electroluminescent A fluorescent element in the red fluorescer layer emits light having a peak emission of. — “Display Element”,
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  • Fluorescer-labeled specific binding assays. United States Patent 4238195 The improvement comprises measuring the fluorescer-label by chemically exciting the label and measuring the resulting light emitted thereby. — “Fluorescer-labeled specific binding assays - Patent 4238195”,
  • CLAIMS 1. A dry cleaning composition comprising densified carbon dioxide and a fluorescer, said fluorescer having either a log P of at least 2 or at least one Brönsted acidic or basic functional group with a pKa of more than 7. 2. A dry cleaning. — “(WO/2002/050364) FABRIC CLEANING SYSTEM”,
  • An oligonucleotide probe is disclosed, the probe including an oligonucleotide, a fluorescer molecule attached to a first end of the oligonucleotide and a quencher molecule attached to the opposite end of the oligonucleotide. The probe is rendered. — “Methods and Reagents for Combined PCR Amplification - Patent”,
  • It has been postulated that a transient charge transfer complex is formed between the intermediate 1,2-dioxetanedione and the fluorescer [11], and a modified mechanism was proposed involving the transfer of an electron from the fluorescer to the reactive intermediate [12]. — “Peroxyoxalate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • All planned auxillary components, with the exception of fluorescer coatings, have been ordered and delivered. Fluorescer coatings quotes obtained. Test camera in Visible light with fast plasm (10/30. — “Project Summary”,
  • The fluorescer thus acts as a catalyst for the decomposition of the key intermediate, and Because the fluorescer is separate from the energy producing components of the reaction,. — “Chemiluminescent History Complex Plastics Inc”,
  • An oligonucleotide probe is disclosed, the probe including an oligonucleotide, a fluorescer molecule attached to a first end of the oligonucleotide and a quencher molecule attached to the opposite end of the oligonucleotide. a fluorescer molecule attached to a first end of the oligonucleotide;. — “Methods for combined PCR amplification and hybridization”,


  • Synthesis of lucigenin This is synthesis of beautifull Fluorescer Lucigenin which is Bis-N-methylacridinium nitrate. The acridone used was recrystalized from EtOH using soxhlet aparaturs since it's quite insoluble. This is essential to obtain a good yield.