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  • Bullet for My Valentine - Hand of Blood guitar cover Well, I tried a different tone on this video, and it seems to have come out a bit fizzier than i was expecting ... oh well. Let me know what you guys think. I'll try a different tone on the next video, hopefully it turns out better. Couple of ***y mistakes, but nothing too bad. Rate, comment, and subscribe! Tuning: Drop C Guitar: ESP MH-401QM (I do not own any part of the backing track, it is the property of Bullet for My Valentine and the record companies that distribute it)
  • More Bloopers *just more bloopers. btw the secret ingredient was fizz stuff. just made it fizzier.*
  • [NEW] Earthbound - Pokey Means Business Metal Remake *UPDATE* as promised, a full blown tonal remake has been finally remade and uploaded better mixes, crunchier (not fizzier) guitar tones (thanks to the Pod X3), sadly no bass drops i decided not to upload the NEW version of this remake on to YouTube version 2.0 of the Pokey Means Business Metal Remake had guitar tones redone, a couple of mistakes polished up, and giving a couple of extra points to WackyModder86 for the video of Giygas' animations (his channel is no longer available however)
  • Over The Top experiment - Making fizzy drinks fizzier Caroline and Val demonstrate how you can control the fizz of sparkling drinks. This experiment is featured in our new book 'How to Fossilise your Hamster'.
  • [ENG] John Petrucci Rhytm Tones Attempt on POD HD 500 Join my blog! Alot of patches! 089 Hello everyone! Here we are again, this time with some rhytm tones. Feel free to comment and suggest. I tried to recapture every album of my favourite, tone-wise. I'm not giving away my settings yet only because I feel I can improve this tone AND my hd500 editor is not working, so I can't directly upload the patch. But keep an eye here in the future! Feel free to suggest other tricks for further vids about JP tone. Everything was recorded with my modded Les Paul.. and I will make a dedicate video for her, because it's something pretty unique! Excuse moi for mistake here and there, english is not my main language. If you have any question just comment. - Scenes From a Memory Tone: -- Bogner Uberschall - Train Of Thought -- Bogner Uberschall (I also have a treadplate version that is way fizzier). --- This one need to be improved on the high end. The riff was played in E, you need to consider that this kind of tone works great with heavy-detuned guitar, because it retains a great bottom end without clipping. - Black Clouds&Silver Linings -- Mesa Rectifier (x2) ///Don't forget to check out...../// - My petrucci x3/xt tone advices - My patches (and 3890 other patches..) - Pod x3 tips and tricks part1 - Pod x3 tips and tricks part2 - Petrucci HD500 Lead Tone
  • VFE Pedals Triumvirate = Multi-band Distortion (Bass Demo) The Triumvirate is a unique take on an distortion box. First, the guitar signal is separated into three parts -- lows, mids, and highs -- using a simple second-order crossover network. Next, each part goes through its own distortion engine. Finally, each band is mixed together at the end...and you have full control over the volume & distortion of each band. In short, the Triumvirate is a compact multi-band distortion, and so it works great for a wide array of instruments -- especially bass guitar. Guitar: Fender Jazz Bass Amp: Markbass CMD 102p, run direct into the mixer Because the recording is run direct, the distortion sounds a little "fizzier" than it did coming out of the amp's speakers.
  • Risky Business (Chapter 15) 3 of 4 in marathon! chapter 13 still needs two more comments for a marathon tomorrow! hope you like it! Chapter 15 Ashley- I cant believe theyre letting us go! Natalie- I know! My uncle Jose really has a way with words. We were in our room getting ready. Ashley was wearing a purple tee with a gray vest over it, jeans and flats while I was wearing a jean mini skirt with a white tee and gray low tops. We were fixing our hair when Veronica walked in. Veronica- you guys ready to go? Ashley- yeah. Lets party! We met the others downstairs. Joe looked at me and I blushed because he wouldnt stop staring. He walked over and took my hand. Joe- you look great Natalie- thanks so do you. We all started walking down the quiet suburban street lined with mega mansions. We past a couple houses before we started to feel the pounding beat coming from the giant house in front of us. We walked in and were greeted by a petite blonde in a barely there mini dress. She hugged Veronica and they ditched us to find some drinks. I heard the new Lady Gaga song come on and I dragged Joe onto the dance floor. We were dancing and having a blast. After a couple songs I got thirsty so Joe went to some water. I was dancing with Ashley when this really muscular surfer came up to us. Surfer dude- Hey. Im Zander Natalie- Im Natalie and this is Ashley Zander-Want to dance? Natalie- Im kinda here with my boyfriend. Speaking of my boyfriend, Hey Joe. Joe walked over and handed me a cup. Joe- Its Sprite. I poured ...
  • 0926001620.3g2 Which soda is fizzier
  • Will's Science Experiment Which is fizzier. Coke or Diet Coke?
  • Throbak Stonebender Demo2 - Les Paul http The camera mic is getting distorted pretty easily, so the sound is a little fizzier than it really was.....
  • How to Prepare Eggs : Making A Cheese Omelet How to make a cheese omelet; get expert tips on all the different ways to prepare and cook egg dishes in this free cooking video. Expert: Anne Mooney Bio: Anne Mooney has worked as a personal chef for the past four years, serving clients first in the Washington, DC area and, more recently, in the greater Orlando, FL area. Filmmaker: Suzie Vigoin
  • source-st-yorre.flv Though one can only drink it occasionally due to its high mineral and salt content, this is the source of one of my favorite mineral waters: St. Yorre, near Vichy, France. There's a tap here so one can drink right from the source, taste is naturally much stronger and fizzier than the bottled version! There's no sound on the video because it was behind two layers of glass so you couldn't hear much anyway.
  • Strongbow Chugging Vyky, Bobby and Lexci down some Strongbow.It's fizzier than you would think!