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  • ***-ANDROID -トゲオ PV (subtitles) ***-ANDROIDトゲオ [TOGEO] PV with english subtitles
  • GREEK CYPRIOT REVOLUTION 1 APRIL 1955 (EOKA) n the early hours of 1st April 1955 the silence of the slavery of Cyprus which lasted for eight centuries was interrupted by the explosions of bombs planted by the EOKA fighters. Those explosions echoed the desperate voice of Cyprus which no in a dynamic way demanded its freedom from the Colonial Government - a demand which was in compliance with the declaration of Human Rights and the self-determination of peoples that followed the Second World War, as well as with the British Governments promises to offer Cyprus to Greece during the First World War. The EOKA struggle, which started on April 1st 1955 and continued until Februay 1959, was headed by the political leader, Archbishop Makarios III and by the military leader George Grivas Dhigenis. This struggle was the culmination of a long peaceful struggle of the Cypriot people who in vain were demanding through written notices, talks and diplomatic communications their self-determination. The negative attitude of the British Government was as disappointing as it was provocative in so far as the British Government by their own behaviour had created expectations of freedom in the people of Cyprus by calling upon them to join the British Army during the Second World War in order to fight from freedom, a call which by implication also included the freedom of Cyprus. Following the failure of the talks and the refusal of the Colonial Government to accept a petition of the Cyprus Ethnarchy Council which demanded the holding of a ...
  • [PV] Plastic Tree - Replay [subbed] We are the original maker and user of this video. I think almost everyone loves this song, ne? It's evry emotional and beautiful! music & lyrics: Arimura Ryutarou translations: ethanarchy @ lj