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  • General Physical Preparedness Workout **UPDATED ARTICLE** synergy- STRENGTH MANUAL General Physical Preparedness is MANDATORY in strength training programs. Note I did NOT say just beginner programs. It is mandatory for all athletes at any level. Check out this previous article for the complete explanation: Strength Training 103: GPP Explained Purpose on Synergy- Simply put, GPP is conditioning the body to do work. Here is an excerpt from my previous article to explain it more scientifically. 1. The formation, strengthening or restoration of the habits (skills), which play an auxiliary, facilitatory role in sport perfectioning. 2. As a means of educating abilities, developed insufficiently by the selected type of sport, raising the general work capacity or preserving it. 3. As active rest, assisting the restoration processes after significant, specific loading and counteracting the monotony of the training. GPP workouts will help break up your regular workouts and build the foundation for real world strength. GPP Workout Here is a sampling of GPP exercises that I performed with ALL my athletes. The advanced athletes did 20 minutes of sled rows, pull ups, monkey bars, push ups, and imperial marches. The newer athletes did a hybrid of those exercises along with odd objects. Their exercises included: * Heavy rope throwing * Tire Throwing (and dodging) * Rope Battling * Imperial Marches (from ) If you want to see how to perform imperial marches ...