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  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment This is pretty incredible, watching Integrated Engineers' custom proprietary flocculant clear the industrial wastewater right before your eyes. This is extremely useful in industrial waste water treatment... http
  • Water Purification using a Flocculant You can purchase this kit from In this video we will be purifying water using Aluminium chlorohydrate, a flocculant. A flocculant is a substance that promotes the clumping of particles. They use them to treat waste water, which to tell you the truth, I really don't even want to think about. Anyway, I am using the Water Purification kit purchased from . If you would like to perform this experiment you can also purchase the kit, or will need the following: 1 Aluminium chlorohydrate 2 Some sodium hydroxide 3 Some plain old, everyday dirt 4 Two water bottles 5 and a plastic pipette Before we begin, a word on safety. ALWAYS, ALWAYS ALWAYS WEAR SAFETY GLASSES TO PROTECT YOUR EYES ALWAYS WEAR SAFETY GLOVES TO PROTECT YOUR HANDS. Okay. Lets begin... If the two water bottles are empty, fill them up three fourths of the way with water. Place an equal amount of filtered dirt in both. If you get the kit from , the dirt will be pre-filtered and pre-measured. Next, you'll shake both bottles and then set one aside. Open the other bottle and place a very small amount of sodium hydroxide inside it... a little goes a long way, so no more than a gram. Now, you'll place the lid back on the bottle and shake it vigorously. It may heat up slightly. After shaking the bottle, open it up, and then open your container of Aluminium chlorohydrate. Fill the pipette with the solution and then deposit it in the bottle of dirty water. Now ...
  • Herkules Waterborne Filter Process Video (Email).wmv Demonstration of the Waterborne paint flocculating process on Herkules Waterborne Paint Gun Washer models G510, G520 and G550.
  • Nannochloropsis algae after 3 weeks growing in saline "sterile" solution Dan T's and my algal cultures after 3 weeks about of growth time under 18 hour hour light cycle. The cultures are much darker in color. In some of the other videos you can see us flocculating the algae to make it easier to strain out. The ultimate goal is to harvest them and try to do a Soxhlet extraction to remove their oils.
  • Purification of water by Evides Watercompany (English version) Evides Watercompany is the supplier of drinking water in the south western part of the Netherlands. Some 2.5 million consumers and companies rely on high quality drinking water -- 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The company's activities further include water treatment and the supply of various types of water to industrial clients in the Netherlands and abroad. Our main source of water is the river Maas. As the Maas is fed mainly by rain, its flow rate is irregular. To safeguard a steady supply, we have built three reservoirs in the Dutch Biesbosch area. The reservoirs have a total capacity of 80 million cubic metres. On average, the water remains in the reservoirs for a period of five months. Having these reservoirs allows Evides to take water from the river Maas only when it's at its best. Pre-purification As the water remains in the reservoir for several months, exposure to air and sedimentation of solids contribute to a natural process of pre-purification. Before we make this water into drinking water we soften it by adding calcium. The added calcium sinks to the bottom -- taking with it the natural calcium -- and is removed regularly. Softening improves the quality of the water and reduces its impact on household appliances. All in all, softer water is better for the environment. Transport to purification facilities Now the water is ready for transport to Evides' production facilities. It travels through pipes. The widest has a diameter of 1.8 metres. It brings the ...
  • Clay Flocculation of Microcystis in a Test Tube A mixture of clay (kaolin) and flocculant (chitosan) was added to an algae (Microcystis aeruginosa) culture in a test tube. This method has been shown to be effective in removing harmful algal blooms by clumping the algal cells and clay particles and sinking the bloom to the bottom of the water column, where it dies from lack of sunlight. This video was produced for a presentation made by Team BREATHE, an undergraduate research team at the University of Maryland, College Park. The research is being conducted under the Gemstone Program for future application to the Chesapeake Bay. For more information, visit the team's website at
  • White Labs Platinum WLP022 Es*** Ale Yeast. 3L Starter. This is some very high flocculating yeast. Vortex of goodness.
  • Wyeast 1968 London ESB Ale Just a crazy flocculant yeast. This is a small starter that's been on the stir plate for 12hrs. I've never seen a yeast floc like this while spinning on a stir plate.
  • Polymer Innovations General Photo Slideshow Please Visit Us @ .au We specialise in cost effective super absorbent & flocculating polymers, to assist in the management & efficient use of water. These easy to use products can seal leaking dams, save water, prevent soil erosion, control coal sludge, stabilise run-offs or maintain roads & crops. We also design polymers that make artificial snow, assist with gardens, parks & landscaping or even stabilise floral arrangements for your displays. Our continual research & development ensures that we meet the specific requirements & conditions of our clients. We work with you to support your team on getting the best performance from our polymers. All products are manufactured at the highest quality, environmentally friendly, biodegradable & non toxic.
  • REDOX : potassium sulfide oxidized to potassium sulfate by potassium permanganate Potassium sulfide is oxidized to potassium sulfate by potassium permanganate according to the following equation : 13 K2S + 8 KMnO4 + 12 H2O → 5 K2SO4 + 8 MnS + 24 KOH The yellow solution of potassium sulfide is added to the potassium permanganate solution and part of the sulfide anion is oxidized to sulfate anion while the manganese2+ ions react with the remaining sulfide ion to afford orange-yellow manganese sulfide which, being insoluble, precipitates out of the solution and can be viewed as the yellow powder flocculating in the solution
  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment Flocculating Agent Integrated Engineers Inc. Superior Line of Flocculating Agents in a Wastewater Treatment "Jar Test" Live
  • Chlor Floc Review Carrying extra water purification tablets is always a good idea. When it becomes necessary to treat water that has a high degree of suspended particles, flocculating tablets are one solution to the problem of getting the garbage out of the water. This is a video review of Chlor-Floc which is available at... These tablets do a good job of cleaning up dirty looking water provided you have some way to filter the flocculating agent out fo the water before it is consumed.
  • First flocculation test on saline Nannochloropsis microalgae and filtering We have been growing nannochloropsis in a saline solution for two weeks now. The goal of the project is to harvest oil from the cells to be turned into biodiesel. We had some difficulties finding a good flocculating agent, as both aluminum sulfate and potassium aluminum sulfate both failed. We then used a 1:40 ratio of NaOH and got nice flocculation. This is the first video I've ever uploaded so it's not edited, but I hope to group a bunch of videos I will soon be posting in a more organized way with much more details as to our methods in the description
  • 1.25 ml Floccin 1105, 50 ml Fine Test Dust Demonstration of excellent flocculating properties of Floccin 1105 (1/4 tsp), and solution of A2 Fine Test Dust (10 tsp). Mix Tim 2 mins 15 secs. Floccin is provided by Pureworld Solutions Inc., Delta, BC. Tel: 604-878-8092 Web:
  • Top Flocculating Yeast Party First 5 hours of primary fermentation in an English Dry brewers yeast. Sorry for the glare!
  • Tailings Sludge Demonstration This video demonstrates the effectiveness of our polymers in flocculating and settling the suspended solids present in the sludge found in tailings ponds.
  • Wastewater Treatment - Clay Flocculation Demo Wastewater Treatment - Clay Flocculation Demo Demo video of how dissolved solids are amalgamated in a Delpark® Flocculation System. The dirty effluent enters the mixing tank where the clay flocculant is added and begins bonding to the dissolved solids. The water and sludge is then transferred to the a Delpark® Gravity Filtration system where the sludge is removed leaving clean water that can be put to drain or reused -- Saving money on wastewater haulage and municipal surcharges. To find out more how a Delpark® Filtration System can improve your environmental footprint and save you time & money, contact us today online at lpark- or call 1-888-314-0138.
  • Pharmaceutical & Food Chemicals by Chemicals & Associates New Delhi New Delhi []Welcome to Chemicals & AssociatesManufacturer & Wholesaler of Water Treatment ChemicalsAn ISO 9001 certified company, Incorporated in the year 1971. Our Technically soundinfrastructure & Good financial position help us to cater Petroleum, Pharmaceuticals & otherindustries.Excellent logistic support, Capacious warehousing facility & Large production capacity are theassets of our organization.Our product list covers RO Antiscalants, Boost & Biocide.RO Kleen, Mineral Balls & Water Pretreatment are also offered by us at affordable prices.We also provide Phosphonates, Chelating Agents & Boiler Chemicals Range.Our Polymers, Filter Media & Chlorine Tablets are highly effective.Along wiht that we offer Flocculating Agents, Super Absorbent Polymer & Food Chemicals thatare a class apart.We offer Biocide Actives & Bulk Chemicals that are extremely reliable.For more information, log on at -
  • Uni-Ram Waterborne Spray Gun Cleaner System Jay from Uni-Ram shows us their new Waterborne Gun Cleaner at NACE 2011. It's equipped with tools to effectively clean paint from the spray gun and the water recovery system features filtering after treatment with Uni-Ram's flocculating agent.
  • Farting Yeasties A quick video of my "Tebow Time" beer flocculating
  • Summer Saison Fermenting You can see my Saison fermenting away. The huge chucks you see are the yeast flocculating away.
  • VIDEO0001.3gp Flocculation