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  • soul silver - falkner's gym runthrough a battle against falkner and his flunkeys ........gym battle one comence ! i own nothinz
  • Rothschild's Choice part 10 of 10 "The man Rothschild chooses—that man will become President of the United States," Texe Marrs was told by an insider. So, who was Rothschild's Choice in 2008? The answer is obvious: Barack Hussein Obama! The fourth Baron de Rothschild, Lord Jacob Rothschild of Great Britain, has been called the 21st Century's "King of Israel." He and other Rothschilds preside over the planet's greatest banking cartel, and Wall Street firms Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citibank, and others bow to Rothschild dictates. Politicians in world capitals, Washington, DC, London, Paris, and Tokyo grovel before their awesome power. Rothschild's Choice documents the astonishing rise of a young, half blood "Prince" of Jerusalem, a Communist adept named Barack Obama who won Rothschilds' favor—and was rewarded for his slavish devotion to their sinister Agenda. Here are the revelations that dissolve the mystery of Obama's meteoric, virtually unheralded rise to global prominence and his elevation to the highest seat of superpower government—the White House. "Chosen by hidden superiors, we discover that President Barack Obama is heir to a terrible Master Plan conceived long ago and now being lethally implemented. Barack Obama has become the ultimate instrument in a dark plot to deconstruct and 'murder' America." —Texe Marrs Author and Researcher
  • Let's Play Bucky O' Hare - Part 2 - Al Negator Time to go feral! Part 3: Al Negator: Al Negator is a purple "sleazasaur" who sometimes worked for the Toad Empire as a spy and mercenary. Al's first job for the toads was to get the clearance codes for Genus' satellite defense network, for a fee of five-thousand simoleans. To do so he posed as a warp drive mechanic (to replace Bruce) and got himself hired by Bucky O'Hare. He then hacked into the Righteous Indignation's computer and downloaded the clearance codes onto a data card, escaping to the Toad Mothership aboard the Toad Croaker. He briefly made a deal with Willy DuWitt to give him the data card instead of the toads, but it was later revealed that Al had tricked Willy and made two data cards containing the clearance codes. Al's next job for the toads was to provide them with their own defense satellite network for the conquered Rigel 5. Although Al came through and got the satellites installed for the toads without a hitch, Bucky O'Hare and his crew were able to disable the satellites by sending in Blinky. Al fled Rigel 5 with the Toad Air Marshall, yelling the whole way that he still owed him simoleans. Al's third and final job for the toads was to disrupt peace talks between the UAF Security Council and the Corsair Canards. To do so he first planted a spy on the council who reported directly to him (a tiny newt hidden inside a robot walrus body), and then he had some Storm Toads lent to him by the Air Marshall pose as the Corsair Canards and ...
  • The Many and the Few (RUS Hanukkah Bonus) Also, for a not-to-be-missed Hanukkah music video, check out Matisyahu's new song, Miracle: Words and music by Woody Guthrie Chords: D - - G / D - Bm - / D - - G / DGD - My name is King Cyrus, my order I give You Jews can go back to your home To build your holy temple again In the land of Palestine. We've sung and danced o'er the hot rocky roads Back to Eretz Yisroel's land We worked with plow and rake and hoe And we blessed the works of our hands My name is Ezra the Teacher man I brought my scroll book along I brought my flock to Yisroel From that land called Babylon I'll read you my Talmud Torah book And the prophet's dreams to you And you'll be fertile and multiply If you keep your Torah true My name is Alexander the Great More than half of this wide world is mine Come stand around, my servants all I'm wrapped on my bed here to die As the King of Syria and Palestine Antiochus the Fourth, you'll stand To kill the Jews if they refuse To worship our idols and gods My name is Hannah, my first born son Now stands before this king Guilty of keeping the Sabbath laws By the soldiers I see him slain It's one by one my seven sons In front of my eyes cut down For keeping to the Torah laws I pay with my warm blood now My name is Mattathias, I've got five sons In Modin City we dwell They tried to make me bow down to their gods Two of the King's flunkeys I killed A hundred or more who'll fight to be Jews Did come to these hills with me On my death bed your leader I ...
  • George Galloway denounces Iraq inquiry (establishment stitch up) "People have queued up to say they have nothing against the membership of the inquiry. Well, I do. The more the Foreign Secretary adumbrated their distinguished characteristics, the more I saw a parade of establishment flunkeys—Sir Humphrey This and Sir Humphrey That. Those who are not just grey blurs are in fact partisans. Freedman is one of the authors of the intellectual case for the war. He and his neo-con friends were the people who made the then Prime Ministers bullets for the war. Gilbert hailed Bush and Blair—imagine, they are already two of the most discredited political figures in the world, and history has not even started on them yet—as akin to Roosevelt and Churchill. Yet both Freedman and Gilbert are among the very small group of people who will conduct the inquiry. Why can we not have real politicians on the inquiry? Why cannot the hon. and learned Member for Medway (Mr. Marshall-Andrews)—forensic, learned, legal—be on the committee? Why cannot the right hon. and learned Member for North-East Fife (Sir Menzies Campbell), with all his experience, skills and training, be on the inquiry? Why cannot the former Foreign Secretary Lord Hurd, with his vast knowledge of international affairs, be on the inquiry? Why should Parliament be represented by a woman I have never heard of? I have sat in this place for 23 years, and I doubt whether anybody here, other than those with the privilege of knowing the lady personally, could tell us anything that she has ever done ...
  • Grant Lee Phillips - Like a lover Of all the fishes in the sea So ghostly white and glittering Nobody's ever stole my heart And took it down to the ocean dark Nobody's ever meant that much to me Judge and my jury Hear my plea No woman's ever held the reigns on me No warden's ever held that key Not a soul on cell block three Nobody but her come to set me free I rattle on for miles Put it on a page You let me tap away And I'll rattle on for days and days and days Nobody hits home the way ya do Nobody makes sense out of my blues Nobody make me laugh that hard Or hurts me so 'till I see stars Nobody's holds a candle up to you Nobody knows best to how to shine my crown Or the ease it takes to knock it down Nobody's ever been that true None of the flunkeys on the midnight crew I found something there that I'm afraid lose I rattle on for miles Put it on a page You watch me type away And I'll rattle on for days and days and days Nobody's gonna piss me off so bad It's a certain power that you have Never one just to just recoil 'Fore ya bring my blood to a boil Nobody' like a lover make you feel so sad Nobody' like a lover Nobody' like a lover make ya feel so sad
  • When I Was Cruel No. 2//smile-elvis costello- *music* 1,When I Was Cruel No. 2 2,smile both,elvis costello *pic* MR.HAPPY
  • SKYLANDERS SPYROS ADVENTURE OFFICIAL TRAILER 2011 A new awesome video game has arrived is this like ub flunkeys or a new type of games. Visit My Blog Skylander's/ClubPenguin Blog For The Latest News Cheats etc. www.magno20-
  • The Rothschild Family - A Balanced Consideration This treatment of the subject of the Rothschild family is in lieu of the opinions I expressed about them in my first video, which I removed from You Tube after realizing it was not a balanced understanding of who the Rothschilds are and what their functions are. It should go without saying that although they may have been forced to become part of the Freemasons and other secret societies, I do not at all believe that they are Luciferians by belief.
  • Flunkey Time! Flying monkeys (my boss - she rocks) invade my math class and the kids defeat them in an effort to defeat the wicked witch of the test!
  • Robert Service - The Joy of Being Poor This is one of my favorite poems and was written by perhaps the greatest Canadian poet who ever lived. Let others sing of gold and gear, the joy of being rich; But oh, the days when I was poor, a vagrant in a ditch! When every dawn was like a gem, so radiant and rare, And I had but a single coat, and not a single care; When I would feast right royally on bacon, bread and beer, And dig into a stack of hay and doze like any peer; When I would wash beside a brook my solitary shirt, And though it dried upon my back I never took a hurt; When I went romping down the road contemptuous of care, And slapped Adventure on the back -- by Gad! we were a pair; When, though my pockets lacked a coin, and though my coat was old, The largess of the stars was mine, and all the sunset gold; When time was only made for fools, and free as air was I, And hard I hit and hard I lived beneath the open sky; When all the roads were one to me, and each had its allure . Ye Gods! these were the happy days, the days when I was poor. Or else, again, old pal of mine, do you recall the times You struggled with your storyettes, I wrestled with my rhymes; Oh, we were happy, were we not? -- we used to live so "high" (A little bit of broken roof between us and the sky); Upon the forge of art we toiled with hammer and with tongs; You told me all your rippling yarns, I sang to you my songs. Our hats were frayed, our jackets patched, our boots were down at heel, But oh, the happy men were we, although we lacked a ...
  • The Rockefellers are Rothschild Flunkeys Eustace Mullins in Salmon Arm BC, August 2000.