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  • Cucitabacco cucitrice l'essicazione foglie tabacco machine tobacco leaves exsiccation
  • Non/Disney Crossover Preview - Phoebus and Tzipporah- 'Blue Caravan' A rough draft of sorts... I cant help it, Im still so furious at youtube. I really want to finish the Anya/Milo crossover, but I cant upload that song again or I loose my account, so I guess in order to get this ghost story theme off my chest I just have to try again. First off, and before I go any farther, I wanted to thank everyone who gave me feedback and advice on the last video. ( I would love to have responded to each of you individually, but Im a bit pressed for time these days). Still, I like to know im moving in the right direction thematically, and I love getting tips on actual exsiccation (Nightshade, youre the best!) As for this crossover, Im not sure how Im feeling about it yet. I have some general ideas but nothing I like. I guess this one Im throwing it to you all with the simple question of should I go forward? It just doesnt seem a strong enough work to me yet, but that could just be my frustration over the last video coupled with the editors-block talking here
  • Shadow Storm_Soul Exsiccation(15.11.2009).avi Young Russian progressive metal band Shadow Storm rooted back to the Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree, King Crimson and a bit of death metal. Melodic, atmospheric, emotional, powerful.
  • Shadow Storm Soul Exsiccation
  • Impaled - Preservation Of Death From their Death After Life EP Lyric: Their censure forced the decision Their murder forced by incision With furtive defiance I ended their lives My allegiance to the scalpel has reshaped mine Stuck with a codgerie of bodies My aims have something new to embody Flasks brimming with nutritive concoctions To stave off decay and exsiccation (solo: "A 50cc Solution to the Problem" by J. Kocol) In vials suffused with anti-decomposotes Concealed organelles, their discovery remote Preservation of... A post-mortem view to the nature of Death Preservation of... A looking glass through to the traces of Death With our crimes concealed, we've time to reveal Anatomical dogmas, so far not appealed (solo: "A Cabinet of Curiosities" by J. Kocol) (solo: "These Lips are Sealed" by SC McGrath) In perfect suspension, this gralloch begs the question Past this mortal coil, can we affect reclamation Preservation of... Channels replete through which we aim to cheat Death Preservation of... To our last breath, pursuing life after Death Information I'll procure from subjects matured In a gripe's egg of our preserving tinctures
  • Shadow Storm Soul Exsiccation (Live)
  • Windham Hell - Exsiccation Windham Hell - South Facing Epitaph