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  • Air - Instrumental black and white facileness (instrumental)
  • The revenge of Dr. Frank this video is part one of coming series of funny short movie and other video that we are making this is the revenge of a Dr, stay tune for next video subscribe rate like,, comment...
  • Static Facileness Videoshoot of PATH' s spring/ summer collection 2011 I do not own the rights of the songs used in this video. All rights belong to Hotflush Recordings (Scuba) & Moonbootique Records (Moonbootica).
  • ♠ Mind Control ♣ Military ♦ Monsanto ♥ Medicine 3/7 [HD] PLAYLIST - Name of Talk: Bugs, Bits and Engineering Bioforms: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Aired on C-Span May 24, 2010) on Monsanto board of directors ...Dr. George Poste - Chief Scientist for the Complex Adaptive Systems Initiative - Arizona St. University Biology Computing within Engineering Moving from the Cold War metaphor "Easy to find, hard to kill" to today "Difficult to find, easy to kill" With the new Quadrennial defense review motto "Prepare defeat disruptive other nations" 3 principles 1. Technology is moving ever faster 2. Previously disparate fields of technology are converging 3. Capabilities of mastering the acceleration of that convergence is now more broadly invested in other economic centers of power ======================================== BIOSECURITY: - urbanization of developing countries - security of the food supply - security of the water supply "Do we have enough agility in our political structure, or it is so broken that we will not be able to have sufficient agility in our global governance mechanisms and global commerce to be able to mitigate those?" The Poverty of Imagination - "Zeitgeist" = the enduring theme of our time Also: Dr. Leonard Horowitz | CIA, Hollywood & Bioterrorism: ======================================== The New Emerging Domains Developing from Technology Convergence: 1. Systems and Synthetic Biology - target things inside the body 2. Regenerative Medicine 3. Human Performance Optimization ...
  • Course Overview and Introduction: The Biologic Basis for ***ysis of Genetic Variants Thomas Pearson, MD, Ph.D. Professor, University of Rochester School of Medicine. Genetics for Epidemiologists: Applications of Human Genomics to Population Sciences, was a short course for investigators and trainees in the field of epidemiology and related population-based sciences. It was conducted by the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) on May 13-14, 2008 at Northwestern University in Chicago. The goal of Genetics for Epidemiologists (GFE) was to familiarize epidemiologists and population-based researchers with recent developments in the theory and methods of human genetics that might be applied to the study of the distribution, natural history and etiology of diseases in populations. The course consisted of eight one-hour lectures and focused on the interface between genetics and epidemiology. Emphasis was on the application of modern human genome ***ysis methodologies to studies of human populations through the design, conduct, ***ysis, and interpretation of studies which effectively answer the epidemiologic question of interest. GFE is co-sponsored by the Office of Population Genomics, NHGRI, and the Department of Preventive Medicine at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine. These videocasts are provided as an educational tool for epidemiologic investigators interested in learning more about applying genomics to their work. More:
  • Hopeless//Five Previously on Hopeless: Ally guilt trips Cori Rae into letting her dress her up for the date. ——————————————————————————— No POV Cori impatiently walked into the living room, making Bree-aLynn's piercing green eyes dart towards her in shock. "Wow," She exclaimed, shoving more popcorn down her throat with each tick of the clock, "You actually look pretty for once." Cori Rae let out a high pitched laugh that was laced with facileness. "Hope you choke on that goddamn popcorn—" Ally glared, her arms so tightly bundled against her chest that the over sized Beatles t-shirt that bounded around her crinkled. "I don't know 'bout this, I'm thinkin' that I'm gonna stay on home," she concluded, huffing childishly. "You gotta Cori Rae! Maybe he's your prince charming, your soul mate, the.." she whispered gently, her dark mahogany eyes widening, "maybe he is the one!" Cori's head snapped up in her direction, fury inwardly ready to escape, "no way in hell!" "I don't remember you tellin' us his name Cor," Bree-aLynn asked deviously, smirking gently—innocently—though her intentions were not so innocent. "Oh my gosh! You didn't! What's his name? I bet he's as fit as a fiddle," Ally gushed, plopping down on the couch with her tattered bunny slippers snuggled into her side. Though the slippers were partially outdated and destroyed, Ally Faith Carter didn't have the heart to throw them out, even after three years of being worn and torn. "His name is Justin.. and he's roadkill—butt ugly," Cori ...